What's the door seal supposed to look like?

What's the door seal supposed to look like?

I just noticed a problem with the seal around the car doors. In some places it laps over the headliner, but in other places it is tucked in next to the headliner. MOST of the car has it lapped leading me to think that is normal, but the tucked in stuff looks good too. Which is right?

Silver2K | 2 décembre 2016

lap over

AmpedRealtor | 3 décembre 2016

The rubber seal should overlap the headliner. If it doesn't, just slide a credit card underneath it and that will take care of it.

dlake | 3 décembre 2016

I wish Tesla would make their door seals like Infiniti. Infiniti doors (and hoods) seal just inside the outer door panel so that the door sill doesn't get dirty from road grime. It keeps out water too so that the back of your pants don't get wet stepping out of the car on a rainy day. I bet it helps with noise around the doors and aerodynamics too around the hood.
Tesla- are you listening?