What will be the next Big Thing

What will be the next Big Thing

I have read about how certain Tesla owners bought before all-wheel drive came out, or before autopilot, or before ludicrous mode, and now before autonomous driving.

Now that we will be able to buy a car with all of these things, what will be the next big thing(s) that could possibly make the current car model obsolete? What new item will they work on next? (other than new models)

Of course there will be more improvement in batteries - lighter, smaller and more range (400+ miles). Perhaps a Super-Duper Supercharger that cuts charging time in half and eventually 5 minutes? What else?

David N | 10 décembre 2016

Automatic charging with that snake cord.?
Faster charging?
0-60 in negative time?

Dramsey | 10 décembre 2016

I'd hope longer range via higher capacity batteries. But Elon's said he thinks the current design and batteries are pretty much maxed out on the 100D...

petero | 10 décembre 2016

If having the latest and greatest is important to you and not be left behind... perhaps leasing is your best option.

I drive a 47 month old, prehistoric,Tesla and I have no complaints. | 10 décembre 2016

Deployable Solar Roof.

A very stupid idea, Elon proposed in jest :)

SO | 10 décembre 2016

Supercapictors. Elon mentioned it in 2011 that he believes a breakthrough in supercapictors will be the next big thing even over batteries. And with the recent announcement of the latest breakthrough!!! Unfortunately it's not from Tesla though. And it will probably be another 15 years before they can be applied to EVs.

carlk | 10 décembre 2016

It will not be the big thing if anyone could guess it here. NO ONE has predicted AP, "D" or "L" before they came out.

johndoeeyed | 10 décembre 2016

Yes they did.

brando | 10 décembre 2016

Tesla rent your car networking application.
Arrange your own qualifiers for who can rent, family only, people you pick, other criteria,
And of course what time and dates people can rent.

This could be just an over the air update, or regulators might require some Hardware, that Tesla doesn't currently use, Time will tell.

Rocky_H | 12 décembre 2016

I do hate seeing people misuse the word "obsolete" like that. Obsolete is really supposed to be about something being so old and outdated that it is suffering from lack of usefulness. Just not having the latest feature does not make something obsolete.

carlk | 12 décembre 2016

If there is such a thing as obsolete it's Mercedes, BMW and Toyota that are being obsoleted by Tesla's constant improvement instead Tesla cars which will alwways be more advanced than anything else you could buy. An AP2 equipped S you buy now is faster and has better self driving capability than any 2017 BMW or Mercedes. With OTA it will be more so in three years and very likely will still be better in 2020 than even a 2020 model BMW or Mercedes. It's those slow moving companies that should be worried, not consumers.

mntlvr23 | 12 décembre 2016

@Rocky H - sorry, you are correct, "obsolete" was not the best term to use (or even a good term to use at all) - but I think you know what I was getting at.

Rocky_H | 13 décembre 2016

@mntlvr23, Sure, I think I know what you are getting at; I'm just not a fan of it. It is too intense a focus on something being the newest and best. My 2.5 year old Tesla has a lot of features that our other car doesn't, because it is an 11 year old Honda Civic:
power seats
driver profiles
power lift gate
voice control
internet radio
cellular connection for remote access
ability to drive the car with the remote app
parking sensors
seat heaters

Both cars are good, but the Tesla is much better, so I'm not really a fan of the critical comments that it's "obsolete" with all of the amazing features it has.

bp | 14 décembre 2016

While Tesla dropped Mobileye and selected nVidia as their AP 2.0 partner, it appears Tesla may be planning to use their own processor (with Samsung's support) for AP 3.0. If true, if Tesla's processor isn't software compatible with the Drive PX2, there could be a risk that AP 2.0 may have limited support after AP 3.0 is released, something we're likely to see with AP 1.0 over the next 12 months. | 14 décembre 2016

Ok, let's step back and look at the facts. Tesla is looking to Samsung to build an ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit). This is not a processor but more of a custom chip that complements a processor. It seems unlikely Samsung is providing the core processing, since they are not known to design or produce high-end parallel processor chips like Nvidia does. Nvidia chips are likely a factor of 100-1000 more complex than an ASIC chips and are the result of a huge, ongoing development effort. From the news articles, and the rampant speculation, it's clear few understand the actual hardware that Tesla is using. Nvidia is not being displaced by Samsung.

Ross1 | 14 décembre 2016

The Big Thing needed is Standardisation for
The Internet of Things
Vehicle to vehicle communications
Autonomy ethics