When will 8.1 be released

When will 8.1 be released

Any word on when 8.1 will be released? I just picked up a MS 90D, and while its far better than my 2004 Acura TSX, I'm anticipating the auto pilot features and would like it to simply handle turning on the headlights.
It's a very interesting model to pickup a car that isn't fully enabled for the features purchased. The Mobile App enabled this morning, and it's pretty freakin cool to tell it to raise the temp from 37 to 70 degrees before getting in...

dborn | 14 décembre 2016

"Soon". To understand that word, you need to look up the Tesla dictionary, where you will find completely different definitions for commonly used words!!!

mrjjp | 14 décembre 2016

" I'm anticipating the auto pilot features and would like it to simply handle turning on the headlights."

go to Conntrol and set the head lights to Auto ON. they are apparently OFF

BigD0g | 14 décembre 2016


SteveOf2 | 14 décembre 2016

I suppose being part of the family is "being patient".
Is this the way Tesla makes it feel like a constantly new car? :)

barrykmd | 14 décembre 2016

This is the way Tesla keeps you off-guard and thinking "why?" They change the big screen interface, so you now have to tap more times and take your eyes off the road longer. They remove a beautiful and informative faux-analog interface and replace it with what you see out your windshield.

I wonder if Elon moves the furniture in his house every few months... | 14 décembre 2016

@barrykmd - Then again with 7.1 you had to take your eyes of the road more often because less of the map was displayed and you may have to move the map position to see a bit more at the top.

I'm just being a contrarian, I really can see both points of view :)

an2ony | 14 décembre 2016

I think the fact we have such a technologically advanced car that can receive continues improvements through software updates is worth being patient for.

Silver2K | 14 décembre 2016

the one thing I miss is the contact coming up on the screen before calling. I love clicking on the address and have the navigation start with 1 click.

SteveOf2 | 14 décembre 2016

AP2 with 8.0 doesn't yet support auto headlights. I looked in the setting and it's enabled. The DS said the light s most isn't enabled yet so auto wipers and headlights aren't yet enabled.
Still getting used to all the other features and streaming, so I guess I have no hints to keep me busy.

barrykmd | 14 décembre 2016

TT - I've yet to find the extra inch of map useful. If I needed a wider view, I could change it manually with the +/- buttons. Now, it changes itself back to what it thinks is best, but may not be.

lilbean | 14 décembre 2016

+1 barrykmd

sentabo | 14 décembre 2016

+2 barrykind

croman | 14 décembre 2016

The update is out for some features including side collision warning, headlights and wipers. You'll get it....soon. it's in the wild and I think, per firmware tracker, it's being sent ota and some SC locations are loading it for people if they are in service for another reason.