Why doesn't Arkansas have any superchargers?

Why doesn't Arkansas have any superchargers?

I can't understand why Arkansas doesn't have any superchargers. It is in the geographic center of the USA and I-40 goes from coast to coast. If there were superchargers in Little Rock and Fort Smith, you could pretty much go coast to coast on I-40.

It's like Arkansas lost a bet or really made someone at Tesla mad. I've had my 85D for over a year and a half and I've pretty much been blocked from going anywhere except as of late Tulsa and Kansas City. If I wanted to add two hours of driving (plus the added charge time) I could make it to Dallas. It's lucky I have other cars to drive, but if you want a Tesla in Arkansas to go beyond anything local you're pretty much screwed.

DTsea | 15 décembre 2016

you are being silly.

look at and tesla supercharger forecast. it is very obvious that SC routes will run through arkansas... texarkana just got permitted as did nashville.... filling that route wi be arkansas highways

Earl and Nagin ... | 15 décembre 2016

Unfortunately, I-10 and I-40 seem to have drawn the unlucky tickets as the last Interstates to get Supercharger coverage. While I understand it is no consolation to AAR residents, it is an understandable problem since Tesla can't reasonably be expected to install a nationwide infrastructure overnight. They have to prioritize somehow. Logically, it has to be where the majority of their owners live and drive. This means that those off the beaten paths will lag
On the positive: rural superchargers aren't plagued by overuse by locals like they are in the dense areas so the OP's experience will be better when I-40 does get covered.

DTsea | 15 décembre 2016

i meant memphis not nashville

SamO | 15 décembre 2016

Bill Clinton
Little Rock Nine
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Bighorn | 15 décembre 2016

I've been to every state in the lower 48, except Arkansas. I'm sure it seems special if you live there--to the rest of us, not so much.

High Plains Drifter | 15 décembre 2016

It works like electoral votes, It's based on the number of Teslas that were actually sold "IN" that state.

Red Sage ca us | 16 décembre 2016

Maybe they are in a three way staredown contest with North Dakota and Alaska. First to blink is the last to get a Supercharger.

Fast Girl | 12 avril 2017

Maybe it makes sense to someone to base installation of supercharger locations on sales of the area, but I'm guessing that most local people don't run out to charge their car at a supercharger. They do it at home. It makes more sense to base the installations on traffic if we are talking about locations near an interstate. It's the people traveling through there like me who use them, not so much the local people. Tesla should at least have a couple spread out on the interstate in Arkansas. When I make my trips across the area, I just avoid Arkansas altogether until there are supercharges along the interstate. I'll take an alternate route that is almost the same mileage to get to my destination. Bottom line, Arkansas loses business along the way.

carlgo2 | 12 avril 2017


Fast Girl | 12 avril 2017

Deliverance? I don't understand

Bighorn | 12 avril 2017

It's a film.

David N | 12 avril 2017

Where is Arkansas anyway?

( just kidding)

Nexxus | 13 avril 2017

Deliverance was set in Georgia, not Arkansas.

Nexxus | 13 avril 2017

Oh, and why doesn't West Virginia have any super chargers?

fholley | 13 avril 2017

WV does have a Supercharger and two more are on the way.

Bighorn | 13 avril 2017

You made the same incorrect claim last week--did you miss the responses?
I've been to all of the lower 48 except Arkansas and it has nothing to do with supercharger placement. Least important state in my experience.

NKYTA | 13 avril 2017

BH, now I'll have to go. :-p

Bighorn | 13 avril 2017

Oh, I'll go, but not because I want to:) Gotta break 300 somehow!

NKYTA | 13 avril 2017


Fast Girl | 16 avril 2017

"Nexxus - Deliverance was set in Georgia, not Arkansas."

Right, and that is why I was not understanding Bighorn's post. I couldn't figure out what Deliverance had to do with Arkansas. ;-)

Bighorn | 16 avril 2017

Yeah I know--figured it was poetic license:)

SamO | 16 avril 2017
Garyeop | 16 avril 2017

The cultural literacy of the American edges disappoints me. Deliverance was shot in northern Georgia and on plot happened on an imaginary river but everyone who had family displaced or land taken by imminant domain knew it reflected the TVA (look it up). If I were not a Liberial Redneck (As in other cultures, only we can use that word) then I too would wish Trump on you all. A pox on both your houses.

If you could see me, my face would show honest disappointment yet acceptance of the shortcomings of brothers in arms. Text is always cold.

Red Sage ca us | 16 avril 2017

There is apparently something under construction now in the Little Rock AR area per

11231 Bass Pro Parkway off of I-430
Status: Construction - 9 days
Elevation ____ 312 ft
GPS ________ 34.661582, -92.410495
Hours _______ 24/7
Stalls ________ 10

Fast Girl | 17 avril 2017

Where do you find this info? For now, I have to avoid going through Arkansas on I40 because too far from OK to TN with no close superchargers. I'd prefer to go that route in future if more superchargers are in Arkansas along I40

Bighorn | 17 avril 2017

Click on the construction cone on the map at

carlgo2 | 17 avril 2017

Far out, garyeop! My bad on Deliverance. My apologies to the people of Arkansas. Got a banjo tune on iTunes. Awesome. Some mighty skilled musicians.

DTsea | 23 mai 2017

Bump! Little Rock SC now open!

RedPillSucks | 23 mai 2017

Maybe the person mapping out SC locations was from Kansas,
and didn't want any based in the arch-enemy of his state.

*please don't hurt me*

DTsea | 24 mai 2017

Redpill thats funny!

2kids10horses | 26 mai 2017

The kid playing the banjo was a local kid in Clayton, GA. He couldn't play the banjo a bit. All that is cropped in.

He still lives in Clayton, and is a minor celebrity.

He washes dishes in a restaurant for a living.

Rocky_H | 30 mai 2017

@2kids10horses, Quote: "The kid playing the banjo was a local kid in Clayton, GA. He couldn't play the banjo a bit. All that is cropped in. "

Not really cropped in. It's all done live in camera, without visual effects. I just watched this movie for the first time a few months ago, and there was a "making of" documentary on it. It's two people in that scene that combine to play that, and it's just the certain camera angle, so you can't quite see it. The hand doing the chords belongs to the guy who could really play, and he is lying behind the bench with his arm sticking out, playing the upper end. Then they did train the kid sitting on the bench enough to do the picking.

ktruelas | 26 septembre 2018

I live in Southlake and we have a 3 being held but are waiting for my 17 year old daughter to decide where she is going to college before purchasing. She likes the University of Arkansas, but at this point if she goes there in August of 2019 we will have to buy a different car as there aren't sufficient superchargers to get there and drive around in Fayetteville.

tew ms us | 27 septembre 2018

Mississippi has to be ahead of Arkansas in something :)

Earl and Nagin ... | 27 septembre 2018

There is one J-1772 charger on the University of Arkansas campus and a city one nearby. Look at
Superchargers aren't the only choice and a single Model 3 charge should last a college student most of a semester since, presumably, they'll be spending most of their time on campus. It may also be possible to get 120v outlets or chargers installed near residence halls if parents apply pressure.

Brentt | 28 septembre 2018

I used the public one in Fayetteville last weekend. There are two of them, free to the public. During the week you have to pay .25 cents and hour to park. Charge rate is about 30mph.

92ethancampbell | 8 mai 2019

Nice work tesla.

Hurleylakehouse | 2 décembre 2019

Still a valid point. You can go coast to coast on I-40 EXCEPT that you have to have a massive battery pack and drive very slowly to get across Arkansas. I'm sure that there's more to that story. I-40 is too heavily traveled. Tesla has a beef of some sort. UArk actually REMOVED its charger. The only Tesla charger in Fayetteville is at a liquor store. Go figure. Bighorn, you're simply admitting to ignorance and small thinking. Arkansas definitely has its problems but NW Arkansas is absolutely beautiful. I can't take PM3 to visit my son at UArk due to charger desert. A Fort Smith charger would be a nice addition. Earl and Nagin, that's not how it works. When your student gets to campus he'll have 10% battery or less. He's not going to drive his car downtown and leave it in a public lot overnight to get charged up. And when it's time to come home? On top of exams and everything else he's got to do it's not reasonable to expect him to drive his car downtown and leave it overnight again (if that's even legal). That's an unworkable burden. UArk removed its charger because no one used it. No one used it because you can't even get an EV to Fayetteville without a huge ordeal. No car could reasonably be expected to make it except a Tesla with a huge battery.

Hurleylakehouse | 2 décembre 2019

/Users/gregoryhurley/Desktop/IMAGE 12-2-19 AT 10.04 AM.jpeg

I rest my case

Hurleylakehouse | 2 décembre 2019

So THAT didn't work! I used the Tesla trip planner to drive from Memphis, TN to Fayetteville, AR. I assumed a LR Model 3. Tesla recommends that I drive 250 miles north to St Louis before even turning toward Fayetteville which is almost due west.

Hurleylakehouse | 2 décembre 2019

So THAT didn't work! I used the Tesla trip planner to drive from Memphis, TN to Fayetteville, AR. I assumed a LR Model 3. Tesla recommends that I drive 250 miles north to St Louis before even turning toward Fayetteville which is almost due west.

Earl and Nagin ... | 2 décembre 2019

That student would need to secure some form of 24-hour charging wherever he/she keeps the car overnight. This will take some work on their part if the University isn't being supportive. Its a chicken and egg problem, however, a 120 volt outlet could be the solution. I used them myself a bit before there were any Superchargers anywhere, in places way more remote than anywhere in AR. I even arrived with less than 10%.
I do hope we see a Supercharger in Ft. Smith as a minimum over the next year. If you want to help accelerate things, call the city and county economic development managers. Ask them if they know whether Tesla is planning to install any Superchargers in their city/county. Tell them how great it will be for drawing in drivers who have to bypass AR altogether today.
I've done the bypasses through Missouri and Kentucky as well as the Dallas one myself so I understand.

Tropopause | 3 décembre 2019

I just checked the supercharger map and saw three new superchargers coming soon in Arkansas.

I drove from Memphis to CA passing through AR, stayed over night in Benton, AR at the Fairfield hotel which had destination charger, then continued on the next day. Also drove in-and-out of AR during that same trip, all with my Model 3 mid-range. The state was very scenic with beautiful trees.

Alaska seems to be the only hold-out.

Darthamerica | 3 décembre 2019

Because building out a national transportation infrastructure takes decades.

NKYTA | 3 décembre 2019

Darthamerica is a known troll that likes to bash Tesla, EVs and cares not for the Earths climate.
Ignore his FUD.

Darthamerica | 3 décembre 2019

It took ~40 years and $500 billion to build the Interstate Highway System.

NKYTA | 3 décembre 2019

Darthamerica is a known troll that likes to bash Tesla, EVs and cares not for the Earths climate.
Ignore his FUD.

andy.connor.e | 3 décembre 2019


The entire infrastructure supporting the ability to build roads was also expanding. 40 years ago there were significantly less people and companies. Everything on the planet has scaled in the last 40 years. Tesla has done everything they have done in 11 years since the gen 1 roadster hit production. Imagine what the world would look like if every other car company did the same. Tesla never had the positive cash flow or quite literally anything to do something on this scale when they started. Its not that it would take decades, its that no one wants to do it in the first place.

Darthamerica | 3 décembre 2019

Andy that's because it's still cheaper and easier to do it with ICEVs. It will take decades for BEVs, enabling technologies, manufacturing, and the supporting infrastructure to match it. Until then you'll have BEV deadspaces and long charging queues.

andy.connor.e | 3 décembre 2019

There is no technology inhibitor. Teslas patents are open to the public and have been for years. Anyone can just do it if they want to. Like i said, its because companies dont want to do it. Clearly Tesla has shown you can do it and being cheaper isnt necessarily an issue. Tesla has done everything by themselves and 12 years ago they sold zero vehicles.