Yearly Checkup - the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Yearly Checkup - the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good: I came away with a brand new charger & cord, gratis.

The Bad: The reason was that during the servicing they had lost my charger and didn't notice. Fortunately I checked the lower trunk before leaving on a 140 mile journey and discovered the charger was missing. If I hadn't done that I would have been up the proverbial creek, as there are no superchargers within 120 miles of home.

The Ugly: After receiving the new Charger from them, I thought I'd better check and make sure all three plugs were present before leaving. Only two of them were, which brought forth more apologies and eventually a third plug.

Seems like pretty basic errors - doesn't exactly inspire confidence about the quality of servicing one receives for these (rather expensive) yearly checkups. On the other hand, I'm pleased about having a new charger & cord. Not sure how to balance it all out .........

lilbean | 16 décembre 2016

You mean charging cable :-)

amodaff | 16 décembre 2016

Yes, sorry, charging cable.

lilbean | 16 décembre 2016

That's cool you got a new set :-)

Tâm | 16 décembre 2016

It's team work! Customers help out to make sure everything is in order!

Ok! I do sound like a cult member :)

ST70 | 16 décembre 2016

Which Tesla SC?

amodaff | 17 décembre 2016

Santa Rosa, CA. This episode ended OK (due to my vigilance) but it makes me wonder - what's going on back in the service bay? If they can make simple errors like these, how do I know that other, more important errors weren't made during the servicing? Also, it was embarrassing for the lady at the front desk - she was obviously discomforted by the multiple errors (which were not her fault) and kept having to apologize for mistakes made by others.

I've always wondered exactly what is done for the $700 servicing. I hope it's not regarded as a gravy train, something to be skimmed over in a lackadaisical manner. This incident didn't inspire confidence.

amodaff | 17 décembre 2016

Sorry, I mean San Rafael.

murphyS90D | 17 décembre 2016

I now leave the package shelf at home when I go to for service. My one year service I got home and discovered I didn't have a package shelf. I called and they looked all over and couldn't find anything except a broken one. Apparently my shelf left in someone else's car. They ordered a new one and shipped it to me.

trixiew | 17 décembre 2016

Tons of superchargers within 140 miles of San Rafael. Odd.

amodaff | 17 décembre 2016

My home is not in San Rafael - it is 140 miles away in the boonies. If I had driven home without checking that the charging cable was present, I would have been without a cable and out range (or borderline) of any supercharger.

Noel | 17 décembre 2016

Noelp at all.

Tropopause | 17 décembre 2016

All's well that ends well. Tesla technicians are human too. We all make mistakes from time to time. That's why there are checks and balances in everything we do, like performing a walk around on our vehicle before accepting it from the service center; just as the service center performs a walk around on the vehicle before accepting it from the owner.

NKYTA | 17 décembre 2016

Also well that ends well.

And, you have already made two errors in this rather short thread. ;-)

tes-s | 17 décembre 2016

If you discovered the problem at home, I'll bet they would have driven (or Ubered) it out to you. I've never had a problem with service, but know they would bend over backwards to make things right.

RichardKJ | 17 décembre 2016

Service (Palo Alto) lost my UMC as well. I think it was at annual service. I had complained that the cable was difficult to plug in. They told me the plug had been damaged and offered to sell me a new one. I declined.

When I got home and went to plug in the car I found the UMC (and 14-50 adapter) was missing. I drove immediately back to the shop, but they couldn't find it so they gave me a new one.