WinCo, your Tesla destination

WinCo, your Tesla destination

So my delivery window this week was Wednesday through Friday.

"Gosh", I told my DS. "I hope it's before Friday, because there's supposed to be a snowstorm in the Sierras." Since I live in Reno, any Tesla delivery would necessarily come over I80 through the mountains.

Sure enough, delivery was set for Friday. And sure enough, the delivery was delayed. Because, you know...snow.

So this afternoon I get a call from the truck driver. He's on the way, but still almost 200 miles away, and traffic and road conditions mean that he'll be getting here pretty late. He's a couple of days behind schedule, has four cars to drop off and three to pick up.

So he wants to know if I'd be cool meeting him in the parking lot of a nearby WinCo store, where he's trying to gather all the deliverees (if that's a word) so he can unload all the cars in one place.

Sounds like a plan to me. Should be kinda fun actually.

OvrICE | 24 décembre 2016

Because my delivery driver brought my Model S on an 18 wheeler and couldn't get into my neighborhood, and we were his last stop, we met him at 9:30 pm in a Walmart parking lot about 2 miles from my house. Worked for me! Very nice guy and got to drive the car home...the long way! ;-)

Made in CA | 24 décembre 2016

Awesome - Merry Christmas!

Tâm | 24 décembre 2016


lilbean | 24 décembre 2016