Where are the moderators???

Where are the moderators???

Tesla should get proactive on their forums and start monitoring them. I mean the amount of trolls and clear fud is astounding. Maybe, they could even use folks on the forums to police them. Big, teslatap ,silver, Jen and a few others I'd recommend just from my short time here.

KP in NPT | 26 décembre 2016

No moderators. We owners are the closest things - when we get our flags out. :)

SbMD | 26 décembre 2016

@BigD0g - @mp1156 is correct. Some folks have connections to the web masters if needed and there is some level of "monitoring" that occurs with flagging.

Silver2K | 26 décembre 2016

BigD0g, talk to me dawg! what's up?

jjs | 26 décembre 2016

I have been on the forum for over four years. I have seen the abuses by trolls. I have been on very closely monitored forums.

Tesla has opted for open discussions and self discipline. If not individually then collectively (k.e. flags).

Open, though messy, is better IMHO. I believe it leads to better dialog. And a good deal of humor.

Now, Tesla does, on rare occasion remove threads.

burdogg | 26 décembre 2016

Silver - Haasnoot again :)

Silver2K | 26 décembre 2016

done! his post is gone :)

burdogg | 26 décembre 2016

Yeah, i was typing up a nice strong reply and hit save - bam, no go, post was gone

Wilber | 26 décembre 2016

Good job Silver!

Silver2K | 26 décembre 2016

sorry burdogg, next time I'll warn you. Also please keep your posts under 4000 words! :)

thank yoooouuuu..

KP in NPT | 26 décembre 2016

I did the same burdogg. You guys are quick with your flags. Good job. ;)

burdogg | 26 décembre 2016

That is tough - no wonder why my 4000 word posts disappear - I was wondering why.

Silver2K | 26 décembre 2016

flag is always ready for action! I was the last flag :)

Bluesday Afternoon | 26 décembre 2016

You guys are making me crazy;-).

We now have threads with readable comments commenting on comments made by people critical to now vanished comments!

SCCRENDO | 26 décembre 2016

I prefer an open forum. The problem to many of us who advocate for climate change remediation is the amount of trolling from deniers that occurs there on the general forum. Some of it is just plain interrupting and trying to divert the topic to complete childishness and ad hominem attacks. Best strategy is to just ignore them and continue with the topic. When multiple threads are started (as occurs with one notorious troll) if ignored it just sinks to the bottom and disappears. Multiple flagging without comment to bump the thread up also helps.

Some do require comment as a lot of misinformation is posted. I try keep the comments brief generally a few words with a link providing the correct info.

I think it's important to keep the extreme trolling for others to see because it ends up reflecting poorly on the troll.

Silver2K | 26 décembre 2016


some are easily swayed by the trolls and will hurt Tesla in the long run.

Superliner | 27 décembre 2016

I'd rather see some sort of "integrated" search function than moderators crawling around everywhere.

tom-m | 27 décembre 2016

As someone that owns and runs several forums I am surprised by how poor this forum is. No simple ways to post pictures, videos, no PM's, no attachments, etc.. Come on for a technology company a simple Vbulletin upgrade would make this forum way better.

Haggy | 27 décembre 2016

There are moderators who make very rare changes, and I've seen that happen. I don't think Tesla wants to be accused of trying to cover up negative information about their cars. If I post something, no matter how unreasonable, what would be in the best interest of somebody who finds it with a web search would be follow up comments from owners who put things in context.

Owners can flag things out of existence if enough agree that something is inappropriate, and Tesla never said what the criterion is for that. It tends to happen rarely, and when it does, Tesla can't be blamed. There are also occasional people who set up accounts just for the sake of spamming, and then users have to complain to Tesla that the board is flooded with messages in Chinese unrelated to Tesla, or whatever it happens to be at any given time, and somebody will take care of it.

carlk | 27 décembre 2016

Remember no other auto company provides discussion forum on company website. Tesla provided the service in the beginning so early adopters can have a place to exchange info. Tesla could just pull this service if it thinks too much efforts is needed to maintain it. Don't complain too hard and ended up getting what you wished for..

renwo S alset | 27 décembre 2016

This forum has no great benefit for Tesla, why should they waste resources on it?