Window rolling down by itself

Window rolling down by itself

Just picked up my car after getting the windows tinted and when I close the passenger door the windo rolls halfway down, really wierd. Seems like a sensor got wet when they were tinting. Shop said wait a few days to see if it continues. Anyone else see this?

darlin | 3 janvier 2017

Had a window problem with drivers door, would drop 1/4" or so to open, but when you shut the door, it would not go back up, just kept getting lower and lower every time you opened door. Then 1 week later, drivers door quite altogether. Been crawling across seats for 6 weeks until a Ranger make it out finally and replace door latches, locking mech and updated the FOBs.

Hope you do not go thur this. The East Coast needs way more service centers. Backlog around 2 months.

PedanticOne | 3 janvier 2017

You can try some of the window reset techniques outlined here on TMC:

aesculus | 4 janvier 2017

"Seems like a sensor got wet when they were tinting. Shop said wait a few days to see if it continues."

You MUST re-calibrate the windows after tinting. Either the link @PedanticOne gave you or you might have to see the SC. Note there are about three techniques and none are absolute and you may have to keep trying them until you are successful. Even the SC took about 20 minutes and used all three techniques while I watched them the other day.

Jabstep | 27 janvier 2019

Yeah, those window reset techniques don't seem to work on my car because the button doesn't even have the "hard" setting working, only the "soft". And it seems like it's now almost impossible to get n appointment at my local service center unless I want to take a day off from work (NO SATURDAYS available for the foreseeable future. And even THEN the EARLIEST appt. is Monday MARCH 27th!!!