West Yellowstone charger issue

West Yellowstone charger issue

Arrived there last night to get the orange charge ring after plugging into 6 of the 8 chargers. It was 20 below so the cables were stiff. Called Tesla central who recognized a power issue. They recommended 4B or 1A/B. Only got 1A to work.

vperl | 15 janvier 2017

Driving any vehicle in MINUS 20°F seems at odds with common sense.

Gas or electric. But, then again it is your choice.

mscott | 15 janvier 2017

I'm guessing you don't live where it frequently (or ever) gets that cold.

Bighorn | 15 janvier 2017

I wonder if Lewis and Clark would have discovered Oregon with that attitude.

rxlawdude | 15 janvier 2017

@Big, of course not. They would've been shocked their rated miles didn't produce the same number of actual miles, and how long it takes to Supercharge in the cold. :-)

sbeggs | 15 janvier 2017

Yes, @Bighorn is from balmy Wyoming. Just wait til the Mini Ice Age arrives!

stevenmaifert | 15 janvier 2017

L&C had Sacajawea to keep them warm.

Bighorn | 15 janvier 2017

Seaman, too. I have Macy.

jerry | 16 janvier 2017

Bighorn, I have experienced that in West Yellowstone 3 separate times in the last month. I've called in and complained every time. 1a is the only charger that works. I don't wanna hear that "cold weather" crap, I also charged in Bozeman, Big Timber, Billings, and Sheridan all in temperatures well below zero, with the coldest being 31 below. It was -10 to -20 all of the times I was in West Yellowstone. So, no, it is not the cold weather preventing it from working. It may be contributing to it, but since other chargers work just fine, it's not an acceptable excuse. | 16 janvier 2017

Who the heck wants to go out in weather like that to fix something?
Who the heck wants to go out in weather like that period?
Come to Florida where all the charging spots are working.

@BH could be the inspiration for a modern day Jack London. Please read the short story "To Build a Fire": How about "To Charge a Car"?

reed_lewis | 17 janvier 2017

Some of us like hills and mountains, so we stay in places where the weather is variable. Plus the humidity is purely awful in Florida. Everything I go down there in the summer, I realize how much I would never want to live there.

Here in Massachusetts, we have four distinct seasons.

Bighorn | 17 janvier 2017

Thanks for confirming. I tried 1B on arrival and worked my way down the line, so it was odd that 1A actually worked. I went home the loooong way given the uncertainty there, plus it was 60 degrees warmer in Colorado.

Dofpic | 17 janvier 2017

West Yellowstone, Montana is a very cold place in the winter but super beautiful. Almost as beautiful as Whitefish Montana.

Silver2K | 17 janvier 2017

I heard Wyoming is a beautiful country.

Bighorn | 17 janvier 2017

I'll be up that way as soon as you get a supercharger--nice spot to get up to Alberta without a trip to Seattle. Glacier NP gets way too little recognition, I think.

vperl | 17 janvier 2017

Goto Rawlins, WY. probably a site for a SUPERCHARGER

Bighorn | 17 janvier 2017

Rawlins is likely for the I80 route. Anong's is a decent Thai place, surprisingly.

Dofpic | 18 janvier 2017

Bighorn According to the 2017 expected map looks like they will put one in Kalispel or Whitefish. There are several destination chargers around. Also up into BC. You can always stop at my place for a charge.

Bighorn | 18 janvier 2017

Thanks! | 18 janvier 2017

Florida has a hill. And it is humid for only 6 or 7 months.

Rocky_H | 19 janvier 2017

@georgehawley, Quote: "Florida has a hill. And it is humid for only 6 or 7 months."

...out of each half a year.

brando | 25 janvier 2017

Glacier NP over 2,300,000 visitors per summer. Too little attention?

Dofpic | 25 janvier 2017

Lets keep it that way. There is a destination charger at the lake McDonald lodge, but I do not want it to become as crowded as yellowstone in the summer.