Wind & road noise with all glass roof?

Wind & road noise with all glass roof?

Hello Tesla Community! I'm a wide-eyed new MS60 owner still in my honeymoon phase (does it ever end?).

Picked "Mr. Shady" up at the Fremont factory right before New Year and have had a few weeks on the road now. Unfortunately, I was a victim of the Q4 curse...Mr.Shady was plagued with fit & trim issues (misaligned chrome pieces/hood/fender/bumper, broken door light...whole wiring unit was ripped according to my SC, broken driver side mirror, and a few more miscellaneous things). The bright side is my local San Francisco SC has been extremely accommodating and fixed almost every issue + threw in all weather mats :):):).

The last issue we're working on is a fairly bad wind/noise leak coming from the driver side. It's loudest in the driver seat, but you can hear it along the rear as well. The sound only comes out when speeding up past 40 and becomes especially loud after hitting 70+ MPH. SC confirmed the noise on their test drive and tried fixing 3x now with no success. I'm assuming this isn't a "normal" sound as only my driver side has the issue. If this were normal wind noise, then both sides should share the issue. SC agrees with this logic. They're thinking it might be the glass roof, but fixing that will require cutting...and I'm not okay with invasive surgery on a new car!

Has anyone with the new all glass roof experienced a similar wind/road noise at higher speeds?

Any recommendations on what to do if the only option SC suggests is cutting my entire glass roof out and this is not okay with me?

Honestly, if the noise were minor, then I'd just ignore it and enjoy my car. However, my entire family agrees it's loud and distracting, and not acceptable in a 80K+ car. Thanks in advance for the advice everyone!!

Anthony J. Parisio | 23 janvier 2017

A loud wind noise is not normal. Is it from the glass roof or is it from the rubber seam of the little window on the driver's door? This is the most common misalignment to cause a driver or passenger wind noise at high speed. It is easy too correct.

-Gman- | 23 janvier 2017

I have a solid roof and have the wind noise from driver's side. (Been in three times for an attempted fix with no success; they claim to have checked the seal, re-sealed the tiny glass triangle at the front of the window--making it far worse, but correcting afterwards, and 'fixing' something inside the door handle-- none of which solved the issue). I would not let them do anything to your roof until they exhaust all possibilities on the door/window seal!

cquail | 23 janvier 2017

Keep us posted. I am wanting an all glass roof on the Model 3, but am not expecting wind noise.

croman | 23 janvier 2017

My roof is totally quiet. It's the doors that create noise. My roof is nearly seamless. There is a slight channel that the glass rests within but the fit of the glass on the metal car frame is amazingly tight and snug. If yours isn't it might be worth eliminating other sound issues but it also could be the roof. Fwiw my roof is great and is the car's best feature.

Wprather | 23 janvier 2017

I have a 1 month old MS 90D with all glass roof, no wind noise..... something must be wrong.

Silver2K | 24 janvier 2017

What have they tried? Can you post the 3 possible solutions from your work order? They work orders should be in your email inbox from the service center. Just copy and paste those parts


Tom M.us_az | 24 janvier 2017

I had a problem with excessive wind noise in the rear driver side. I have a pano roof. The Scottsdale SC checked it and concluded the window was misaligned. They had to take the door paneling off and re-align. No wind noise afterwards.

pylt | 24 janvier 2017

Consider much more diagnosis first. We had a horrendous wind noise in our 70D which was later traced to a door gasket (for the exterior handle) that was left, literally, sitting in the bottom of the door!

Overall, not impressed with the attention to detail we've seen from Fremont; hope it's improving.

GoLeafsGo67 | 10 novembre 2017

I know this is an old post, but I wanted to share my experience too. I have a 2017 Model S (VIN in the 194000 range). I've only had the car for a couple of months but the wind noise has been unbearable. It's noticeable above 65 mph and pretty loud. Almost sounds like I have a creaked window open.

It's been frustrating because Santa Clara SC hasn't given me any solutions. I've already had to bring the car in for separate issues around rattling and creaking (which thankfully they've fixed!) but they're not sure how to fix the road noise. At first they told me over the phone after inspecting that everything on my car related to the glass roof and windshield is according to spec. After telling them I was disappointed with that answer, they said they'd take it for another test drive with the lead technician. They then acknowledged it's loud but that they don't currently have a solution. This is from my service invoice:

Concern: Customer states there is wind noise when driving over 60 MPH.

Corrections: Exterior NVH General Diagnosis

Conclusion: No Trouble Found Unable to verify concern upon drop off, Further diagnosing needed.
After further test drive, technicians found that the wind noise is wind turbulence going over the glass roof. Technicians performed further testing to ensure all trim pieces are within Tesla specifications, and no air leaks are present.

Pay Type: Goodwill

The frustrating part was the loaner they gave me (w/ glass roof) while my car was in service was quiet! Any advice? Should I talk to a different service center?

loc_nguyen | 10 novembre 2017

You should escalate it through emailing some Tesla top brass. I love my all glass roof. The car is very quiet even at high speed. The only sounds that bothered me were the tires rubbing the ground.

GoLeafsGo67 | 10 novembre 2017

I live in the Bay Area - what would be the next level up from the Santa Clara Service Manager? So far the service manager hasn't been really responsive at all.

akikiki | 10 novembre 2017

fmeng93, Its a long shot, but it sounds some what like a liftgate buffetting problem of 4-5 years ago. The problem was that the bumpers on the body sides of the liftgate were not high enough and the liftgate would pump up and down while moving. This was mostly in sunroof versions, but you might be feeling it too. I recommend you open your liftgate and unscrew the liftgate bumpers (one on each side about the size of a silver dollar) out lust a little. You might try closing the gate and pushing down on the corner area near the taillights. If it moves that could be an indication of the buffetting. It should only require a half to no more than two turns of the bumpers to raise them enough. I think there was a tech bulletin in 2012 or 2013 that covered this at the Service Center.

jpetro414 | 14 novembre 2017

Having same problem over 70 mph. Brought it in and same problem.

GoLeafsGo67 | 15 novembre 2017

@jpetro414 - what did service say when you brought it in? So they weren't able to resolve it?

PeteB Lake Oswego | 27 novembre 2017

After getting my MS P100D in Feb 2017, I noticed a bunch of wind noise too. It was coming from the area where the drivers window meets the little triangle of glass. Then ended up fixing it by readjusting the positioning of the driver window. It made more of a seal and I don't have any noise now. The rest of the car is very quiet, even glass roof. Just the normal tire noise if on rough asphalt roads

GoLeafsGo67 | 30 novembre 2017

@petebend02 - thanks, I'll bring that up with the service technician next week as an area to look into.

Bighorn | 30 novembre 2017

The service folks are well aware of the delta window as a source as well as regular windows as they’ve been adjusting these things for 5 years now. A test drive will usually suffice.

GoLeafsGo67 | 5 décembre 2017

Here's an update: I went into service today to get this checked out. I did a test drive with one of their technicians and their opinion is that I don't have a wind leak through my glass roof. They believe the noise is due to wind turbulence (wind flowing over the roof). Based on this technician they think this is in line with other Model S with glass roofs. He also did an inspection on the roof itself to ensure the seals were tight and that the roof was sitting properly on the car. All of it was looking good according to spec.

I really am happy overall with my service center so it's not a knock on them, but I was disappointed that they didn't do anything. I don't think I'm being oversensitive about the noise because I've had previous loaners with glass roofs and they haven't had this problem going high speeds.

Next time I go back into service I'm going to ask to test drive one of their loaners with a technician to do a comparison. Or maybe visit another service center to get a second opinion.

Teslarian | 5 décembre 2017

@GoLeafsGo67, you really should read the TMC thread titled "Wind noise in full glass roof new Model S". I tried to insert a link to it, but the stupid spam filter on this forum blocked it.

GoLeafsGo67 | 6 décembre 2017

Thanks @Bighorn and @Teslarian

I ended up ordering that strip of foam tubing from Amazon that was mentioned in the thread. Should be arriving today. I'll install it and see if it solves the issue.

I also emailed the service manager at Santa Clara sharing that forum thread with her. I think they should be aware that it's a systemic issue impacting many owners. Hoping they can come up with a more elegant fix. Doesn't sit well that I needed to buy a $14 piece of foam to put on a $90K car to fix a quality issue!

Teslarian | 6 décembre 2017

@Bighorn: Why could you post the link and not me? Is there a special dance or incantation that you do? It happens to me a lot.

@GoLeafsGo67: Please be sure to post an update on whether it reduces the wind noise. I expect delivery on mine in 1-2 weeks and may be in the same situation.

Bighorn | 6 décembre 2017

No incantation--I think there are different levels of vetting.

Silver2K | 6 décembre 2017


Not sure if you're an owner, but if you are and cannot see the club's at the root of the forum, then you need to contact tesla support and have them fix the issue. Let them know you can't see the clubs

Teslarian | 6 décembre 2017

@Silver2K: I am not yet an owner, but I have a car in production. I am not sure what you mean by "club's", but the "root" of the forums lists what it labels as "DISCUSSIONS".

Silver2K | 6 décembre 2017

when your car is delivered you should have the ability to post links without issues. make sure you can see the clubs section, if not contact support and let them know.

this is a sample of the clubs sections!AihnWpuO55swh-k4rfXTvdcUfFqw_g

navinsiri | 6 décembre 2017

I installed that rubber tubing mentioned in the TMC posts a few days ago and now there is barely any wind noise up to about 75mph. I always thought the wind noise was normal until I got a P85D loaner which was completely silent.

@Teslarian if you check the TMC link posted above, you should see that new cars no longer have the issue because Tesla got better at installing the glass roof.

GoLeafsGo67 | 7 décembre 2017

I installed the rubber tubing that was listed in the TMC thread. Unfortunately I'm still hearing wind noise above 70 mph. I can't tell honestly if it's any better than it was before. In my car's case, the gap between the windshield and glass roof on the driver's side is bigger than the gap on the passenger side. It was evident while installing the tubing since it was much easier to put the tubing into the gap on the driver side

Awesome that this solution has worked for people, but it hasn't for me. I can't share links in this forum but I have pictures of my installation. From what I can tell I did the same thing as others. The only minor difference is that I ran the tubing across the windshield / glass roof gap only. I didn't run the tubing all the way back to the hatch like some others have done.