XPEL—to wrap or not wrap

XPEL—to wrap or not wrap

Loving our X75D so far (mid December delivery). Got quotes for the front, main impact areas, and full wrap with opti-coat. We only go to the snow a few times a year, is it worth it? Has any owner that does winter snow driving regret not getting their pride and joy fully wrapped?

mhkeyemd | 25 janvier 2017

Let me suggest that you wrap the inside area (near the rear wheel well) where FWD closes on. There will be some scuffing of your paint because FWD will rub against it when it closes. Mine is showing primer now. I need a paint touch up and need to wrap that area with XPEL.... Tesla service center guy says that it is common problem with no solution at this time. They will do the paint touch up for free, but he recommends XPEL or other body wrap.

I wrapped my front bumper, frunk, headlights, and side mirrors.... Total cost $1300. It really keeps those areas nice and clean.

lilbean | 25 janvier 2017

I applied 3m contact paper to those areas.

mhkeyemd | 25 janvier 2017

Have you looked into Xpel clear door sill guard? You can find it at Amazon. It's DIY paint protection film. I'm going to do it after I do the paint touch up with DrColorChip.

lilbean | 25 janvier 2017

Oh yes! Haha. I used the contact paper to save money. :)

MyBluBu | 25 janvier 2017

Thanks for the tip on the inside area near the FWDs! I'll have to check into that when I go back to get my seat backs done.

I've had 4 Teslas wrapped and LOVE IT! I've done the front areas too, but also did the rear bumper area under the trunk. Wish I could have done the whole vehicle each time.

Saxman | 25 janvier 2017


I have lived in the Vail Valley over 20 years, and made many a trip to the Denver Airport (130 miles) in the winter. CDOT uses MagCloride instead of salt to melt ice/snow, and it's very corrosive. Lots of gravel and small stones on the road as well.

My only point in telling all that is to relate how many different elements can damage the paint. On all of my vehicles during this time I used 3m Clear Bra, and just recently XPEL for my MX.

I personally have never wrapped the entire vehicle...Only half way up the hood, the entire front fenders and front end, front lights and side mirrors. IN my experience I never had chip problems on other parts.

I paid $895 less 20%(Tesla Forum & AAA discount) at the XPEL in Austin TX.


bsridesagain | 25 janvier 2017

We don't live in the snow but wrapped our X anyway. Rocks and chips can hit our car year-round due to gravel trucks on the road. Glad we did it.

mathwhiz | 25 janvier 2017

Note that my Model S leading surfaces are custom wrapped, but this warning in the manual is making me think twice for my X... I have no idea to what extent this is factual, only that it appears on page 9:

From the Model X Owner's Guide:

Warning: Applying adhesive products such as wraps, stickers, rubber coating, etc. on the outside of the falcon wing doors can affect the sensors’ ability to detect obstacles properly.

Xcell | 25 janvier 2017

Mine gets wraped (incl. glossy seat backs using Stealth) end of March by WRAPEX Switzerland

COrich | 26 janvier 2017

The only thing I am going to consider for my 90D is seat-back protection. Here where I live in Colorado, wind borne rocks/gravel in the spring are more of a problem than anything else. That wreaks havoc on the glass more than the paint. I have never applied a film on top of the paint for any of my vehicles, and I don't plan on doing it on this one.

BTW, with all the trucks on the roads, rocks can even hit the hood high up near the windshield. I even get some chips above the glass on my other cars.

Saxman | 26 janvier 2017


You are so right about windshield damage due to rocks. Huge problem here and have had varying degrees of problems with various vehicles.

ernie | 26 janvier 2017

I do not regret wrapping the entirety of the painted surfaces. Not a scratch, scuff or chip in 14,000 miles. Xpel with Ceramic pro over the wrap and all metal and windows. Breeze to clean with spray foam and deionized water. Worth every penny. MX could almost pass for zero miles.

RCorsa | 26 janvier 2017

Lol. That is hilarious to spend crazy money on wrapping the entire car with XPEL and then worrying about foam and DI water! The whole idea about wraps is they can withstand punishment better than paint (i.e. Tar and rocks) so why waste all the time and money with some special wash technique. Maybe we should invent a bubble wrap like a hamster wheel for the cars so no environmental object ever comes in contact with the car. Lol.

Triggerplz | 26 janvier 2017

I'm Glad I got mine wrapped.. Wrap it up

Gary an Rachel | 26 janvier 2017

funny place to ask for advice. so many seem to offer jokes instead. Xpeled the whole car last March and seat backs. if not for the wrap I would already have had to b had the paint fixed for many different reasons already. I had a few who said why waste my money. that part they got right, it was my money. let me just say I v would do it again without wasting a second on thinking about it. if you can afford it the money part you will forget about b in a month or two and you thanking yourself for doing it will last for years. one bonus is that ten years from now if you still have the car, you can remove the wrap and have a fresh Factory Paint Job and you can't buy that for any amount of money. that's my two cents. IMHO

generic | 27 janvier 2017

I live in interior BC and got mine xpel ultimate wrapped. My drivers side mirror already took a hit that the xpel absorbed. Winter gravel on the roads and from the chronic highway construction here is an issue and I have a lot more peace of mind. I had the entire car wrapped for about 3K and while the place did not wrap around all the edges as much as I hoped, it has covered 99% of the exposed areas.

My car is a lease so I suppose I could have left it but I was going to buy it out after the 3 years so I went for it. I also like my Mx to look good and wash it 2x a week. Now with HW 2.0 (maybe 130Kw batteries with super fast charging and HW 3.0 in June of 2019) I will likely get a new model.

dbh | 27 janvier 2017

I paid about $4200 for XPEL and Opticoat Pro Plus. I have about a half dozen snow trips in the car so far.

The front of the car is holding up perfectly. However, I had a pretty big disappointment this last trip. My advice: wrap the front lower edge of the falcon doors. See picture below. Mine got very badly pitted on the last trip from sand/salt on the road. I think what happens is that if your alignment is off even 1/8" so that the falcon door's front edge is sticking out further than the rear edge of the front door, it's completely exposed to any debris. And that alignment has to be right _every time the door closes_ - I suspect it can vary slightly.

I suspect that a "normal rear door" doesn't have that problem because the front edge and hinge is actually underneath the trailing edge of the front door, so there is no blunt edge exposed to the elements. I think this is unique to the falcon door design - arguably making it a poor choice due to risk of rock chips. I have probably 50 trips to Tahoe in our model S in much worse conditions and it has zero rock chips.

Here's my rear right falcon door. All of this happened in one trip to Tahoe this week. And on a couple of sunny days too, it wasn't extreme weather.

Pretty disappointing after paying over $4k for paint protection.

lilbean | 27 janvier 2017

That's a bummer, dbh.

dbh | 27 janvier 2017

@lilbean yeah. On top of that, I had some form of operational failure with 3 out of 4 doors on the same trip. Sigh. The model S is looking like a far better Tahoe car to me (was my exclusive car for the prior 2 years, though ours is RWD) -- the X doors not like cold weather I think, and this paint issue is just going to keep happening I bet.

RCorsa | 27 janvier 2017

People actually plan on keeping these cars 10 years? These cars are like tech! Do you still have your iPhone 1 too? Lol.

Triggerplz | 27 janvier 2017

You don't have to keep a car 10 years to have it wrapped, I won't keep mine that long but it's wrapped. But for those that decide to keep it for 10 years it's their choice.. You comparing a $500 phone with a $100K plus car.. LMAO

inconel | 27 janvier 2017

@RCorsa no point in continually pointing out that you can afford to buy multiple expensive cars and switch cars more often than most of us

lilbean | 27 janvier 2017


dbh | 27 janvier 2017

I was wrong on my theory about the S doors and X doors, and the front edge being tucked behind more on "normal" doors. The problem is just that my alignment of the rear door is off almost by the full panel depth. That leaves it hanging in the rock stream. It's gotta to be way harder to ensure that alignment is always good than on normal doors.


PedanticOne | 27 janvier 2017

My wife still has her iPhone 5S. And her (well, my) Prius is now 10 years old. I keep telling her to go get a new car, but for her, it works and there's no need. So yes, some people keep things for a long time. I don't, but I recognize that others do, and want to protect their investment.

Some people really want to wrap it, some don't. It's OK.

dbh | 27 janvier 2017

I had planned to keep it for 10 years, thus the pricey wrap. But based on the WTFs-per-mile-driven so far, 10 years is not going to happen. Our model S - I will keep that for 10 years for sure.

Leli001 | 27 janvier 2017

WTFs-per-mile-driven ....haha, nice way to put it

RCorsa | 27 janvier 2017

The word "investment" and any mass produced car should never be used together. These cars while cool are no means an investment but a rapidly depreciating asset. I traded my model s after one year and 8,000 miles and got 65% of my MSRP from tesla when I bought the model x....

ernie | 27 janvier 2017

@RCorsa...your snarky comments are noted. Wonder if this is how you view all things in life. If I want to be anal retentive, that is my prerogative and your insipid snipes run off my grey matter as if they had a coating of Ceramic Pro.

lilbean | 27 janvier 2017

dbh, yes, you definitely deserve a prize for putting up with all the door issues. I have a panel that is off a bit. Hopefully that doesn't happen to me.
Ernie, :)

dbh | 27 janvier 2017

If you panel is sticking out, rather than sticking in, get that fixed or it's gonna get destroyed in any kind of winter weather (see my photo).

I got to drive our model S again today (my wife usually drives it) - god I love that car. It's amazing. Brings me smiles every time, and zero WTFs-per-mile-driven.

PedanticOne | 27 janvier 2017

I was thinking someone might say something about the word "investment", but I thought maybe we'd be adult enough to not be so... pedantic? That's my gig. Point is that people paid a lot of money and want to keep it nice. You'll just have to find a way to cope knowing that's the case.

Triggerplz | 27 janvier 2017

@Ernie you the man

lilbean | 27 janvier 2017

Dbh, it's actuall the leading edge of the driver door. You know how that goes. After the third visit to get it right, that's how it ended up. I'm just afraid of messing with it again.

RCorsa | 27 janvier 2017


RCorsa | 27 janvier 2017

Pedantic. You should check out "left lane Prius" it speaks volumes about the "prius personality". I'm sorry for those hat feel they have to protect their tesla from any possible damage and are Uber paranoid about any scratches or dents. After all these are just Cars. Once you let that go you'll enjoy them even more.

PedanticOne | 27 janvier 2017

Why are you trying to convince *me*? I don't plan to wrap my car because I generally agree with you. I'm just saying there's no reason to ridicule others who want to wrap.

lilbean | 27 janvier 2017

I have the most beautiful just a car in the neighborhood! Not wrapped. :)

Triggerplz | 28 janvier 2017

Lilbean you dont wrap you rap :) but watch out he may even had a problem with your rap and please dont rap for 10 years or you may need to buy a new phone :) LMAO

lilbean | 28 janvier 2017


torself | 28 janvier 2017

I was just about to wrap my MX, but the day I went there they noticed that both FWD was sticking out and the paint was missing in the lower edge. I had to abort and noticed Tesla about it. They fixed the paint, and got the doors aligned right. I will for sure wrap my MX. I live in Norway and my car was delivered in Sept 16.

aix93 | 23 février 2017

Decided to do the full wrap, picking up our X this Saturday. Thanks everyone for your opinions.

carteriii | 24 février 2017

I did a full XPEL wrap and additionally have been researching windshield protection like ClearPlex & Bray. Just yesterday I was with my friend in Colorado who got more than one full chip & a tremendous number of "speckles" on his brand new windshield, all within about a 2 mile section of I70 where Colorado laid down a large amount of "stuff" that might has well have been gravel.

That one event (not even to my car) convinced me that I did the right thing to spend the money on XPEL. Having said that, if I never drove in Colorado, I might be willing to skip it. I could probably deal with a few spots, but I'd be crying if I incurred the damage to my paint as extensive as my friend's windshield in one small drive.

So since many of you reading this thread clearly believe as I that paint protection is a good thing, how many of you have applied or at least researched windshield protection enough to have a solid opinion? While I find most people who pay for XPEL would do it again, the opinions of windshield protection does not seem quite so unanimous. Our Model X windshields are big and very expensive and I'd protect it as well if I had as much confidence in another product like I do XPEL.

lilbean | 24 février 2017

I will relay an expert opinion I received from a windshield protection installer. He thought it would be cost prohibitive because it needs to be replaced annually here in California. I appreciate an honest merchant who will help me save money. He said it is expensive and over a few years, you could just get a new windshield.

MyXinTx | 24 février 2017

Nothing "pops" like the dullness of my Midnight Silver Model X wrapped in XPEL Stealth, including the seatbacks hiding that ridiculous fingerprint magnet shiny glossy black plastic.

The comfort of paint protection is just gravy