Will Tesla programming language change to Swift?

Will Tesla programming language change to Swift?

Now that Chris Lattner is at Tesla, will they switch programming to Swift (which is now open source)? Lattner is still involved in it's development.

PedanticOne | 25 janvier 2017

Haha. Probably not anytime soon. But I would not be surprised if they start to use clang and llvm more. Baby steps.

aesculus | 25 janvier 2017

I don't really know Swift, but did the world really need another programming language? We have a gazillion of them already.

PedanticOne | 25 janvier 2017

Swift is pretty nice.

dortor | 26 janvier 2017


ir | 26 janvier 2017

Considering how often Swift makes breaking changes to the language, Chris of all people would know not to recommend Swift for at least a few more years.

Tesla needs to evolve their software quickly. Not grind to a halt every 12 months to re-write their code for the next massive change in Swift.

PedanticOne | 26 janvier 2017

Exactly. Swift isn't even used at Apple for frameworks yet because there's no stable ABI. They hope to remedy that in Swift 4, AFAIK. So any potential for Swift adoption is years out.