Wind noise is relatively high at > 50 mph compared to other cars

Wind noise is relatively high at > 50 mph compared to other cars

It's been more than a month since I got my model S60 . I recently realized that the wind noise i hear inside the car is relatively high compared to other car (Audi Q5) when I accelerate beyond >50mph .. does anyone experiencing same issue or is it something unique to my car that I need to get it checked at the Service center ?

dknisely | 10 février 2017

I have no idea what exactly you are hearing, but I find that our December 2016 S60 is quite quiet at highway speeds (with pano sunroof). One factor might be that because EVs have almost zero engine noise, I think that road/tire noise and wind noise can SEEM more pronounced while actually being comparable or less than other cars. It could be psychological. If you have a concern, Tesla service centers seem very supportive and there might be a problem, so you might as well take it in. If you are hearing high-pitched or whistling sounds, I believe THAT is abnormal and should be checked.

Bighorn | 10 février 2017

The delta window and leading edge of the pano are common sources that can be tweaked by service

KP in NPT | 10 février 2017

Try to isolate where it's coming from. It might be something that can be corrected with service.

Made in CA | 11 février 2017

That is not typical. Both of our (non-pano) cars are really quiet.

KP in NPT | 11 février 2017

I had the pano issue Bighorn mentioned when we first got the car. My last service visit I mentioned wind noise coming from the passenger window that had not always been there. Turned out a seal for the door handle had fell down into the door and somehow that caused the noise. They replaced the seal, and added insulation to the inside of the door. Car is totally quiet now.

mm7nyy | 11 février 2017

My S90 is whisper quiet at any speed

croman | 11 février 2017

Wait until the typical people start baselessly accusing op of being a short...

Captain_Zap | 11 février 2017

I have no wind noise at all, but I do not have a pano. Perhaps that may help narrow it down.

venkatbitla1 | 11 février 2017

Thanks to all of you for your inputs .. Ill stop by the service centre to get it checked once

Tropopause | 11 février 2017

I believe the side mirrors generate a bit of wind noise due to drag.

tstolz | 11 février 2017

Mine is quiet ... maybe test using a DB meter ... smart phone app. and compare.

SbMD | 11 février 2017

@venkatbitla1 - agree with the others above to let your Service Center know. Mine is also very quiet. Recently, I had a small amount of wind noise start to develop, and had them look at my car at a service appointment. They did make a minor adjustment and added some insulation for good measure. Worked great.

rxlawdude | 11 février 2017

At 70mph, I have to turn audio to 4-5 to hear what I can hear at level 3 at rest.

l.robinson | 11 février 2017

I occasionally have to lift the window close switches to stop wind noise. The windows don't always close well when entering the car and they do their lower/raise dance to seal.

bishoppeak | 11 février 2017

I've noticed a lot of tire noise and figured out it was coming from vehicles I was passing, especially trucks with knobby tires.

jackan | 11 février 2017

Definitely have your pano roof checked.