Almost all Americans want climate change action

Almost all Americans want climate change action

If this is true why are fossil fuel companies advisors in charge?

Tesla-David | 24 avril 2019

Thanks @Mike83, I was just going to post the same link. Scary how much inaction on AGW will cost us in the future. The skeptics/deniers are full of BS, and need to get out of the way so we can get to work to address serious carbon emission reductions. Look to the Arctic/Antarctica to see the accelerated impacts that are coming, and the ones that are already happening now.

Tesla-David | 24 avril 2019

Also this article on Greenland says it is melting 6 times faster than the 1980's. Serious sea level rise in the near future.

SCCRENDO | 25 avril 2019

If most Americans don’t want climate change action and are not worried about fossil fuel pollution perhaps its time to rethink

jimglas | 25 avril 2019

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jimglas | 25 avril 2019

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Tesla-David | 25 avril 2019

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jimglas | 26 avril 2019


SCCRENDO | 26 avril 2019

@jimglas. Just flag the weathermoron and move on. Either he is drunk or feeling unloved. He is looking for attention and trying to stink up all threads. If we just keep flagging him without comment and move back to the topic we can clean up the clutter a little

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jimglas | 27 avril 2019

@DarthRussia: another delusional fox talking point.
Understanding climate change is based upon fact based science
Your delusional denial is based upon your beliefs (aka: religion)

SCCRENDO | 27 avril 2019
jimglas | 27 avril 2019

@crendo: I spent some time in greenland last summer. The rate of melting and their climate change is truly frightening.

jimglas | 27 avril 2019

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jimglas | 27 avril 2019

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SCCRENDO | 27 avril 2019

@jimglas. The idiot weathermoron loves to quote area and fails to understand that ice is 3 dimensional and you need to measure height to calculate the volume and weight. But I guess he may not have the mental capacity to understand this.

jimglas | 27 avril 2019


Tesla-David | 27 avril 2019

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Mike83 | 28 avril 2019

I am afraid of strong reactions against the free enterprise system and that is due to the greed of fossil fuel kingpins who try to stifle competition. It would be simpler to allow free enterprise to progress or another historical failure may be coming. But it appears the ultra rich has lost their sense of reality and may be too smart for their own good. The middle class is what has made America great and not the Gatsby types or Trumps who like firing everyone who disagrees with their egomania. Don't know where we are headed in the US but the rest of the world seems to be taking action instead of causing real environmental damages that may be irreversible. Some lessons are learned the hard way.

Tesla-David | 28 avril 2019


jimglas | 28 avril 2019


sschaem | 28 avril 2019

I think the cause will get a LOT more traction if the focus is on health VS climate change.

jimglas | 28 avril 2019

we can multi-task

jimglas | 29 avril 2019

Again: are you 12 years old or simply dim?

jimglas | 29 avril 2019

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NKYTA | 29 avril 2019

"Just whatever somebody on top of their moral high horse determines is factual."

Well, there is your problem...

A "fact" isn't "determined by someone". It's a f*cking fact.

SCCRENDO | 29 avril 2019

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jimglas | 1 mai 2019


Mike83 | 8 mai 2019

So the mainstream media ignores the greatest threat.

Mike83 | 17 mai 2019

A great article on the fears of fossil fuel investors but the rest of the world will breathe easier. The Feds elected by the fossil fuel industry kingpins are doing everything in their dirty book to halt success except it is also bringing them closer to ruination. All is well that ends well.

Tesla-David | 18 mai 2019

Thanks @Mike83, great link. Nothing to fear in carbon free energy World, except better air quality, less pollution, and better life quality!

andy.connor.e | 20 mai 2019

The world is arguably the greatest that its ever been for the quality of life for humans. Once we figure out how to clean up our trash and live sustainable, it'll be pretty sweet here.

SCCRENDO | 20 mai 2019

@Andy. Indeed. But our trash and our ruining of the environment is a direct result of our attempts to improve our quality of life. Every action has benefits and risks. And we have moved forward at hyper speed “advancing” our “civilizations” without regard to the consequences. And of course there are many in the world (in the US they are called the Republican Party and their cronies) that lie about the consequences of our actions.

andy.connor.e | 20 mai 2019

Ya, i always say 'do your part'. The quickest solution to the problem, at least in my opinion, is dont produce trash. Compost your plant waste, install energy generation when you can, which includes switching appliances off gas.

I just got my house assessed by Tesla for solar. Apparently they do roof replacement too which is spot on. Will need a new roof in the next 2 years.

jimglas | 20 mai 2019

More Chinese hoaxing, Looks like the airforce fell for it:

Mike83 | 13 juin 2019

Economic crisis?Who cares, certainly not the swamp creatures in charge.

Tesla-David | 13 juin 2019

Wow, Drumpf better fire this guy before things get out of hand, imagine saying this: " Trump Official Goes Rogue, Says Climate Change May Cause Next Financial Crisis"

I posted this on other AGW thread: Watch HBO documentary "Ice on Fire". Some nice solutions for addressing AGW/Climate Emergency., We have to tools, just need the political will and people to step up and demand action. Well worth watching produced by Leonardo Di Caprio

Mike83 | 13 juin 2019

Thanks @Tesla-David I am grateful that Leonardo Di Caprio is working hard on this.
Avoiding an environmental AND economic crisis is urgent. The political games of the fossil fuel idiots is also destroying their own future generations or they just don't care?

dmm1240 | 14 juin 2019

Receive an email from Joe Biden yesterday. Along with the usual "hey day, send money" plea, the email also listed the results of a recent survey conducted by the campaign. Top three issues: 1. Health Care; 2. Climate Change; and 3. Gun Death Prevention.

The times they are a changing.

Janny63 | 14 juin 2019

you say absolutely right.

SCCRENDO | 14 juin 2019

Joe Biden is trying to join the group. He may be the safest bet for defeating Trump but I believe we need to become more progressive and stop trying to appease the conservatives. I will definitely vote for him if he is the nominee as I would for whoever the Democratic nominee is but I am looking for someone who represents something other than white more conservative males. I also think he is getting too old even as an old timer myself I rate ability over age. My present top 4 are 1. Kamala Harris. 2. Elizabeth Warren 3. Pete Buttigieg and 4. Bernie Saunders.

Tesla-David | 14 juin 2019

Joe is my least favorite candidate. Right now because he is focusing attention on Climate Change, more so than any of the candidates I am in favor of Jay Inslee, my Governor, who is a long shot, but we need the focused attention on Climate Change as a pivotal issue for 2020 election. My secondary choices are Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Pete Buttigieg. The only reason Joe is talking about Climate Change is because of Jay Inslee's attention on this issue. I am personally outraged at the DNC for refusing to have a focused debate on Climate Change. I let them know that they are behind the times, especially after they refused to have any discussion on AGW during 2016 debates. Disgusting!

SCCRENDO | 14 juin 2019

I heard your Governor this morning and he is a real good guy. I agree with him that climate change is the prime issue and addressing climate change will also address jobs the economy etc. I think he also needs to focus on healthcare. The main issue in a crowded field with great candidates is you have to pick someone. I am moving away from white males for the reasons stated above but if he is the nominee he has my vote

dmm1240 | 14 juin 2019

Forget Joe here, the candidate is not what’s important. I think what is truly interesting is that climate change was the #2 issue cited by respondents. It would have barely made the Top Ten in 2016. Nothing like watching your state burn up during fire season or being unable to plant crops because your farm is a lake or being part of the evacuation of half the state of Florida to flee a monster hurricane to clarify one’s thinking.

SamO | 15 juin 2019

GOP death cult shitting in the water and air and calling it freedom.


Tesla-David | 15 juin 2019

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Tesla-David | 15 juin 2019

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Tesla-David | 16 juin 2019


Mike83 | 21 juin 2019

Retiring Powerplant 20 years early due to alternative energy. Great news for clean air

Tesla-David | 22 juin 2019

Here is a revealing look at how much glaciers World Wide have retreated over the past 40+ years.

"Every single glacier region on Earth is losing mass"