'2017 Center console removal

'2017 Center console removal

Has any one remove the center console? I need to take out the sliding tray and flip door. I'll be adding carbon fiber. Does the sides just snap off in one piece all the way to the armrest? I am worried If there are screws and I don't want to break anything.
Its the center console in the picture:

vp09 | 28 mars 2017

Interesting. We picked up our two Model 90D cars a year ago. The DS was so excited to tell us that the refreshed front end, and the center console, were then standard.

Didn't want to say that not having a bunch of stuff in the center was one reason I wanted a Tesla.

So you want to take it out?


NKYTA | 28 mars 2017


Those of us with older MS like the minimalist look and feel.

It wasn't forced on us. ;-)

vp09 | 28 mars 2017

Yes I thought about that. I didn't want to buy a Tesla that was like being in another luxury sports sedan. Maybe should have gone a few years ago with a Roadster.

steven | 28 mars 2017

First I ordere a center console in my 2015 car, but after a few months of backorder I kind of liked the open space. Not fond of the enforcement of the center console now. And especially find it frustrating that the Model X comes with a matching trim sliding door whereas the Model S doesn't.
Anyone know if they can be swapped out? Expected mine to be carbon fiber as well.

BigD0g | 28 mars 2017

I'd love to modify my center console in 2017 refresh model S to remove the sliding drawer cover on top. The way the drawer was designed, you can't put two cups in it! Very annoying because the top of the sliding drawer comes out to far and interferes with that back cup holder.

gsrteg01 | 28 mars 2017

I need to take it out to modify it with carbon fiber. So no one really have any experience of removing it? Seems like the sides just snap out. | 28 mars 2017

I'm about 80% sure it is bolted in. I think the very first ones did not use bolts, but it didn't hold in an accident, so they are now bolted in (I think). Can't point to where I heard this - maybe a year ago or so. Service is usually very helpful on projects like this - I'd just go in and ask them if you are near a service center and they may be nice enough to explain what is required.

Dunginhawk | 28 mars 2017

what about just doing this? removeable when you want

gsrteg01 | 1 avril 2017

Thanks for all your replies. I was able to get it done.

Dunginhawk | 1 avril 2017

haha, i just took delivery of a MS85 today and am thinking ill buy an evannex center console... i hate not having storage space :)

flight505 | 1 avril 2017

Any problems with carbon fiber warping? Had this trouble on a 911.

gsrteg01 | 1 avril 2017

I didn't have it wrapped. I replaced the original cover 2 pieces with matte carbon fiber covers.

steven | 2 avril 2017

@gsrteg01: where did you get those? I also find it a shame that it doesn't match the trim, whereas the Model X has matching trim

BigD0g | 2 avril 2017

Any details you can share gsrteg01 was it bolted??? Does the sliding cover come off the top easily? It's to long and doesn't allow for two cups, I'd love to cut two inches off it or so.

Chavo60 | 2 avril 2017

I was searching for trim kits to use on my cover... no luck. I'm surprised no companies have produced this yet.

SeaDoc | 30 mai 2017

gsrteg01 | April 1, 2017
Thanks for all your replies. I was able to get it done.

Hi, gsrteg01,

how did you do it? I'm doing the same thing - please share - thanks much

gsrteg01 | 30 mai 2017

What are you trying to do? It just snaps out. The sides is connected to the rear panel with the rear passenger cup holders and the USB's. So, I carefully snap out the sides and the rear panel has hooks that is connected with the sides. The rear panel will come off and you have to disconnect the USB. The sides can be removed now.

SeaDoc | 30 mai 2017

I'm trying to remove the sliding tray - the one in front of the tilting tray (with the phone connect). How to remove just the sliding tray. Thanks | 30 mai 2017

I haven't removed it, but in doing something else, I noticed when you lift up the rubber mat that lies on the bottom, you'll find two large bolts underneath it. I'm sure at least these two must be removed before the console comes out. Not having actually removed it, there could be other hidden bolts, but more likely just some snaps on the side rails. Good luck!

duke_of_alinor | 10 avril 2018

I just did a carbon wrap on the sliding door. Posting here in case anyone searches and finds this.

1) slide seats all the way back
2) pop off the console sides as far as you can. Don't bother with the rear snaps. The console sides will clear the sliding tray with the snaps up to the seat popped. Mine were scary hard to pop, but nothing broke as I pulled straight to the side, not up/down/fwd/back.
3)Look at the aft end of the tray (close to the handle) and note with the console sides pulled out there are two stops. Pull the sliding tray cover up and back over these stops. When you meet firm resistance (just past the stops) pop the cover off. Check the metal slider sides, they may have popped out of the slides as well, put them back in.
4) Cut your chosen wrap carefully (I used a paper cutter). Cut so the wrap can go down the sides, but not under the cover. The hole for the handle will be done later with an Xacto knife.
5) Clean your hands, the cover and tools with alcohol. Any dust or dirt will make the wrap not stick.
6) Peel off the full cut out sheet and carefully place it on the slide cover, start at the fwd (away from handle) end paying special attention to alignment and overlap on the sides.
7) 75 - 80F is a good working temperature for the wrap and slide. Use fingers at first lifting and pressing to remove all bubbles up to the handle. Check alignment and if all is good press flat area with dull plastic tool.
8) Work the wrap into the handle base at the fwd end (long side). Carefully make a "U" shaped cut around the handle. If in doubt, leave extra. The idea is to be able to finish the flat part of the wrap so if the handle cut is a little long it's OK.
9) Finish the flat, you may need a heat gun to get all the bubbles out and wrap to stay flat. You can get the wrap and slide uncomfortably hot to the touch without damage but try to keep the temperature where you can handle it.
10) Finish the handle cutout. If the wrap is not cutting easily get a sharp blade. If it still resists angle the blade down a bit. Heat up the handle area and finish off with your plastic tool.
11) trim each corner with scissors, much easier than the knife.
12) Being very careful not to contaminate the glue on the opposite side (don not set it down), heat up one side and push into place with fingers. It may not stick, that's OK for now, do the other sides and check corner fit.
13) Heat up that first side - do it slowly and bring up to almost too hot to handle. As it cools keep working the side by smoothing around the corner and down the side. At this point you should have no bubbles and one side stuck in place. Re-heat and press again if not.
14) Finish up the sides and ends the same way. Many wraps will not stick without uncomfortable heat. So heat and use the plastic tool when necessary.
15) Check the slide again, it should work fine, if not it's not in the guides.
16) The pop in plastic bits are easy to see on the bottom of the slide cover, match them up with the slots on the slide. I had better luck closing the slide slightly because the stops prevented engaging the aft clips. The cover pops down then forward. It's pretty easy to get the slide out of the guides so if the cover is on and the slide is rubbing take the cover off, align the slides and put the cover back.
17) Pop the console slides back on.

I did not want to try removing the flip cover, too many parts.

jmc | 20 février 2020

Does anyone know of availability, I am looking for interior trim panels for Model X front and rear doors. Preferably in carbon fibre or Piano black.