Wind noises on Model S with Sun Roof

Wind noises on Model S with Sun Roof

I am very unhappy with the Wind noise that seems to be at its worst with road speed above 60 mph. My first Model S was a P85 with a solid roof. It was extremely quiet, even at high speeds. The problem with the solid roof, was poor reception with satellite radio, so I was "forced" to get the Sun Roof. At high speeds it really sounds like a window is slightly open. I took it in to the local service center and they went for a rid with me and stated that these were "normal noises".

I do know that there are a lot of people complaining about wind noises with the solid glass roof, but is anyone else out there having trouble with wind noises on the Sun Roof? Is it possible that this has something to do with the AP2?

Various posts have mentioned poorly fitted Glass to Glass on the roof. I do see that there is NO gasket between the roof glass and the trunk glass.. Should there be a gasket there? Others have mentioned that the side windows are not sealing properly and others, still, have mentioned a possible missing gasket around the door handles?

Please let me know if you have similar issues. It does not make sense that my last car was SO quiet and this one is SO noisy!



drnbn | 2 avril 2017

You can reach me directly at

Bighorn | 2 avril 2017

They had a fix for early cars where they installed a different leading fascia that cured my loud sunroof. Had not heard about glass rooves being loud--how's that work? The side delta window is notoriously leaky, but addressable. Door gaskets can get leaky as well.

Tesla-David | 2 avril 2017

On My second MS (2012 S85; 2015 S85D) both with Pano roof, and have not had discernible noise issues > 60 mph.

drnbn | 2 avril 2017

Bighorn - what do you mean by "early cars"? My car was manufactured in February 2017...

Bighorn | 2 avril 2017

Mine is July 2013. One would think that the improved fascia would have been incorporated long ago, but it's possible it's an upgrade based on symptoms. I've found that if you close the roof at speed it can end up not seated properly with resultant wind noise. Gaskets can also get pinched or torn. Sometimes it's difficult to localize the source. Mine was loud enough, you couldn't get voice commands to register.

drnbn | 2 avril 2017

Do you have a gasket between the hind end of the sunroof and the glass of the trunk?

mm7nyy | 2 avril 2017

This may be a stupid question on my part, are you sure your rook isn't in the vent position? I accidental did that on the right thumb wheel on the steering wheel

mm7nyy | 2 avril 2017

sorry, YOUR ROOF

carlk | 2 avril 2017

That's not normal. My early 14' S with pano roof has absolutely no wind noise from that area. Actually it does not have any wind noise until ~80 mph where it mostly came from outside mirrors.

One thing you can try is to use this to clean and lube those rubber seals. I always do this with window seals although I have not even used it on my pano roof seal since I don't open it very often.

flight505 | 2 avril 2017

Happy I chose a solid roof.

With the pano roof open, can you describe the wind noise?

I grew to dislike sunroofs in my BMW because of an annoying buffeting sound against my ear drums with the roof open.

What is surprising to me is how rare the solid roof cars are.

Bighorn | 2 avril 2017

There is a gasket between the sunroof and the glass section of the roof, but no gasket between the trunk and glass. The gasket of the the trunk is inboard and more conventional.

StatsApp | 2 avril 2017

I also think that the wind noise is to much (2017 with sunroof). Service center says it's normal but it still bothers me.

p.c.mcavoy | 2 avril 2017

I have a 2016 MS 90D with new front end, pano roof, but AP1. June 2016 built car. I do not react as there being any form of wind noise from the pano roof when it is closed. There is a very definite difference if I have it in the vent position, but not when it is closed.

I will say that I always have some form of music playing and my view of what constitutes objectionable noise might be different than yours. However, I do still quickly notice wind noise if I've accidentally hit a button and cracked open a window or the sunroof.

avesraggiana | 2 avril 2017

I have a March 2017 build Model S with the all-glass roof. I am hearing NO wind noise at all from that area at all. I was hoping that this problem that used to come up frequently, had been addressed during the factory shut down earlier this year, a time when among other things, they were modifying some of their many manufacturing processes.

I’m sorry to hear about your noisy roof. If you go to the TMC forum and look for the thread, “Wind noise in full glass roof new Model S.” That’s how the title is written in full, with missing punctation. Somebody resourceful came up with their own DIY fix which he describes and demonstrates with pictures. Quite a few people found his fix very useful. Good luck!

AmpedRealtor | 2 avril 2017

All Model S vehicles have wind noise. You can hear the air rushing around the car on the freeway in almost every circumstance, even on a calm day without any winds. This is simply the nature of the vehicle's design, for better or worse. My Toyota Highlander has even worse wind noise, but you can't hear it as much because it's muffled by the engine and drive train noises.

My 2013 developed a tea kettle-like whistling noise from the front of the pano roof area. This involved replacement of the front pano fascia, which is the black plastic panel that sits between the front of the pano roof and the top of the windshield. However, I can still hear noises as wind hits the exterior of the vehicle. All loaners have similar noise, even those with solid roofs but to a lesser extent.

Noise insulation in Model S doesn't appear to be particularly good. Try standing outside of a Model S while the driver has a hands-free phone conversation. You'll hear every word. The quality and fitment of rubber seals in Model S appear to be sub-par when compared to other vehicles in this price class.

carlk | 2 avril 2017

The authority who has driven all Model S made has spoken. Case closed.

SO | 2 avril 2017

I have a 2017 build with pano. No extra wind noise here.

Boonedocks | 2 avril 2017

+1 AR
My old commuter, passed down (@135k miles) to my wife as her daily driver (super low miles driven by her) is still the quietest and most comfortable car I have ever been in. Expressway speeds in my old 85D and new 100D are appreciably louder than that 2011 BMW AH7. As AR stated, for a car in this price range it could be soundproofed to be the quietest car ever made. It is however one of the noisiest at highway speeds in anything close to its price point.

tigerpie | 2 avril 2017

My Pano roof leaks air took it in they said there was nothing wrong but there is definitely cold air coming through it is subtle but there :(

PBEndo | 2 avril 2017

My March 2013 S had wind noise like the OP described. Several attempts to fix it failed. Once the new gasket/fascia parts were installed it became silent. Still is, years later. My 2015 S is also silent. Don't settle for the service center saying it is normal. Escalate to regional manager if necessary.

flight505 | 2 avril 2017

I don't usually drive over 100 miles in any one direction.

Otherwise, I just phone the airline girl and say get me on flight #505.

MNGreene | 2 avril 2017

@flight505 Are you flying on the correct airway (thread)?

stevens229 | 5 avril 2017

I do get a lot of wind noise at around 75 mph and gets pretty loud. I can't tell if it's coming from the pano roof of my 2015, or from a door seal on the passenger side. The service center says it's normal, but I'm not sure....loaners I've had have been a lot quieter.

inverts | 5 avril 2017

Try pulling down at front end of the pano when there is wind noise, and see whether it gets better momentarily. If that is the case, then you may have a problem with the front seal or alignment. If not, then that's the noise it makes. Pretty easy fix for SC. When mine had the issue, there was a sudden noise increase at around 65 mph.

gogsee | 6 avril 2017

As @AmpedRealtor wrote "Try standing outside of a Model S while the driver has a hands-free phone conversation. You'll hear every word"...

Toothless2 | 6 avril 2017

I had a lot of wind noise in my 2015 pano roof above 80 mph. Service center fixed it by tightening the roof, but then it wouldn't open. So they fixed it again according to factory specs and it is even worse. There is a 1/4-3/8 inch height difference Between the front and the rea r glass - fluid dynamics would tell you that is going to set up eddy currents, which make noise. Having the front glass even with the rear would be smoother aerodynamically. SC insists the front glass should be 1/4" higher than rear glass. Can any one else confirm? I'm thinking of trying to tweak it myself.