Idiot-proof charging

Idiot-proof charging

Question: when a charging cable is connected, will the car know it's connected (and therefore won't let you drive away) even if there is no electricity going to the outlet? Or if the cable is not connected to the wall?

I envision installing a locking switch on the electrical outlet as it's in a somewhat public area. I also envision myself driving away while still connected.

lilbean | 5 avril 2017

It will not go into D when plugged in.

M3München | 5 avril 2017

to be clear -- is that based on a physical switch that does not rely on juice coming in through the cable?

M3München | 5 avril 2017

or maybe the charging door must be closed?

JayInJapan | 6 avril 2017

lilbean already gave the answer

KP in NPT | 6 avril 2017

Even if it's done charging, like lilbean said it won't go into D if the cable is plugged in.

Mozart | 6 avril 2017

Completely idiot proof

markr7 | 6 avril 2017

Until someone builds a better idiot....

Red Sage ca us | 6 avril 2017

Yes. Even proofed against ingenious idiots.

burdogg | 6 avril 2017

I know one idiot on here that I am sure could argue until he is blue (blue feathers maybe?) with us all that it is NOT idiot proof :)

jordanrichard | 6 avril 2017

It actually has nothing to do with the cable/electricity itself. You can plug just the J1772 adapter into the charging port and you won't be able to put it into drive. It's a trick some owners use when showing their cars at car shows and want to prevent people from accidentally putting the car in "gear".

mntlvr23 | 6 avril 2017

I can hear it now: ( I have talked to two Tesla reps and they have confirmed to me that the electronics linked to the charging door to make it idiot proof will not be on the T3, as that higher technology is reserved for the flagship TX and TS. Then they tried to upsell me from my T3 reservation to the TX and the TS.)

burdogg | 6 avril 2017

Thanks for the laugh mntlvr23.

Haggy | 7 avril 2017

It will be there because Tesla would have to go out of their way to program it to behave differently in the Model 3, and that would merely introduce liability.

If it required a physical sensor, as would be the case if you wanted to disable a car from driving away with a gas pump hose plugged in, then designing a car without it would save money. But the Tesla would have to know if something is plugged in no matter what.