Front wheel half shaft judder fixed

Front wheel half shaft judder fixed

2016 P90DL, 14,500 miles. Just got back from the 12 hour round trip drive to San Rafael to get a buggy charge port door replaced. Which they did. 0800 appointment and had my car back by 2 PM with both the front half shafts replaced also, solving that problem, which on my car was not that bad. Great service from Jay and the mechanics! They told me that they used a new, redesigned part, so I should be good to go. Thanks guys! BTW: these guys fix stuff right that other Bay Area SCs haven't been able to. Really professional down there. Love my car.

darlin | 19 avril 2017

So you are saying that Tesla has finally come up with a fix for the half -shafts issues?

I need mine replaced asap.

jeffpoel | 19 avril 2017

They said it was a redesigned part. They said however that it was too new to know if it was a permanent fix

tommyalexandersb | 19 avril 2017

What are the half-shaft issues?

Leeo | 19 avril 2017

Mine developed a grinding noise on full throttle acceleration. New half shafts fixed this issue.

Triggerplz | 19 avril 2017

My half shafts were replaced, on full acceleration mine sounded like a car that needs motor mounts

darlin | 20 avril 2017

Mine makes a loud clicking noise under full acceleration. So, I do not floor it anymore....would be nice if I could go back to full throttle take offs.

michael | 20 avril 2017

I had the same problem under heavy acceleration. Replacing the half shafts seemed to fix it. Noise/shudder was coming from the right side, but they replaced both sides.

zanegler | 20 avril 2017

As I have mentioned on other threads, this is an annoying and continuing problem. There has been so much misinformation, some of it coming from service centers. I just don't know hat to think and my efforts to escalate this issue has gone nowhere. I even doodled my complaint and published it, tweeted Elon, called the 800 support line and have not gotten any good answers.

Last week I picked up my MX from Rocklin service center (who I love) and they replaced the left half-shaft as the right one was replaced a few weeks ago. The shudder is worse!

We have heard before that a new half-shaft was out, but that proved to be false when the forum member directly question the Tesla sales person who told him that.

I don't know what to believe, but could you please put your suspension on high and confirm the shudder is gone?

How many MX forum members still have the shudder? How many do not?

jdub9 | 20 avril 2017

I just got my shudder issue fixed and my X is now smooth as silk on max acceleration! Basically, Seattle SC replaced small & large motor mounts, the jack shaft assembly and both L/R axles. They also did a four wheel alignment. It took 1 1/2 days but was well worth it. Shudder is completely gone and feels like a new car (it's one year old). They said if I ever experienced shudder again, the next thing they'd do would be to replace the front drive unit.

darlin | 20 avril 2017

Wow jdub9.

johnfrum | 20 avril 2017

I shudder to think what will happen next.

lilbean | 20 avril 2017

I hope we don't get shafted.

PedanticOne | 20 avril 2017


johnfrum | 21 avril 2017

You'll beef hooked.

zanegler | 22 avril 2017

I am NOT laughing. This is a serious issue. I was actually hoping to get an informal poll of MX owners in this thread. I ask that you reply with a 'Yes, my MX has this issue' or 'No, my MX does not have this issue' or something to that effect.

I have an service invoice that states that all MX's have this issue to some degree.

@jdub9 - thank you for your post. I am going to ask my SC to do the exact same thing. I always thought it felt like an engine mount issue.

@lilbean - bad girl for making light of this issue. You have felt my shudder and I am sure you can imaging how frustrating it would be to have your MX feel like it is shaking apart any time you accelerate.

Depending on how pervasive this issue is, this has the potential to affect TSLA stock much more profoundly than the silly parking gear micro-issue.

lilbean | 22 avril 2017

I know it's a serious issue. I'm sorry if I sounded like I was making light of the issue. I'm really not happy about the issue at all and I do want a resolution for it. The thing is, I do feel we are getting shafted and that is why I wrote that. Sorry.

zanegler | 22 avril 2017

We are getting shafted! No problem, I was mostly teasing but also trying to steer the thread back to the subject. I like a good play on words as much as anyone, but I'm a little sensitive on this one because of my frustration.

You can make it up to me my responding to my poll thread. :)

lilbean | 22 avril 2017

Oh good! :-)
I didn't participate in the poll because I didn't try launching it.

zanegler | 23 avril 2017

@lilbean Mine is so bad, it presents in normal driving. You dont have to "launch".

lilbean | 23 avril 2017

Oh no, so it has gotten worse?

zanegler | 23 avril 2017

Yes. As you know I support Tesla 100%, but this is really frustrating. It has highlighted a customer service issue, in that I have been unable to communicate with a 'regional service manager' or anyone higher in the chain-of-command then my local service center as with other mfg, or any product for that matter.

Plus, Elon has not responded to my tweet or published doodle. ;(

loganboyd | 27 avril 2017

I was at the Austin, TX service center today because my driver door lock started acting crazy. I needed to also schedule my 1 year service appointment. While there, they informed me of the half shaft shudder fix. I will be getting mine replaced in early June when I have my 1 yr service.
I have been patiently waiting for this fix for many months. Hoping it's a permanent fix!

TSammy | 27 avril 2017

My Q3/16 X60D developed the shudder at 8 ,000 miles. SC said they knew of the problem but did not have a fix.
Had me lower my suspension before showing off (not that you can show off much in a 60D).

At 12,500 she is in the SC for the seat recall and other non-driving corrections and they said they now have the parts to apply a new fix for the shudder. We will see what happens.

Wish me luck, I hope this time we have a real fix for everybody.

Solarman004 | 28 avril 2017

Poll Reply: No shudder MX 75D, 11,000 miles.
I was going to say that I've only read of this happening to 90s and 100s until I saw @alex.sammy's post above.

zanegler | 28 avril 2017

Thanks for the updates. Looking forward to hearing if the issue is resolved.

bhoskins | 28 avril 2017

Just got mine back today. Major improvement. Still a tiny bit of vibration on full throttle acceleration, but nothing like before. A little bit is probably normal at the standard height setting.

Kutu | 7 juillet 2017

I have the issue and the Jacksonville Service Center just told to lower the suspension when accelerating. This is not acceptable! And it seems to be getting worst. The Model X is my second Tesla and it will be my last one!

lilbean | 7 juillet 2017

Sorry to hear that, Kutu. I hope it gets fixed.

mathwhiz | 13 juillet 2017

Yes, I still have the front shudder issue... As I posted elsewhere, I was told during my last service visit in mid-May, the problem is 'with engineering' and no permanent fix at the time (short of replacing the front half-shafts to 'knock the problem back temporarily').

mathwhiz | 13 juillet 2017

...And I agree (at least for me) it has little to do with "launches" -- just that launching displays a more pronounced symptom.

Tropopause | 13 juillet 2017


If Tesla doesn't have a solution yet, they don't have a solution. Threatning to never buy another Tesla isn't going make things happen any quicker.

Triggerplz | 13 juillet 2017

As I've stated before I've had this issue on my P90DL which I got May 2016 and they replaced the shafts about 6 to 8 months ago the problem is completely gone and has not returned, I floor it often so I know it's not there

SJR | 15 juillet 2017

I took delivery of my X100D two weeks ago. At 40 MPH, I feel a shudder coming from the left front wheel area. Almost sounds a bit like an underpowered jackhammer. I thought that it may be something with the air suspension. Is this the same issue that this thread is about? Has anyone else experienced this? Any know fix? Will take it into the SC but thought I would check with fellow owners first. Many thanks. Beside this and a few pretty minor things, this vehicle is great! Traded in my almost 3 year old S85 for the X.

generic | 16 juillet 2017

I just had my one year old MX fixed second time and judder back after 1 month. They told me in June it was the "new" fix.

carlk | 16 juillet 2017

Our X is wife's so I don't get to drive it much. I tool it today when we go to dinner and floored it a few times. Not even a hint of shudder. Am I just lucky or what? It's an early VIN 13xx and ludicrous too.

Tropopause | 17 juillet 2017


Hopefully the shudder is limited to a few cars and can be fixed as indicated by Triggerplz.

jwh8000 | 17 juillet 2017

The Cleveland service center replaced both of my front half shafts during my annual service and my 90D accelerates as smooth as silk now.

inconel | 18 juillet 2017

carlk it could be your wife driving style that is gentler on the car. The judder probably develops after many hard accelerations.

Kutu | 18 juillet 2017

I don't think that hard accelerations cause the problems, they may exacerbate the issue.

PS: The Jacksonville Service Center has the half-shafts on order for my Model X.

zanegler | 18 juillet 2017

I would be surprised if anyone with an MX put the suspension on high or very high and did not experience the shudder. I had a brand-new loaner with 15 miles on it when I picked it up and it had a minor to moderate shudder on these settings, a whisper of a shudder on standard, and no shudder on low or very low.

In response to a service center email I replied the following:

'Separately, I do have serious concerns with the narrative being changed to some shudder is normal from the previous position that the shudder is a known issue and engineering is working on a solution. Am I to understand that Tesla's official position is the I as an owner should accept the shudder as a permanent state and no more root-cause analysis is being done to permanently eliminate the shudder?'

I did not get a reply to this specific question.

ken | 18 juillet 2017

I am going in for the 5th lower shaft replacement. there is no fix... period...

lilbean | 18 juillet 2017

Bummer, ken.

carlk | 20 juillet 2017

inconel Maybe she should let me to drive it a little more. ;) Another thing is I never set it on high. It's always standard or low. I'll set it on high next time to see how it will be.

zanegler | 20 juillet 2017

@ken - I fear you are right. Now I will go cry. I am going through the phases of loss....I think I am currently in denial.

'Some shudder is normal' is not acceptable.

sp_tesla | 20 juillet 2017

carlk | July 16, 2017

" floored it a few times" is a a genius public forum self admission of potentially being unsafe driver, it could be used by opposing attorney in case of an accident.

You welcome!

Triggerplz | 20 juillet 2017

It depends on the conditions if its ok to floor it. If you at a red light where the speed limit is 50 MPH and you floor it stay in your lane and there's no traffic for a few miles and you don't go over 50 MPH you won't need Perry Mason as u have broken no laws.. ;-)

lilbean | 20 juillet 2017

I wonder if it would be better not to floor it until the car has been driven for a certain number of miles, like a break in period.

Triggerplz | 20 juillet 2017

Lilbean I was just saying if you floor it that alone don't make you an unsafe driver it depends on the conditions, you can be on private property, race track, alone on a place where the speed limit is 50 etc, to pay like an extra $30.000 for speed and you can't ever use it is Ludacris :-)

zanegler | 20 juillet 2017

This thread is in danger of being hijacked. I humbly suggest we not parse @carlk's words and focus on the dang shudder.

carlk | 20 juillet 2017

In danger of being hijacked? It's already been hijacked by that tiny brained clown.