P100D Active spoiler

P100D Active spoiler

I am so disappointed that Tesla has stop using the active spoiler for the P100D. In my opinion this feature made the P100D stand out from the rest of the X line up now they all look the same and I am in the market to buy one but now I don't know if you are going to change the vehicle make it better dont take away from it Tesla!

Leeo | 2 mai 2017

For me it's kind of a distraction anyway.

PedanticOne | 2 mai 2017

Well, I love mine.

Triggerplz | 2 mai 2017

Im glad I have the active spoiler and the option to make it not active, Best of both worlds, I have it set to active..

craig | 2 mai 2017

I wasn't aware that Tesla dropped the active spoiler! I really do like it. I had it on my P90D and have it now on my P100D.

lilbean | 2 mai 2017

Mine is active. I feel so spoiled!

carlk | 2 mai 2017

I guess I will be keeping my P90D for a while then.

darlin | 3 mai 2017

I love my active spoiler. It came with my X90D, No extra cost.

And I will be keep it for at least one battery change.

sudolg | 7 mai 2017

Is this confirmed? How did you know they removed this feature from the P models?

PedanticOne | 7 mai 2017

Because it's no longer listed as an option when you configure P100D.

sudolg | 7 mai 2017

I assumed it was standard for the P. Thanks for the response. Will contact my DS.

lilbean | 7 mai 2017

Could it be that it's just included and not an option because the animation shows an X with the spoiler down?

lilbean | 7 mai 2017

I just got confirmation with a Tesla rep. The spoiler is fixed now.

carlk | 7 mai 2017

Another clue is the image when you selected P shows spoiler in the extended or fixed position, the same as non-P images. It used to show spoiler in the retracted position for P. The best way is to confirm with Tesla and complain if that is really changed.

carlk | 7 mai 2017

Sorry I missed lilbean's last post. Did they say why?

lilbean | 7 mai 2017

I didn't even bother asking. The answer would be probably be something like, "to streamline customer experience". Lol.

speyerj | 7 mai 2017

The active spoiler is no more. It's pretty, but good riddance. Ours had a ton of problems, including freezing closed due to ice and then not working for a week even after the thaw. Oh, and the wonderful screaming sound it made when it dropped into "aero" position until that was fixed post-delivery.

Oh well...good bye soon to our P90D and hello to a 100D replacement.

lilbean | 7 mai 2017

Congrats! I had no idea the spoiler was a problem.

EternalChampion | 8 mai 2017

We got lucky and received an early 90 non-performance with the active spoiler. I really enjoy it although have fortunately not had any problems that firmware upgrades didn't fix. I can't imagine spending the $$$ on a P100D without having that feature. I bet Tesla reverses that decision soon.

carlk | 8 mai 2017

No problem with mine either. Same here I can't imagine without the active spoiler. Part of the soul of the performance model.

Waldek | 8 mai 2017

well, I consider myself lucky even though I lost active spoiler... I was owner of one of the early 90D with active spoiler as a bonus.... however I gladly was able to get my car re-purchased and I got my new 90D with fixed spoiler. I consider myself lucky as I am looking forward to have new features of AP2 and FSD... do I miss active spoiler? I do! same as I miss my poorly working ventilated seats... however new full leather seats seems more durable though... no ventilation though (even poorly working) but they seem to be able to last longer... those small holes in ventilated seats after a year of heavy use (50k miles) looked like 10 years old... so I am going to miss some things but really looking forward Tesla working on AP2 and FSD in next year that would compensate active spoiler lol :) and I say no! it is no mom-mobile! It is still awesome sporty feeling car. Doesn't feel maybe as S exactly with handling but it does feel real good comparing to other sports cars. I used to drive Chevy C5 Corvette and I really feel that X sticks to the road better... due to heavy weight and low center of gravity. any car can be mom-mobile... it can be even grandma-mobile - all depends who is driving and how :) X can be driven many different ways :)

sean949494 | 9 mai 2017

Hello Carlk I started this forum after I was told buy a Tesla rep the reason for them dropping the active spoiler is because of customers complaining about blocked vision from the spoiler and noise when it lowers and raises which make no since to me I sold my 75D to but a P100D and that feature was one of the main reason anyone who has an X 9 times out of 10 uses the rear view camera to see whats behind them because of the sloping rear view window its hard to use you rear view mirror anyway and the falcon doors makes noises when they open and close and they did not do way with them they found a solution to the problem they could have done the same for the spoiler. To me it looks like they wanted to cut building costs for them so they took away the feature but at the same times raised the price of the vehicle by 9,500.00 which is totally wrong you take away one of the best features of the vehicle and raise the cost to that is totally wrong on all levels at least give buyers the option to have that feature on their vehicle if they want it.

carlk | 9 mai 2017

sean949494 I don't think those are good reasons. I have never noticed noise and don't feel the rear view is any different with the spoiler at either position. I agree with you Tesla should at least make it an option just like it does with carbon fiber spoiler on the S. There is already too little visual distintions between P and non-P it's silly to make it even worse. Potential P100D buyers should complain to Tesla hard and even holding their purchases. I think Tesla will put it back. There is no reason not too.

PedanticOne | 9 mai 2017

The spoiler does not affect my visibility much, if at all, in either position. I can still see fine. I do have increased wind noise when in the lower position. But they had to replace mine as it was warped, so I'll go back at some point to fix that.

darlin | 10 mai 2017

Nosie? what noise? my spoiler is quick, quick and programmable. I love it and never had problem with it. Seems to be some sour grapes here.

darlin | 10 mai 2017


sudolg | 10 mai 2017

I'm pushing hard to get my P100D fitted with an active spoiler. I was originally told that my car was already in production so it was too late. This is absolutely not true. Its not started production yet. Car likely won't start until June. I have since indicated that I would look at preowned or existing inventory in order to have the active spoiler. The car I test drove and the car in the showroom had it. They sold me on it. I want it. At this price point, if I want a built in coffee maker I should get it. :-)

darlin | 10 mai 2017

Keep fighting sudolg. And let us know if you can get it.

@gearup | 10 mai 2017

I totally agree especially agree that the active spoiler should be either by choice or automatically included. Since Tesla has raised the purchase price they should be adding instead of taking away.

Redmiata98 | 10 mai 2017

My P90D was fine before my altercation backing into a post. It made noise after the repair but after another trip to service it stopped making the noise. So, no noise AND I do not have significant problems with my rear view because of the spoiler. The only impendemint to the rear view is the center headrest on the second row of my 7 seater, wish they had an option to drop it when the seat is unoccupied.

inconel | 10 mai 2017

Yes Tesla should bring it back. The arousal of the spoiler to greet me when I come back to it after a period of separation is priceless.

Perkins53 | 11 mai 2017

@inconel. Wowee, Sounds like my spoiler needs to see a doctor.

bikeandsail | 11 mai 2017

My P90D had the active spoiler, only good in non freezing climates. Nothing but trouble.

inconel | 11 mai 2017

Jenkins be gentle with it. It can be hardware related like a mechanical issue but also software related. Let your Tesla know that it is ok if it cannot raise the spoiler all the way up all the time.

oragne lovre | 12 mai 2017

I love my active spoiler because it always greets me with a light as if it asked me "Are you ready a new exciting day or another fun ride?" It shuts down when I get home as if it reminded me of "Anyone should get a rest before another an active day to stay in shape." It catches other drivers' attention by moving up and down on freeways; the more other drivers pay attention, the less likely they rear-end my X. It does all of these things quietly, thus elegantly as opposed to other pretentious non-Tesla spoilers that shout out "I look bigger but cannot move like you."

I'm actively spoiled by the active spoiler.

Please do not kill it, Elon!

raging.dragonfly | 14 mai 2017

I have to add our 2 votes to the "love our active spoiler" column. We also were lucky to get one of the early 90D's with free active spoiler, and have never had ANY issues with it. No extra noise, no vision problems, no problems in freezing temps - nothing.

sudolg | 15 mai 2017

I went ahead and cancelled my Model X order on Friday and instead found a preowned built 11/16 with the active spoiler. It meant that much to me that I went ahead and bought a preowned. I know it may sound a little insane to some but I really wanted that feature.

lilbean | 15 mai 2017

Congrats! You'll love it.

sean949494 | 15 mai 2017

Hey sudolg what was their reaction when you canceled your order for a brand new P100D for a used one with an active spoiler because they discontinued the active spoiler for the newer P100D's.

sean949494 | 15 mai 2017

I hope more costumers that have ordered the P100D cancel their orders too to let Tesla know that they have made a big mistake in taken away that feature. I have build my car online but i refuse to put down the 2,500.00 deposit until they bring back the active spoiler or make a better spoiler something other than a fixed one they need to do something that separates the P series from the rest of the X line up because now they all look the same plus the active spoiler gave the vehicle better performance at certain speeds thats why they implemented it in the first place.

sean949494 | 15 mai 2017

I hope more costumers that have ordered the P100D cancel their orders too to let Tesla know that they have made a big mistake in taken away that feature. I have build my car online but i refuse to put down the 2,500.00 deposit until they bring back the active spoiler or make a better spoiler something other than a fixed one they need to do something that separates the P series from the rest of the X line up because now they all look the same plus the active spoiler gave the vehicle better performance at certain speeds thats why they implemented it in the first place.

sudolg | 15 mai 2017

I had been on the phone a number of times and each person indicated they were trying to contact folks in production and each time they had come back and indicated that they could not change this. I was about 2 days late at the time of my order from them discontinuing this option. I talked to a few different people to no avail. They had even tried to find me existing inventory but each had issues with other options that were also must haves for us. Also, all of the existing inventory seem to be demos with miles on them. To me that is used anyway for a new car price. So I came across a used one about 100 miles from me and I brought her home. I called and cancelled my order the next day. They did try to change my mind but I told them I had already bought a used model. They didn't give me a hard time. Now about that $2500.....thats the next step......

sudolg | 15 mai 2017

By the the active spoiler......and the glossy seat backs.....and even the ventilated seats......

sudolg | 15 mai 2017

and free supercharging...... :-)

sean949494 | 15 mai 2017

Good for you sudolg I am happy you got what you wanted.

darlin | 16 mai 2017

Way to go sudolg. Get what you want.

carlk | 16 mai 2017

+1 I'd too find it hard to live with misses something that is soimportant to me. To me I would not trade my P90DL with a P100D without active spoiler even if it costs me nothing.

carlk | 16 mai 2017

Again people who plan to buy the P100D and love the feature should let Tesla know what they think. I see no reason why Tesla would not put it back at least as an option.

Vawlkus | 16 mai 2017

I can see one reason: it only works in certain climates. I'll wager that spoiler would not last 8 months in Canada, for example. First time it ices over and then tries to move it'll burn out it's actuator/motor.

sean949494 | 16 mai 2017

carlk who would one talk to at Tesla to give their opinions about the active spoiler that matters when I first noticed it was not apart of the P100D configuration anymore I called the headed quarters twice and spoke with reps from the sales department about how I felt but I am sure they are not decision makers the decision makers are the people that needs to hear what customers on this forum and other potential customers feel about them discontinuing the active spoiler for the P100D or our opinions are just going to fall on def ears because they wont get to the right people I doubt if reps at Tesla reads these forums or they would already know how most customers feel about certain issues with the vehicles Tesla are producing.

darlin | 16 mai 2017

I live in PA, we get a lot of snow, (just check the eric county average for a year), and have yet to have a single problem with, snow, ice or rain. People should stop making up stuff .