What's the point of that Korean spam?

What's the point of that Korean spam?

I did sign on early enough today to see it this morning. Didn't take long to flag it away.

I don't get it, though. What is the spammer trying to accomplish? Simply to annoy people, or is there more to it?

skydiver76 | 29 mai 2017

Kim Jong Un and his masterminds must be trying to get FSD early.

KP in NPT | 29 mai 2017

Help on flagging the 3 and roadster forums would be appreciated. :(

Chunky Jr. | 29 mai 2017

yah, I don't get the point of spamming a web site in English with spam in a different language.

KP in NPT | 29 mai 2017

The X forum too.

It was flagged away here and on general.

lilbean | 29 mai 2017

The point is to show that we do need to keep the flagging capability. :)

barrykmd | 29 mai 2017

lilbean - you disappointed me. When I saw your handle with a response, I expected something like, "It's a Korean rivet salesman." :-)

UnshodBob | 29 mai 2017

Model X and roadster still have some spam to flag if anyone would like to help. 8:39 am PDT.

lilbean | 29 mai 2017

Hahaha, Dr.BarryK!

DTsea | 29 mai 2017

I tried google xlate. All it returned was 'gangnam massage' over and over.

carlk | 29 mai 2017

What is "gangnam message"? That related to the gangnam song?

lilbean | 29 mai 2017

Oh. I googled xlate massage. Lol. Gave me flashbacks of the horrible massage I had in China. Yikes!