Tesla says it is 'Pay Per Use'

Tesla says it is 'Pay Per Use'

Various members of this forum argued that the new charging system was not Pay Per Use. It happens that these members were mostly the repetitive trolls of this forum. Those include SamO, Red Sage ca us, Bighorn, bigd. Now that Tesla themselves explicitly describe it as 'Pay Per Use' perhaps they will concede that they were entirely wrong. Perhaps SamO, the most vociferous of them, will concede that he was entirely wrong.
I expect that they will not.
What I do expect to happen is for them to continue trolling.
Queue other trolls as well...

The trolls decided, as they tend to do, to flag and delete this thread, but not until doing their usual trolling.
So remember, posts from people such as SamO and Bighorn tend to be a load of rubbish, and if called out on it, they censor the posts.

We have been through this several times before.
I will just keep recreating the thread every time you delete it.

Since you seem to forget your own posts:

SamO | June 2, 2016
"There is no pay per use."

SamO | August 1, 2016
"Supercharging will be an option for the entry level vehicle. I don't KNOW this, but his words are consistent with continuing to be able to offer "FREE FOR LIFE" marketing success. All other interpretations (especially PAY PER USE or PooPoo) are in some way INCONSISTENT with the statement."

SamO | August 12, 2016
"the reason people oppose pay per use is that it is a failed business. It will not provide sufficient revenue to rapidly expand the reach and benefit of electric vehicles."
"The only proven charging system is unlimited all you care to eat, free forever SUPERCHARGING."
"Then I realized that there aren't sufficient revenues on a PPU model to build and deliver power."
"If Tesla Motors does add a pay per use system OTHER THAN THE FOLLOWING, I think they will be making a mistake: Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Annual (On-off /Free for Life/ Unlimited) Access"

SamO | August 16, 2016
"If they (think) can't afford the ~$1000 FREE FOR LIFE activation charge, then they should feel free to use the extensive, worldwide high speed charging network of . . . the alternative . . . which will arrive soon . . . hopefully."
"I have made the case that PPU is a mistake because 1. it's not simple. 2. It makes you resist taking trips. 3. It makes you compare gas prices vs refuel at expensive public chargers. 4. FUD bandits have made the argument we need PPU since the ORIGINAL Supercharger announcement and not only has it not been needed, but instituting it too soon will damage the acceleration to sustainable energy."
"If Tesla does introduce PPU, I will weep. That should be response sufficient enough."

Tesla has stated that the Model 3 has 'Pay Per Use Supercharging'