Enhanced AP HW2 and up Q&A/Discussion. Firmware 2018.39.7 (V9) & Notes

Enhanced AP HW2 and up Q&A/Discussion. Firmware 2018.39.7 (V9) & Notes

**** I removed the old release notes. If anyone wants full release notes please look at the photos in the link below.****

update: 6/10/2017 (notes)

Linux Kernel upgraded from the version 2.6.36 to version 4.4.35. (17.24.30)

Here are photos of the release notes for 8.1. Thanks to Alap Desai for latest photos of (17.22.46)!AihnWpuO55swh7I2DPRMNhfK7nEmTg

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Latest firmware release: 2018.39.7 (V9)

Current confirmed working list on AP HW2/HW2.5

1. Turn headlights on and off auto
2. Speed Assist (Cruise control)
3. Parking assist
4. Traffic-aware cruise control
5. Forward collision warning
6. Low-Speed Autosteer no longer restricted to 35mph and can go 5 mph faster than detected speed. Autosteer on local roads maximum speed is 45 mph if speed is not detected (firmware 17.17.4)
7. Autosteer on interstate highways or divided highways (90 mph) (firmware 17.17.4)
8. Side Collision warning (works between 30mph - 85mph)(firmware 17.17.4)
9. Autopark (parallel) you must go slower than 15mph for the P to show up
10. Summon (Beta)
11. Auto lane change
12. Lane departure warning
13. Headrest adjustment
14. Auto emergency braking @90mph or less (firmware 17.24.xx)
15. Auto high beam dimming for all markets (in progress)
16. Adaptive headlights (They are progressive in nature depending on how far you turn the steering wheel - so you get one, two or three of the LEDs to light (on one side) depending on how much you turn. They are also a soft on/off in that they don't just flick on to full brightness, but slowly come up to full brightness - perhaps taking 1 second. Presumably the faster you are driving, the less steering angle is required to turn on these LEDs. The main 6 headlight LEDs do not change during this time.) (thanks TT, BigD0g and Gabe.ritter)
17. Auto wipers
18. Perpendicular parking added. 10mph or less until the P appears, then use same function as parallel. (17.22.46)
19. added feature to all cold weather package vehicles (heated steering wheel will auto-activate when getting back into the car if activated prior to exiting vehicle)
20. Blind spot detection added (v9)
21. Dashcam capability added ( [HW 2.5 and up] [V9] )

Current confirmed non-working list on AP HW2 and up

1. Auto transition to another freeway
2. Auto freeway exit
3. Speed limit sign recognition


johnson.todd.r | 25 juin 2017

I really hope that Andrej Karpathy does not spend most of his time managing at Tesla. He is clearing the kind of guy who designs and codes. I suspect that he needs to dig in and make some major changes to the AP2 machine learning architecture. One concern is 3d Localization of objects without LIDAR. It is possible to do this with a stereo camera, but I don't see any mention of such a camera on Tesla's site. However, detecting double yellow lines should not take stereo vision. The fact the AP2 crosses over them, indicates a serious problem with the ML.

MyXinTx | 25 juin 2017

After enjoying AP1 since last July, my new X was delivered with 17.17.17 three weeks ago, and had to go to SvC last week for a small repair.

Struggling with the lack of parity of AP1 on my HW2 vehicle, I ask for them to initiate an upgrade to (17.22.46). while waiting for repairs.

After an hour, I asked about the update status and they indicated it was refused since the update was still in "test mode", and not ready for general release. WTH???

Not much I can do, so I patiently wait, still at 17.17.17

hrobben | 26 juin 2017

I am also on 17.17.17, not any sign of the new software, latest upgrade was from 15 may. Hope will get it soon.

croman | 26 juin 2017

I've heard mixed things about 17.2x releases. Some say its dangerous others say its better. Who knows? 17.17.4 was better than 17.17.17 for me.

RedJ | 26 juin 2017

I have been on 17.22.46 for the last couple of weeks. I definitely is smoother going around corners, however I've believe it has regressed when it comes to follow distance where it seems to be inconsistent. It also can be very slow to start up after the car has been stopped. On certain more aggressive bends it does also drift out of the lane as some have noticed. Maybe in trying to be smoothe it under steers; I'm not sure.

RedJ | 26 juin 2017


BigD0g | 26 juin 2017

So, here at service, they are replacing my charge port and fixing a few other things, but in regards to here: I can confirm via Service Center tech the "adaptive" headlights are working, but they do not change the beam, instead they are 14 3 position led's in addition to the beam that add ambient light while turning. So, there is no beam turning at all, they simply had 14 additional smaller led's to provide ambient light when turning the wheel. Even the tech said it's very confusing as his Audi has adaptive headlights and the beams actually move. So, that's done.

Silver, maybe change the wording for the adaptive headlights in the description as the headlights do not move, it's 14 additional led's that provide ambient lighting in turns.

Second, they are installing new firmware, no idea what version, but something I was on 17.17.4 previously, will report back as soon as I know.

Lastly in terms of the "waiting for the last moment" and then slamming on the brakes for undetected cars at stop lights and such. The tech said it's the following distance that causes that, so setting of 3 is roughly 3 car lengths, he indicated a setting of 7 will provide a much greater stopping distance and avoid the perceived last minute breaking.

croman | 26 juin 2017

Tech is wrong BigD0g about stopping. The car waits no matter the setting until its uncomfortably too late.

BigD0g | 26 juin 2017

@croman Oh =(, just reporting what he told me, I don't have my car back, and it might be a few days until I do get it back. Oh and no Tesla loaner, I got an compact infinity suv =(. | 26 juin 2017

@Silver - I agree with BigD9g, the description for adaptive headlights is not quite right. it doesn't move with steering, but is supposed to activate additional LEDs.

I still believe thes feature is not active yet, but is often confused with cornering lights. The manual doesn't explain it well, but does sort of indicate there are two different lights - low speed (cornering lights mounted in the fog light assembly) and the higher speed adaptive headlights. For my car, I don't see the adaptive headlight feature working (and it is turned on in settings). I am using 17.17.17 so perhaps a newer version activated the feature, but no one has yet confirmed it.

Ok, this morning I examined the driver's side headlight assembly in detail and used some very dark filters. There are 6 main reflectors, each with a LED that lights up with the headlights on (while parked). The two inner-most reflectors have additional LED in a slightly different position for high-beams. Note that depending on the beam, and reflector, the LED may be comprised of one, two or even three LED chips.

Between the lower reflectors and the upper DRL, there are three more reflectors. I can see there are also LEDs for each of these reflectors. In all the various tests I made, these never turn on. I'm fairly sure these are the adaptive part of the adaptive headlights. I surmise the driver set of upper LEDs come on when turning left at speed, and the passenger side upper LEDs come on when turning right.

I'm sure service has a way to test the adaptive headlights while parked from the service menu. Still this doesn't mean the software to activate them is functional. One way to test them is at night to have two cars, with the front car driving around a curve at speed (cloverleaf?), and having someone in the back seat looking back at the rear Tesla under test. It should be visible if the upper reflectors light up. Sunglasses may be required :)

I'll see if I can get any further details from Tesla.

BigD0g | 26 juin 2017

Sounds good TT, service did say they can show me it when I get my car back, but i'd be very interested in your testing as well. I fear my earlier statement might be true, we do have adaptive headlights they just suck.

croman | 26 juin 2017

TT - When I wore sunglasses and tested adaptive headlights, the side LEDs activated in the headlamps and not the fog lights (which I wasn't even looking at) when turning wheel while car was stopped in my garage. I can't think of any easy way to test at speed but your cloverleaf idea seems the easiest.

I think Tesla tech is right that the feature is there but it is not truly adaptive like other cars. As Bjorn demonstrated, even his car has the same "adaptive" headlight. It does illuminate the far edges when travelling slowly. A blinker turned on will turn both sides of the LEDs on without turning the wheel. | 26 juin 2017

@croman - Thanks - you gave me some more ideas to test. The 3 center reflector/LEDs in the headlights are the adaptive headlights and I now gather they are active (I've been really wrong on this, but found out a lot about how it all works).

Turns out they do work when parked and you turn. You can even see them in the center display version of the car. They are progressive in nature depending on how far you turn the steering wheel - so you get one, two or three of the LEDs to light (on one side) depending on how much you turn. They are also a soft on/off in that they don't just flick on to full brightness, but slowly come up to full brightness - perhaps taking 1 second. Presumably the faster you are driving, the less steering angle is required to turn on these LEDs. The main 6 headlight LEDs do not change during this time.

Now when driving at night, I don't notice it working, but perhaps it is so subtle (in a good way) we expect to see a significant change. With my prior car's movable headlights (an LS460), you could see them shift back from a turn. It actually wasn't quite what you want, but you could easily see they were working.

When I'm next out at night (or anyone else that wants to try it), have the Controls on-screen, and perhaps with a passenger looking at the center display's view of the headlight, see if the adaptive headlight LEDs come on as you make a turn. Bonus points to see how speed affects when they come on (or not). I don't suggest a single driver do this - best to keep your eyes on the road! | 26 juin 2017

Another test I may try is on a tight turn, looking to the side where you're turning, have someone else turn off adaptive headlights. You should notice a difference (after about 1 second) in the beam pattern. A cloverleaf curve is perfect for this test too.

Silver2K | 26 juin 2017

yes, I remember gabe mentioning how they work and will update the description

thanks guys!

Silver2K | 26 juin 2017

adaptive headlights description update with TT's description.


Silver2K | 26 juin 2017


croman | 26 juin 2017

TT -- yes, exactly right. I've "tested" them at my in-law's place (they have 15 acres) and it does illuminate about 100 feet but that isn't enough >35mph. I found little to no benefit when turning but I can't test on tight turns easily and I still think your cloverleaf or some kind of figure 8 road would be the most helpful as you could do many iterations quickly.

The issue is, mainly, that 1-3 LED illumination based on how far you turn the wheel isn't really what the industry norm for adaptive headlights is and I don't believe it works as Tesla indicates (i.e. illuminates the curve ahead of you). At least, it hasn't in my experience. The best thing about it, that I've found, is that when you turn your turn signal it illuminates a very wide beam at 2 way stops in dark rural roads. This is critical for alerting other drivers to your presence even on the cross-path (especially when they don't stop). I also love how insanely bright the turn signal is. Holy cow is that a bright turn signal.

Silver2K | 26 juin 2017

The MS regular headlight beam has a hard time seeing the curve ahead ;-)

Silver2K | 26 juin 2017

seeing/showing ..

Jordan86 | 27 juin 2017

My car was updated to 17.24.28 last week on HW2. Since the update, I have had similar problems other people have had. Autolane change switches lanes so abruptly I stopped using this. Autopilot slams the brakes because of incorrect speed limits. It happens on roads where previous versions didn't restrict the autosteer speed. When it happens its very alarming and dangerous should someone be tailgating. I'd say around me about half the roads have incorrect speed limits, some off by 25mph.

This Saturday, on clear well marked roads on the interstate, autopilot veered the car out of my lane abruptly for no reason twice. I had autolane change turned off at this point. The 2nd time nearly causing an accident with the truck driving next to me. I stopped using it after that. I've never had this happen on the previous versions and it made me lose confidence in autopilot.

The other problem I have with the new update is that my recent calls list on the dash hasn't updated since it installed, but obviously this isn't as big of a deal compared to the erratic autopilot behavior. I emailed tesla about these issues

eftdmp | 27 juin 2017

The simplified representation of the 'world' shown in the center of the instrument panel (and hopefully a window on Model 3) is a brilliant way to inform the driver of what the car perceives, without information overload. I realize that the image processing is a work-in-progress, but surely it already ‘sees’ more than it shows. It would increase my trust, and improve my participation in the control of the vehicle during the transition through levels 2, 3 and 4, if it showed me all it knows about its surroundings. Could the instrument panel not show icons for all the relevant objects that the system is aware of, as the software evolves to identify and respond to them?
Cars all around, not just in front
Different icons for trucks, motorcycles and unidentified objects
Cars in the nearest lane of on-coming traffic for undivided roads
Cross traffic and merging traffic
Bicycles and pedestrians
Speed bumps and potholes
Traffic cones and barriers
Traffic signs and lights
All the lanes going my way, curbs and dividers
Intended drive path when AP is activated
Where it will stop before moving on, at a stop sign, to wait for a light or for something to get out of its way, or to maneuver during parking or a 3-point turn
It could show in a different color objects that it sees, but is 'unsure' how to respond to with the current software version, or in the current circumstances. I wouldn't mind if it used the full width of the instrument panel for this.

tezzla.SoCal | 27 juin 2017

@eftdmp - dreamer :)

johnson.todd.r | 27 juin 2017

I had a loaner HW1 X P90D today while my S was being serviced. It was at 17.24.28. It was great to see semis show up on the dash along with cars in other adjacent lanes. The lane lines seemed more stable than HW2 as well. I tried TACC during stop and go traffic. That worked well, so I switched to AP, which worked for about 30 seconds until it suddenly decided that it wanted to head to the left. I stopped it after it kept heading left toward a pickup.

Service pushed an update to my car. Surprised that the car does indicate a release number. I will install that tonight to get the full speed AEB. I will avoid using AP until a better version is released.

jdc | 27 juin 2017

In addition to the irregularities I've experienced in 17.22.46 (reported on page 8 of this thread), it just started generating a crazy-*ss buzzing sound. Have no idea what caused iota what it was related to (was NOT the music system); only solution was a reboot of the center console. Might be wise to stick with 17.17 for now if you have the option.

jdc | 27 juin 2017

Also, in addition to lane change being more aggressive (the appeal of which is a matter of taste... I sorta like it) it is unfortunately also more faltering (often it seems to begin, get half-way into the other lane, hesitate, and then complete the lane change) which I think is *not* a matter of taste. On one occasion it also stopped halfway through, and just straddle the two lanes, centered on the dotted line (which, admittedly, was a thicker than usual one marking an impending exit).

croman | 27 juin 2017

Thanks for the info @jdc. I wonder what the differences are between 17.22 and 17.24?

johnson.todd.r | 27 juin 2017

One other thing I noticed about AP1 on the HW1 XP90D was that the only time it lost the lane markers was when it was raining so hard that I could not see lane markers either. At that point, cars were all over the place on I-45 North. I used the instant acceleration several times to quickly dart around errant vehicles.

BigD0g | 27 juin 2017

My cars ready for pick up from SC, they installed 17.24, and it's about a 2 hr drive home from the SC so will have a prelim report back around lunch.

johnson.todd.r | 27 juin 2017

Just installed what service pushed today: 17.24.28. Probably too soon to expect something newer. I suspect (and hope) that Karpathy will kick some deep net butts, but that could likely take him a few months.

1jetskier7 | 27 juin 2017

Was it this week or 3 weeks ago that "silky" was supposed to be released? Guess I need to go back and read that email again.

Hmm, the firmware tracker is showing that 17.24.28 rollout is over. I'm still rolling 17.17.4 From what I'm reading, sounds like I'm one of the lucky ones...

Thankfully, the updates and improvements are never "promised", right TT. Thanks again for the "short Tesla recommendation" it is looking like you were right. You seem to know even more than I do about what is going on inside the company.

Mliss | 27 juin 2017

A couple more days on 17.24.28 and I am not impressed. At least for me and my p100d, I now have to use the local lanes to ap faster than 60mph, lane changes are very jerky compared to the prior release, and I have had a few phantom braking issues which I had not seen on the prior release. For those hw2 beta testers feeling bad about not having the latest release, Tesla is doing you a favor not rolling it out to you. Hopefully July will bring us something worthwhile.

Jeff A | 27 juin 2017

I want to add (hope Tesla is reading) that 17.24.28 is not silky smooth and I find it a step backwards from 17.17.17 or 17.17.4 --- lane changes occur faster which is good but are inconsistent and jerky to the point I will no longer use it. The lane keeping is ok when it has a good lock on the lanes but the following distance is behaving differently (much less smooth, much less consistently) and I agree with some one above that braking seems more harsh and often worry about being rear ended. It has degraded badly enough that I will. I longer use AP or cruise control. Tesla, please fix!!! On that note, how do we back out of an update we don't like?

croman | 27 juin 2017

There is no going back to an old firmware. They cannot (and definitely will not) roll you back. The will only issue a hotfix which they haven't done. Radio silence (even from Elon!).

BigD0g | 27 juin 2017

I'd imagine if it were that bad that they would stop installing it, it wouldn't make sense to keep giving out a defective firmware.

1jetskier7 | 27 juin 2017

BigDOg. Just like Croman said, you can't put outdated software on new vehicles. Once the cat was out of the bag the chase was on. I can promise you that this software having to be installed on all new deliveries is not a good thing. More will be explained on that soon.

They can stop the rollout of this seemingly defective software to existing AP2 cars. Which they have done.

Once, 17.22.46 failed, they had to fix those cars immediately (all pre-AP and AP1 cars) and continue to update the remaining AP1. Again, cat was out of the bag.

Unfortunately, the next OTA update will only be "improvements" on 17.24.28 as that is the only current HOT issue.

P100SEAN | 27 juin 2017

I sympathize with Tesla here. We all want perfect and awesome cars right now but it is just SO hard to reproduce the pattern finding problem solving ability of the human brain. I would argue that even the addition of all the new sensor input (AP HW2) just make this problem harder to solve.

Tesla will get there but being patient and the 2 step forward 1 back is the way this is probably going to go for quite a while.

Owning a software company myself, I'd bet that we know less than 1% of what is really going on. Being patient and let the engineers write good code, not fast code, will make us all happy.

I'd be happy to wait months for 18.xx.xx if it is a big improvement. I'd also be happy getting slightly worse software if it'd help the engineers improve it in the end.

johnson.todd.r | 27 juin 2017

@1jetskier7: Tesla has not stopped pushing the update to AP2 cars. As soon as I left service at Tesla North Houston this morning I got an alert that an update was ready. The loaner AP1 XP90D I was driving had 17.24.28. It was a bit too aggresive at starts and stops on TACC, but not by that much. I had AP on for about 45 seconds in stop and go traffic, canceling it when it just would not stop trying to sideswipe a pickup in the lane to the left of me. It may have stopped moving left in time, but I was not about to find out.

Tonight I installed the update on my AP2 S75D and discovered that I too now have 17.24.28. So they may not be rolling it out widely, but they seem to be putting it on every car that gets near service.

1jetskier7 | 27 juin 2017

@johnson.todd.r you are correct. Cars at service centers are still getting the so called update. I failed to confirm that. I was mostly stating that they stopped the OTA update to the rest of the AP2 fleet. I'm not clear why that is either. If you try to take your car to service just for the "SILKY" update, they will tell you they cannot do it?

Sorry to hear your AP is no longer safe to use. That feeling seems to be the norm now. "I will no longer beta test software when it risks my families life". That is an unfortunate departure from, "wow this AP is amazing, I use it every day".

I agree 100% with @P100SEAN. We really only see 1% of what is really going on. So in the future, I'm hopeful we will see more caution, less salesmanship, less expectation building. These expectations are not coming from us, they are being told to us. I really don't like how badly it is tarnishing the brand. Especially to us, the current customers.

My AP was fine until I was told something much better was on it's way...and then it isn't.

MelaniaFromBrentwood | 28 juin 2017

Finally had a chance to extensively use 17.24.28 on HW2 Model S extensively on highways and local streets. It's definitely better laterally (side to side) and longitudinally (distance to car in front), BUT I have to stay it's two steps backward with respect to the errors it's making. We experienced a handful of occasions where the car crossed lines into oncoming traffic (with a baby in the back!), braked hard for NO apparent reason, swerved erratically into adjacent lanes or off-ramps, and a handful of other problems. My wife, who normally loves AP, begged me to turn it off!

Really hoping these issues are fixed soon as they pose not just an inconvenience but a frank safety hazard.

Teslita | 28 juin 2017

Hard to say, but I'm hoping not have the 24.28 installed before taking my 5'000 km trip next week. I think I want to keep my 17.17; most of that driving is highway and I'm definitely counting on a reliable AP for that.

fred-m | 28 juin 2017

New update in progress for AP2

Mliss | 28 juin 2017

Just got the update note. So 17.24.28 on hw2 is history. Someone at Tesla must have finally realized how bad .28 was. Will be installing the new stuff in the next couple of hours.

croman | 28 juin 2017

Seems like a hotfix for .28. hopefully it is better and safer.

steilkurve | 28 juin 2017

Just 17.24.30. No new release notes. Only drove 10 minutes without the opportunity to try AP. Got an X100D with AP2 and FSD.

steilkurve | 28 juin 2017

That's just 'got' 17.24.30.

jkilch | 28 juin 2017

@1jetskier7--You nailed it again!

"So in the future, I'm hopeful we will see more caution, less salesmanship, less expectation building. These expectations are not coming from us, they are being told to us. I really don't like how badly it is tarnishing the brand. Especially to us, the current customers."

I think the change in handling characteristics of the M3, wheelbase, caster and camber, mass etc. will add another variable and complexity to AP software role outs in the future....

BigD0g | 28 juin 2017

Ugh, just left the SC, I wish they would have given me .30 this morning, instead i'm with .28....

BigD0g | 28 juin 2017

Silver 17.24.30 came out today for AP2 it appears to be bug fixes, no new features.

Jeff A | 28 juin 2017

Just got the .30 update this morning, have not tested it yet, I will at lunch. I am betting this is to fix the "air suspension" error glitch that I saw last night. I doubt they did much to fix the aggressive and harsh braking of the AP in just two minor revisions.