Cosmetic Issues

Cosmetic Issues

When I look at pictures of the M3 a little alarm goes off in my head imagining the cumulative effect of bugs, tar and debris on the pristine sculpture of the M3 nose. Could present Tesla owners offer commentary on their experience? Further, does anyone have any experience with any of the variety of products purporting to offer protection?

Thanks. | 25 juin 2017

My refreshed MS has a similar front as the 3. Bugs do collect, but not sure any more than a bumper on prior cars. I guess a big grill on ICE cars hides some of this by letting the bugs collect on the radiator although cleaning the grill can be an effort.

Color may help - I suspect the grey hides them a bit more than white or black. It may depend on the bugs in your area of the country. I get a mix of black bugs and something that is a yellowish mess. Not sure it's worth picking a car color just for the bugs!

topher | 25 juin 2017

Bug deaths are proportional to drag coefficient...

Thank you kindly.

sosmerc | 25 juin 2017

If you can keep it under 25mph the bugs generally don't stick.

bobinseattle | 25 juin 2017

Hi Guys,

Here in Seattle we really don't have a lot of bugs to worry about. However...........Keeping it well waxed helps. If all else fails, don't drive at night. Headlights attract them.

Bob in Seattle

Bluesday Afternoon | 25 juin 2017

I'm getting close to 2 1/2 years and the front of my car looks better than my other cars at the same point in ownership. I've been on many long trips and the biggest issue is the two repaired chips in the windshield.

I again plan to take my Model 3 immediately to have it OptiCoated just like my 85D. It's a great way to protect your paint. One recommendation if you decide to OptiCoat or other product, do not have Tesla detail your car prior to delivery! Let the detailer applying the coating prepare your car. Less expensive and, in my case, better results from what I've heard.

SUN 2 DRV | 25 juin 2017

"Bug deaths are proportional to drag coefficient..." probably more correlated to frontal area...

mntlvr23 | 25 juin 2017

@topher - "Bug deaths are proportional to drag coefficient..."

Tcloutier5890 | 25 juin 2017

Many bug deaths are caused by stress and dysfunctional personal relationships.

eeb9 | 25 juin 2017

...I got nuthin'...

topher | 25 juin 2017

"probably more correlated to frontal area."

I get a lot fewer bug splats per square inch, with a slipperier car.

Thank you kindly.

topher | 25 juin 2017

"Many bug deaths are caused by stress and dysfunctional personal relationships."

Here's a hint for all you anthropods. Don't be born into a species with 'widow' in the name...

Thank you kindly.

JayInJapan | 25 juin 2017

I keep a bottle of water, a couple of microfiber cloths, and a roll of the Costco blue cotton towels in the trunk. After a road trip leg, I'll soak the bugs for a minute or two and gently wipe off with a very wet blue towel. Then I'll dry with a microfiber towel. :-D

sosmerc | 25 juin 2017

Dem plastered on dead bugs can play real havoc with your coefficient of drag. Maguier's Quick Detailer in a spray bottle with a microfiber rag is a must if you drive over 25mph in the summertime.

jefjes | 25 juin 2017

Invisible bra and Waterless Car Wash Wax Kit 144 oz. Aircraft Quality Wash Wax for your Car RV & Boat. Guaranteed Best Waterless Wash on the Market by Aero Cosmetics. I bought it on Amazon and works great for me. Cleaned off 2800 miles of cross country bugs in the drive way and did the rest of our Rogue in about 45 minutes. Looks brand new. I plan to do my Model 3 the same regardless of the color I choose.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 27 juin 2017

Bugs! Aghhh! I remember waking up to see the area under the light pole in the yard, where we played basketball, covered with dead crickets carpeting the ground.