Tesla Paying For Other EV Destination Charging Equipment - Electrek

Tesla Paying For Other EV Destination Charging Equipment - Electrek

ReD eXiLe ms us | 27 juin 2017

I think Tesla did something similar either in New York or New Jersey, possibly both, in order to install Superchargers at roadway rest stops.

eeb9 | 27 juin 2017

Nice touch, and aligns perfectly with the goal of making sustainable transport a reality

Sleepydoc1 | 28 juin 2017

They did that in Sacramento at top of the Hyatts parking structure as well.

Ross1 | 29 juin 2017

There was a topic on this a week ago, there are more comments there

SamO | 29 juin 2017

Because this is huge FUD talking point when there are town hall meetings. Fossil fuel lobbyists use it as a talking point.

"What about other EVs . . ." not that fossil fuel gives a shit.

So Tesla spends, let's say $2,000 per destination charging location to install a universal charger. Big deal. 10,000 sites = $20,000,000, ~ 4 Superbowl commercials. Mouse nuts.

andy.connor.e | 29 juin 2017

Only Tesla would actually care about preparing the world for technological change.

jefjes | 29 juin 2017

So far I've not found a business willing to take advantage of this offer. They site their limited parking for their guest and prefer not to give up any dedicated spaces to infrequent users (as they see it). Obviously, not all businesses see it this way and those are the ones that deserve our business but BEVs in general are still such a small percentage of the vehicles on the road that it can be a hard sale even for free.