Spotted a Tesla Model 3 today!!!

Spotted a Tesla Model 3 today!!!

Hi Fans, today I was lucky enough (very lucky) to spot a Tesla Model 3 at the Tesla service center in Burbank California while I was there to charge my MX! I was very impressed with the look outside and inside and frankly it was much larger in size that I though it would be. It was an unbelievable experience and I can not wait until I get mine, which would probably be the same silver color. I couldn't attach my YouTube link but you can search the video under username levik12 to see the clip. Enjoy! :-)

Coastal Cruiser. | 26 juin 2017

πολύ ωραία!

burdogg | 26 juin 2017

Coastal_Cruiser has gone spamming (instead of crazy?, or was it crazy first then progressing to spamming too?)

Frank99 | 26 juin 2017

Looks great. I hadn't noticed before how unusual the back end looks without a visible exhaust pipe or cutout for one...

Coastal Cruiser. | 26 juin 2017

burdogg, as your attorney I'd advise you to watch the slanderous statements.

Oh wait. A lawyer can't sue his own clients. Conflict of interest.

(actually that's Greek. The OPs youtube channel reveals his Greek heritage ) | 26 juin 2017
sbeggs | 26 juin 2017

Nice video, commented.

teslamodelx | 26 juin 2017

@TeslaTap You're always very helpful and thanks for the rescue! :-)

burdogg | 26 juin 2017

Good to know my lawyer hasn't gone completely crazy yet :) (Just me and inability to read Greek I guess :)

Nice pics of the car and thanks for your personal thoughts on the look! That seems to be the consensus from those that have seen it in person - that it is a great looking car.

noleaf4me | 26 juin 2017

I like it!!!

tedirelan | 26 juin 2017


info | 26 juin 2017

i really hope that the join of the trunk lid and the mudguards will be fixed because it looks like a cheap chinese thing on the video

JeffreyR | 26 juin 2017

I saw one today too. White #67 going opposite direction, so no photos.

elephant in a bottle | 26 juin 2017

Look at those wheels, they are self cleaning aren't they? Back savers.. :)

PhillyGal | 27 juin 2017

Thanks for sharing!

carlk | 27 juin 2017

Very nice. People will no doubt love this car other than those few in Munich and Stuttgart offices.

Rutrow | 27 juin 2017

Y'all are making me jealous. I had my first Model S sighting yesterday. Flyover country is sooooo far behind. :-(

ReD eXiLe ms us | 27 juin 2017

235/45R18 tires -- plenty big enough! | 27 juin 2017

18" wheels used to be big, as in "This Lexus LS430 comes with optional 18 INCH WHEELS!!!"
I'm worried about the touchscreen mounting.
I am so ham-handed that I know I am going to break it when I tap it just like I tore off the screw heads when I tried to change the muffler on a VW Beetle or broke the hood light switch over my cooktop or... You get the idea.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 27 juin 2017

President georgehawley: Some of the photos of the Model ☰ Release Candidates appear to show a different bezel and arm for the display that what was shown at the unveiling on the Alpha Prototypes. I thought the original design looked very sturdy, and it was contoured in a nice rounded fashion. The new design reminds me too much of the retaining structure for a holstered mobile phone -- designed to snap off at a moment's notice.

Rutrow | 27 juin 2017

I'm so down the reservation list and in the middle of the country that I'm beginning to worry that there will be Model 3s coming off lease by the time I get my initial shot at configuring.

On the bright side, I'll have the option of buying a C3PO.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 27 juin 2017

Coming to these threads will be so special after a Model ☰ is offered as a prize on 'Wheel of Fortune', 'The Price is Right', or 'Let's Make a Deal' some day.

sbeggs | 27 juin 2017

Good one!

95dawg | 27 juin 2017

Take my money now!
Want it so bad.

mntlvr23 | 27 juin 2017

@georgehawley - I share that same concern with the screen, but even more so about the door handles. I guess I am rough with them and have broken them off of my VW Rabbit, Acura Integra, and now feel like I am close to it on my Volvo S60 as well

Bretek | 27 juin 2017

Like the vid. Thanks!

carlgo2 | 27 juin 2017

I am kinda liking those wheels. Unusual, trippy, maybe disliked enough to be rare. They could also be dipped and if done correctly and imaginatively that could be interesting. Or, sell decals that are like spirals to hypnotize people and cure their vision. Gotta see them in person though, like the car itself as everyone says.

95dawg | 27 juin 2017

Aero wheels....not sold on it style-wise, but I scribe to form following function. If these wheels give me few extra miles per "fill up", I'll take it. | 27 juin 2017
Ross1 | 29 juin 2017

The fact that 3s are being seen a long way from home incl NZ, makes me think that the Tesla stores are being quietly stocked with a demonstrator for the release date.