Charging in Southern California

Charging in Southern California

Anyone able to spy where the Northridge, Calabasas, or Sherman Oaks CA superchargers are going in ? Finally some in the valley. They all say on the site they will be done this year - there must be some construction going on now or soon with the first deliveries expected in Oct./Nov.
Anyone see anything yet? When I zoom in on the noted spot on map I get residential areas, so I don't think it is exact yet.

KP in NPT | 28 juin 2017

The map is not exact - just shows what cities they intend to open in.

You can follow progress on - watch the changes. If you're really eager you can stalk town records looking for the electrical permit. (And report to if you find it.)

Rocky_H | 28 juin 2017

Also, they can do the full construction of a site in a month, so saying they will be done by the end of the year doesn't mean they are already in construction.