BMW expected to announce all-electric 3 Series

BMW expected to announce all-electric 3 Series

What will this do to M3 reservations/sales? Will you now choose a more conventional BMW BEV over M3? Discuss.

SamO | 29 juin 2017

ha ha ha ha ha BMW . . . seriously?

scarface | 29 juin 2017

Of course not!
In the BEV world, Tesla has always been proactive while others (now BMW) are being reactive.
I much prefer to encourage the proactive one!

eeb9 | 29 juin 2017

BMW had the engineering chops to do it right, if they so choose.

What remains to be seen is whether they really choose to do so.

This aligns perfectly with the EM/Tesla master plan as well - make BEV "normal" rather than "exotic"

Tesla has the attention of auto-makers worldwide. They all sat up and took notice when they saw the pent-up demand for a mainstream high-performance BEV at the Model 3 reveal. They're years behind the curve, but working hard to catch up.

I *want* to see hot competition in this space - it benefits all of us. If BMW can build the car I want, I'll buy it from them. Ditto Tesla, Audi, Infinity...

Tesla has a five-year-plus head start in this space (and SuperCharging, which is -for the moment - utterly unique) - but they're going to have to work *hard* to stay ahead of the pack

SamO | 29 juin 2017

Hey Blackberry has a new phone dropping soon. You going to line up and wait at the Blackberry store?

Did your grandma buy you that Polaroid instant photo bundle from Walmart?

KP in NPT | 29 juin 2017

Another article says all BMWs will have an optional EV drivetrain and will be built alongside ICE models.

That begs the question: what compromises will the BEV versions have? That doesn't sound like "built from the ground up" BEV to me. Will all the batteries be in the trunk, like the Ford Fusion Energi?

KP in NPT | 29 juin 2017

And...the car will be unveiled in September. I'm guessing production is at least 2 years away. Cars they have already announced are 3-4 years away.

So this will have no impact on current Model 3 reservations.

gavinmcc | 29 juin 2017

If it was an EV X3 with 250 miles of range, yes I would buy that over a model 3.

But I prefer a hatch over a sedan. So much so that I am still considering a Bolt...

Choices are good...I'm glad more options are are coming out. I've never leased a car before, but I really think I might as the choices in 3 years will be so much more numerous.

dsvick | 29 juin 2017

"Will you now choose a more conventional BMW BEV over M3?"

For anyone that already has a reservation this isn't really an option since they'd have to wait another 2 to 3 years for this to reach production. There are several others that will be released before this one so, no, this doesn't really affect things at all.

KP in NPT | 29 juin 2017

We looked at a X3 a few years ago, when it seemed everyone was getting away from wagons in favor of crossovers. The "cargo" space (if you could call it that) was pretty disappointing. It seemed to have less space than a sedan. Wonder if they solved that with the upcoming 2018 model.

The X3 BEV has been announced, but not unveiled. Wonder if it will be available when the Y is.

bmalloy0 | 29 juin 2017

Very little to nothing. Don't forget the Gigafactory; it's literally the only way Tesla will be able to sell Model 3s en masse. Until other companies are capable of pumping out 50+ GWh of batteries a year, Tesla will be able to physically produce more cars than anyone else, AND sell them cheaper due to EoS.

Ehninger1212 | 29 juin 2017

Yeah BMW is desperate.. so they are just throwing batteries and electric motors inside a non dedicated platform. FAIL 2 years ago I probably would have said HELL YES! But now they are just walking themselves to the cliff. At least it proves "mainstream" manufacturers are getting serious.

carlk | 29 juin 2017

This is nothing but BMW's admission of defeat. It does not matter if or when it comes out with the electric 3 series today it officially announced the death of ICE 3 series. Many of us saw it long time coming already. Good luck for those German high end brands. They'll find out it's not that easy to be in the follower position.

KP in NPT | 29 juin 2017

BMW's (and other OEMs) reaction to Tesla reminds me of:

bmalloy0 | 29 juin 2017

Or: youtu be/N9KGfgg-d8s

matt80206 | 29 juin 2017

I thought all German Manufacturers were mandated by the gov. to eliminate ICE production in 10-20 years, so this in my opinion speeds up the process. LIke eeb9 and scarface said this is what Elon wanted, so fits right into his master plan of world change. Some people will never drive a Tesla for whatever reasons but will gladly drive a BMW or other car. I am for one glad people on this forum could afford model S and X to pave the way for the rest of us!

topher | 29 juin 2017

" Will you now choose a more conventional BMW BEV over M3?"

What makes you think the BMW will be 'more conventional'? Would you say that the i3 is more conventional than the Model 3? And why is that a good thing?

carlk | 29 juin 2017

Green mandate is certainly a factor but BMW does not need to make 3 series EV to kill off its highly profitable 3 series ICE car 10~20 years ahead of time. It could begin with EV's like i3, or improved i3, which will only compete with likes of Leaf or Bolt while it could still sell a lot of ICE 3 series cars. However it knows now power delivery and packaging efficiency advantages of Tesla EV will kill the 3 series for them anyway. They have no time to lose but to react now. By now all auto companies know that too. They were hoping Tesla would just go away but it's apparent now it will not. BMW is the most affected by the Model 3 but one by one others will have to soon join BMW.

Just want to add the big reason for the German mandate is because the government saw what Tesla has done and does not want German auto industry to fall behind.

Great job done Elon!

Ehninger1212 | 29 juin 2017

I just want other automakers to offer a quality EV, not just some slapped together EV For the sake of not falling behind. I believe tesla makes an exceptional product regardless of it being an EV. If other automakers create half @ssed EV's the average driver isn't going to want to adopt the technology (think oldsmobile diesel).

Never been a big fan of BMW but I hope they do it right, an all electric 3 series could be very compelling.

Ehninger1212 | 29 juin 2017

...I just realized it's GM who has the record of screwing everything up...

Go for it BMW.

carlk | 29 juin 2017

@Ehninger1212 BMW did create half ass'd i3. It does not have the luxury to do that now.

noleaf4me | 29 juin 2017

If it's an "electric" version of a gasser -- it will fail -- hands down.

Iwantmy3 | 29 juin 2017

Does it come with access to a fully developed 100KW+ charging network? Oh. It doesn't? Sorry, not of any use.

rennerfra | 29 juin 2017

EV version of BMW 3 series will only be competition for model 3, if they develop a real EV power train + invest in supercharger infrastructure all over the world...

mos6507 | 29 juin 2017

If they cut a deal to access the Supercharger network then problem solved.

PhillyGal | 29 juin 2017

Not until:
Long distance charge network
No haggle pricing
A commitment for parts and service to be a non-profit center

hoffmannjames | 29 juin 2017

Looks to me like BMW is getting nervous about the Model 3 so they have decided to make their own version of it.

Coastal Cruiser. | 29 juin 2017

BM who?

cascadiadesign | 29 juin 2017

With the coming shift to BEVs, I just wonder what all these manufacturers are going to do to differentiate their cars from the competition.

Take away the engine. Take away the signature grill. What's going to make a BMW unique? What's going to make an Audi unique? What will these companies, known for their engineering, have to offer that others BEVs can't easily provide?

eeb9 | 29 juin 2017

Engineering and image-making will be the things that drive BEV Branding. Just like in the ICE world.

We're nowhere close to the end of the BEV engineering battles. I'd say that we're at about the same place that the ICE was in the 1920s.

There will be an ongoing race for the best mix of range, performance, "look and feel" and SEXY-ness (sorry, couldn't resist!)

All-out performance models, Lux-cruisers with refrigerated storage, budget-minded eco-boxes and ride-sharing appliances...

Lots of room for competition and innovation.

carlk | 29 juin 2017

Analyst from a German bank thinks Tesla has a near monoply of EV because the competition from traditional manufacturers has been complacent. BMW is the last among German automakers.

"according to a report from analyst Alexander Haissl of Hamburg, Germany-based Berenberg Bank, which also rates the readiness of Tesla’s competition. Daimler’s Mercedes looks best prepared, followed by Volkswagen. BMW appears to be dithering. "

Coastal Cruiser. | 29 juin 2017

eeb9 +1

(assuming a ubiquitous charging solution for the other brands)

carlk | 29 juin 2017

I wonder is any of these companies are in talk with Tesla for sharing superchargers. They still need to invest in low cost battery production though.

carlk | 29 juin 2017

is any --> if any

Tropopause | 29 juin 2017

The Model 3 will be hitting the roads next month. The BMW electric 3-series is still vaporware. Talk is cheap. Elon is a man of serious action.

noleaf4me | 29 juin 2017

Here is the major issue. BMW is a premium brand and asks for a premium price. Unfortunately in the EV world - BMW is NOT the Premium brand -- Tesla is. Therefore they will be hard pressed to get a premium over Tesla. Sure maybe over a Nissan or GM -- but not Tesla.

This was obvious with the i3 -- premium price = poor sales Tesla Model S -- Premium Price = robust sales.

Enough said....

andy.connor.e | 29 juin 2017

What do you mean what will it do to M3 sales? Nothing. No other company can compete with a massive charging network.

mos6507 | 29 juin 2017

"Take away the signature grill. What's going to make a BMW unique?"

A real dashboard, maybe?

KP in NPT | 29 juin 2017

And there it is.....

So predictable.

Sandy’s 3 | 29 juin 2017

Seriously? I think obsession.

krissu | 29 juin 2017

I had BMW-s in my life quite many, last few years on Tesla. I assume the drive is quite par. Fit and finish much better on BMW, interior materials etc. Service also much better on BMW. I understand it's different in California. Here Tesla service centre is very far, long waiting time and double price to BMW for service hour. Tesla shall be better probably on range, performance, user interface, charging.

MKM3 | 30 juin 2017

*cough* I'd take a BMW 3 Touring chassis over the Model 3 4 door sedan any time. *cough*

The reasons I made a reservation for a Model 3 is the Supercharger infrastructure as well as big, well tested batteries. I really don't care who builds the car as long as I get it charged pretty much anywhere. As there is a lack of serious competition, I'll grudgingly accept a classic, unpractical sedan chassis.

eeb9 | 30 juin 2017

MKM3 +10

The sedan design is singularly impractical for me as well, it I'll take it because it is a step forward in tech and sustainability. I'll figure out ways to make-do for my day to day and weekend-to-weekend needs.

But the *second* someone builds a small hatch/lift-back 2+2 Coupe with similar capabilities my Model 3 hits the used-BEV market

SamO | 30 juin 2017

Can someone explain why a 4-door is such a turn-off?

SamO | 30 juin 2017

Too practical?

SamO | 30 juin 2017

Too useful?

SamO | 30 juin 2017

Don't have 4 friends to fill your Model 3?

SamO | 30 juin 2017

Just you and your dog?

SamO | 30 juin 2017

Or fainting goat?

KP in NPT | 30 juin 2017

SamO all of the above!!

mos6507 | 30 juin 2017

"And there it is.....
So predictable."

No, a genuine answer. If Tesla wants to do something weird it opens opportunities up for more traditional alternatives. That is absolutely correct.