What was your delivery experience with Pre Owned S?

What was your delivery experience with Pre Owned S?

We liked my wife's X so much I found a good deal on a pre-owned S and put down the deposit. Starting to feel a lot like this point in the X purchase where the delivery folks have gone dark. In this case, I am going to fly to Phoenix and pick it up so more notice is better than less but I have this feeling I am going to get an email which says it is ready and I have a week to pick it up.

So,if you purchased pre owned,
> how long from commitment to availability?
> How much notice did you get that the car "would be ready" (as opposed to "it's ready")


NoMoPetrol | 11 août 2017

Initial estimate was 4-6 weeks. Taking delivery tomorrow (the tail end of seven weeks). Buying a CPO Tesla is the ultimate un-dealership experience. Instead of feeling like you've just been hosed by some high tech snake oil sales department that couldn't wait to get your signature on the reams of legal department-approved paperwork and get you to take possession of the car so that their commissions were secured, you get to place a nominal $1,000 down and spend the next month and a half wondering whether anyone at Tesla noticed the slight increase in their bank account, or, more importantly, the incredible angst of anticipation that compounds itself daily.

The bottom line is that traditional dealerships are excellent at providing instant gratification followed by buyers remorse. Tesla provides intense upfront frustration followed by long term gratification.

pipcecil | 11 août 2017

I had a similar experience - my purchase person was in constant communication, once I put money down and was transferred to a delivery person it was pretty quiet. I DID maintain communication myself with the delivery person giving them updates on my end (hey I got my loan secured; do I need to do X before its delivered? How is x done?, etc.). My person was quick to respond (less than a day) if I emailed or called (sometimes he wasn't there to answer).

That said, I was quoted 4 weeks and took delivery in 2. I didn't find out about the car being ready until I had contacted the delivery specialist myself, BUT we were trying to get my ducks in a row since I was potentially trading in (ended up going to car max for my car though) and timing it so I wouldn't be without a car for too long. They were helpful with that to make sure everything lined up.

I think delivery times vary by how busy they are and how "damaged" your CPO is. If it's smaller fixes its obviously done quicker. If it's shipped, the location can determine if extra time is needed. Finally if the delivery people are processing alot of cars at that time, then the wait times are slower. I ordered mine at the beginning of January. I am pretty sure there was a huge rush at the end of q4 for the tax rebates and it appeared they were in some down time. My car was the only one done that week I believe.

Rayneman | 11 août 2017

When we got our CPO Model X P90D, the wait was about 5 weeks once the initial deposit was placed. I'm on the 4th week of waiting for my CPO Model S now and the experience has been consistent with everyone's posts re: communication, waiting, etc. It's still surreal not having to stop by a gas station and we are just getting used to Supercharging and making sure we know where to charge. Good luck and have fun!