FOR SALE: Kids Model S in red

FOR SALE: Kids Model S in red

I don't have any kids but was awarded a kids Model S via the referral program.
I ordered a red one with black wheels and Founder's license plate. I received it last week and it's still in the (huge) box, unopened.
If anyone is looking to buy one, please get in touch. I am based near Geneva, Switzerland. I would be happy to post it at buyers cost.

Ross1 | 13 août 2017

Wondering about depreciation on smaller Teslas. Is it commensurate with bigger ones and would the resale value on the Radio Flyer give us a handle on what to expect on a Model 3?

Tropopause | 13 août 2017

Wish you were in in the US. Congrats on winning that nice prize.

Siggy101 | 14 août 2017

Hi Tropopause. I just got an email stating that I now have a second kids Model S to claim in the latest round of referrals. If you are after one, I could probably specify to have it delivered directly to you (presuming it covers global shipping...) Let me know if you're interested and you can have it direct from Tesla.

Siggy101 | 14 août 2017

Oh, and you can choose the colour of that one too!

halftrojan | 14 août 2017

I am interested for the direct ship one,

Tropopause | 14 août 2017


Yes, I'd be interested if the offer still stands.

Rocky_H | 15 août 2017

I just got my first referral and don't have any little kids, so I would be interested in $$ in lieu of the little car.

foxinthebox | 15 août 2017

Rocky I could do that with you? how much do you want for it?

halftrojan | 15 août 2017

@Rocky I am interested, my email address is above.

Musavviradam | 15 août 2017

I would be interested as well since my first child is arriving soon! my email is if anyone still have any!

Musavviradam | 15 août 2017

a big thanks in an advance.

C02Free | 15 août 2017

Other than being a YouTube celeb, how do most people get their referrals? I'm a middle school teacher, not the best line of work for colleagues lining up to buy a tesla, especially since we're all a pretty young staff... hahah.

How much do these go for? If anyone gets another that they have no use for, please get in contact.

I have my first kiddo on the way and it'd be pretty awesome to store one of these away until he is old enough to ride one around! Located in SoCal, btw.

warren_tran | 16 août 2017

If someone still have a new Telsa radio flyer car and would like to exchange for cash then please email me at

vinpaulinesinclair | 16 août 2017

Hi Siggy101 I'm interested can you contact me okay?

AZar33 | 18 août 2017

Wow...just heard about this thread...I'm looking for Red model S. In 16 month old Grandson would go NUTS...

Rocky_H | 24 août 2017

@foxinthebox, I had emailed halftrojan, but he/she never answered, so you're next up. I looked at the pricing online, and it looks like about $500, and maybe a little extra if you add a couple of options. If I can just arrange to have it shipped straight to someone else, it would still be brand new, but I would cut maybe $40 or so off the price. Email me at rockford_hinten at the Yahoo email system.

halftrojan | 25 août 2017

@Rocky_H Hmmm, went back in my email and never saw an email in my account, didn't see it in spam folder either.

Rocky_H | 25 août 2017

Oh, whoops, that is my bad. I just went to check for it in my email outbox, and it was still in the drafts folder that never got sent. Sorry, it's sent now.

halftrojan | 25 août 2017

@Rocky_H, Still not seeing the email, i just sent you an email to your yahoo address.

Rocky_H | 28 août 2017

Hey, @foxinthebox, wanna shoot me an email? It didn't work out with halftrojan

sannyber | 29 août 2017

Interesting, my niece will love it.

allen.naseri | 30 septembre 2017

I just received an email that I can order a Tesla Model S for Kids as well that I have no use for it. If any one is intrested please email me at

You can custom order it and provide your own address to be shipped to you free of charge.

Thank you. Allen

Avahini | 23 juillet 2018

I got a new Red one too last week, still in box .please let me know if any one interested.

SCCRENDO | 23 juillet 2018

Yes I may be interested. Where are you and how much?

avinashkuttuva | 2 mai 2019

Just received a red kids model S from radio flyer, Anyone interested, pick up or drop off in NJ would be ideal (08520), If you would like it shipped that works for me too as long as you can cover the shipping cost. its a big box.