Will my vehicle be Delivered by September month

Will my vehicle be Delivered by September month

Hello guys,

I was told by Tesla sales guy that if I order model X by Aug 20 and it will be delivered by late september. When i was doing the custom build it said it will be by late September delivery so that i will qualify the 0.99% APR. But currently when i log in to my account it says October - early November delivery. My question is do I have to take the delivery by this quarter otherwise 0.99% APR will no longer be there. What happens if I apply for loan today and everything gets Approved am i in good shape to get 0.99% APR even though my vehicle is delivered after this quarter. Please share your thoughts on when is the best time to apply for a loan. Still my DS is saying september month delivery but i am not 100% on that. Also i did talk to Alliant bank and they said their promotional APR for Tesla is going to end by next month september.

petersonbm | 25 août 2017

I ordered on the 19th and mine went from October/Nov to later September/Oct yesterday. I finished my financing with Tesla on the 21st with a document agreeing to the .99%.

SJR | 25 août 2017

In typical Tesla fashion, you will get your Model X before the end of September as it is the end of a quarter. And in the first few days of October they will announce something new that you wish you had waited for. However, take delivery, enjoy the vehicle and do not look back at what you could have received if you had waited. Welcome to the Tesla family!

jmoskwa6 | 25 août 2017

I ordered my Model X on July 20, it went into production on July 23, ready for delivery on Aug 18 and I picked it up in Fremont on Aug 21. MyTesla site was saying late Aug - Mid Sept delivery, got it mid-Aug...

SteveMost | 26 août 2017

I also ordered within the Quarters .99% promotion. My loan was approved, and I was told that delivery would be before the end of the quarter/ in late Sept. When my VIN appeared online, so did the same "October - Early Nov." timing notice. I was told that Tesla, in order to ship as many cars in this quarter as possible, ships by truck toward the end of the quarter in order to make deliveries.

Bonlaw | 26 août 2017

Wow that was fast. My X ordered end of July, confirmed 8/1, changed seat color 8/5, and still waiting to go into production.

chuckgrim | 26 août 2017

I ordered my red Model X on July 31. It is now in transit. It is supposed to be ready for pickup August 29-30.

Bparekh19 | 26 août 2017

Chuckgrim congrats. I ordered on July 31 also but mine just went into production yesterday.

andrew | 27 août 2017

Mine was confirmed on July 27th as informed by DS will enter production week commencing September 4th VIN 637XX.... :(

lpjakob | 2 septembre 2017

I think Tesla may be rushing to fill orders for Model S and Model X in California before end of 3rd Qtr. On 8/26, we were shopping in a mall here in Los Angeles when we walked by Tesla. We had an order already for the Model 3 which we made when it was first introduced. We decided to just walk in and look at the build quality of the Model S and Model X that were in the store. We were greeted by Justin, Owner Advisor, who understood we were Model 3 order holders and just looking. He advised us that if we order Model S or Model X by August 28th, Tesla was guaranteeing delivery by 9/30 for California. After a test drive of the Model X, we agreed that it more closely matched our needs than the Model 3. We placed our order immediately and our status shows delivery expected end of September. With referral code credit, Model 3 deposit credit, $3,500 price reduction for Model X 100D and .99% loan rate, it was the perfect time to order. We can't wait to receive our first Tesla.

TeddyJam | 2 septembre 2017

I ordered my Model X August 16. Glad I was able to order the new rear console and looking forward to that extra second on the 0-60. Like they say, what can you do, but order and not get frustrated when new things come out, but super excited I got those two things. But ever since I placed the order, it has said October/early November and has not changed. But my cool sales guy says it may say that but he guarantees I'll have it by end of September. I'm on the East Coast. So hope so!

Bparekh19 | 2 septembre 2017

Teddyjam where in the east coast are you. I placed my order 7/31 and it's currently expected to be delivered end of the month.

TeddyJam | 2 septembre 2017

Hooray, Bpar! Good for you! I'm in the DC area. One month, not bad at all.

HockeyC130 | 2 septembre 2017

I heard about the .99% financing late in the game. We thought we could only do new-inventory but nothing was available for our desires - so we needed to go custom build, which would've put us out of the running for the .99% ... at least, that's what i thought. After getting pre-approved yesterday, i was told the rates were locked in for 60 days! Has anyone else been told this?

cabarron2001 | 5 septembre 2017

I've been told the .99% is held until the promotion expires. I also have experience with Alliant and they'll tell you whatever you want to hear. I ordered Aug 17th, and shows a Late September - October delivery. My DS has been non-existent since I placed my order even after several attempts to connect with him to get an update. I'm hoping that Tesla can develop the paperwork or "final" MPVA before September 30th because that's all Alliant needs to secure the .99%

Tdreamer | 5 septembre 2017

I also ordered mine X100D 8/20 with a similar intent on getting the 0.99% financing. And the Tesla site also says scheduled for production and Delivery October - Early November. I'm in the Boston area - not sure how that factors into delivery logistics and quarter-end shipment/revenue recognition. I assume west coast shipments will get priority as they'll be easier to get more of them to customers by Q-end.

eunicehuthart | 6 septembre 2017

Hi I am uk based and ordered my Tesla on 4th august. says late October early November delivery. Will it be earlier in Uk does anyone know

Bad Monk | 6 septembre 2017

eunicehuthart, try checking your tesla app or emailing tesla directly, if you've not done so already.

eunicehuthart | 6 septembre 2017

Ha ha mikelambert2003
good idea I haven't tried that yet

Vawlkus | 7 septembre 2017

Your app won't tell you much: Tesla leaves app access disabled until after delivery.