Hurricane Harvey Flooded my Model S 85D

Hurricane Harvey Flooded my Model S 85D

My Model S 85D was lost in the recent flooding caused by hurricane Harvey along with our house and 2 other vehicles. With the expense of having to replace everything it's difficult to justify purchasing a new Tesla when I have so much to replace already plus I lose options I had, i.e. leather seats, piano black interior, etc. Has the auto pilot 2.0 even caught up fully with 1.0 features yet?

Any chance Elon is willing to offer some incentives and/or discounts for replacement purchases after a natural disaster?

JB, I really loved my Tesla
Houston, TX

RedShift | 13 septembre 2017

Sorry to hear. :-(

Hope that you can get another Tesla (CPO?) with the options you want after you take care of more urgent things.

sbeggs | 13 septembre 2017

We somehow feel your pain. Condolences for everything.
The CPO idea is a great one, as prices are pretty low and options that you liked might be available. Only problem is length of time of delivery. | 13 septembre 2017

Have you no insurance?

blue adept | 13 septembre 2017


Sorry for your losses and I apologize for only being able to offer you my condolences. So many lost so much, some even lost those they loved.

"Any chance Elon is willing to offer some incentives and/or discounts for replacement purchases after a natural disaster?"

Allow me to answer your question with a question...Does any other automobile manufacturer out there "...offer some incentives and/or discounts for replacement purchases after a natural disaster?"

The answer, of course, is 'No'.

Much like the loss of any other property, the best that you can hope for is equitable recompense from your insurance company, some of which do offer vehicle replacement, so perhaps you'd be best advised to review your insurance policies' language to see what coverages you're qualified for.

Again, sorry for whatever all you might have lost.

jmkrt9 | 13 septembre 2017

Hurricane IRMA flooded Florida including my cousin's Tesla. What should he do as a preventive measure the car is still un touched still waiting for insurance.

rxlawdude | 13 septembre 2017

@Allusion, +1.

blue adept | 13 septembre 2017


Drain it and put it in a bag of rice...?

Frank99 | 13 septembre 2017

jmkrt9 -
How much water got in the passenger compartment?

If the seats got wet, close the windows and set it in the sun; let the insurance total it. If the water got that high, it got into the electrical connections which will give you fits for the remainder of the car's life.

Unfortunately, your question isn't EV specific. ICE cars have the same issues (possibly worse),

dmm1240 | 14 septembre 2017

Am so sorry to hear that, jamiebass. That stinks. Hope you can get your life back together in short order.

Not that what we experienced comes anything close to what happened to Houston, not even in the same galaxy, but what was left of Irma blew over my house Monday. Since Atlanta is several hundred miles inland, Irma was a tropical storm by then with sustained winds of 40mph gusting to 60. I chose a spot away from any trees and parked my X there. Luckily nothing happened and everything is fine.

Not three miles away, several roads are still closed because of all the trees and telephone polls that came down. One poor guy about 5 miles from here died when a giant oak tree crushed his house with this man inside. We experience lots of tree branches in the roads in my neighborhood but nothing like that. Odd how a difference in location of 2-5 miles can make such a huge difference.

In any event, hurricanes suck.

My best to you. Godspeed.

diesel4me | 14 septembre 2017

I'm guessing it is probably easier for you to replace your $90,000 car than for some to replace their $90,000 house. Just a guess. | 14 septembre 2017

Sorry about your loss. Hopefully your insurance will cover much of the cost. If the S is fairly new, some insurance policies have full replacement coverage t no cost to you if it is totaled in the first year.

One thing that Tesla has done in the past for a few owners who totaled their car is to move a custom replacement order to the front of the production queue. This may eliminating a month or so of waiting. If you're replacing it, I'd contact Tesla. Don't think they can give you a discount, but getting a replacement sooner would be nice.

jmkrt9 | 14 septembre 2017

The flood reached half of the vehicle more or less.

jmkrt9 | 17 septembre 2017

Just an update. Cousin will be receiving a new car from Tesla.

rgrant | 18 septembre 2017

That's some strange replacement policy! :D

reed_lewis | 18 septembre 2017

Who is paying for the new car? Insurance company or Tesla?

MitchP85D | 18 septembre 2017

I hope you will be able to replace your S85D. I am so extremely lucky that I only had 3 inches of flood water in my house. My two motorcycles, Honda Pilot, and P85D all made it through. 6 inches got into my garage. Not enough to harm my Tesla. I will have my annual inspection coming up TUE 26 SEP.

If you can, depending on your insurance coverage, short change your other vehicles and replace your S85D! That was my original plan if I lost all four of my vehicles. I put a claim in for all four before I was evacuated by boat. I was going to downsize my other vehicles and make damn sure I got a good replacement for my Tesla!

SO | 18 septembre 2017

@Mitch - we may not agree politically or on many other subjects, but I am glad to see you survived the storm.

MitchP85D | 18 septembre 2017

Thanks SO. I have to tell you something. I was more concerned about my Tesla than my house! That was my greatest sigh of relief ever when I first opened up the garage of my flooded home, sat in my Tesla, pressed the brake pedal, and it turned on like it normally does!

SO | 18 septembre 2017

Haha.. I'd be the same way. :-)

Frank99 | 18 septembre 2017

At the very least, the S85D gives you a place to sleep while working on the house...

jmkrt9 | 18 septembre 2017

As Tesla Tap mentioned; "Hopefully your insurance will cover much of the cost. If the S is fairly new, some insurance policies have full replacement coverage t no cost to you if it is totaled in the first year." .

patswin | 19 septembre 2017

There was an article about a tesla owner who bought a wrap from a company called extreme vehicle protection. It's a bag you drive into. Had a picture of it in flooded garage and the car was floating inside. Top of car looked to be only about 4' from ceiling. If I lived in these areas I think I would be getting one of these for future storms.

reed_lewis | 19 septembre 2017

I can see it now..... Tupperware for Teslas.

Bubba2000 | 20 septembre 2017

I was wondering if using Duck Tape sound all doors, windows, etc will protect the Tesla interior including some electronics. My understanding is that the battery pack, motor, inverter are water proof. May be the OP Tesla can be fixed. My Dodge clunker flooded in Houston a long time ago. That thing did not have any electronics, except radio. Got it to work.

Hopefully insurance will help. | 20 septembre 2017

While the battery is sealed, it's not designed to be submerged, and with enough pressure, water will get in. As to how much pressure and/or time, I have no idea. There have been some flooded Teslas where the water was under 2 feet deep, and some water got into the battery.

The motor is sealed, but the inverter (with expensive power electronics) is not, and water can get in at the top if under pressure.

Most cars also have drain holes in the floor pan. I don't know if Tesla has these or not. If it does have holes, taping up the doors will not help much.

rxlawdude | 21 septembre 2017

What someone needs to invent is a heavy duty waterproofed canvas sheet that one drives over, and then folds up over the top of the car. Kind of a body bag for an automobile. That should be able to be made at a very reasonable price.

Frank99 | 21 septembre 2017
Bubba2000 | 21 septembre 2017,
The S and X are not designed to be submerged! That would be like designing a submarine. I know some SUVs can be designed to be mostly submerged. LR Avenger, etc.

SO | 21 septembre 2017

@Bubba2000 | September 21, 2017
The S and X are not designed to be submerged!"

Isn't that what he said?

rxlawdude | 21 septembre 2017

@Frank, that looks like it goes over the car like a dust cover.

Frank99 | 21 septembre 2017

It's a drive-in plastic bag. Drive in, seal it up like a zip-loc, and it'll keep the car dry. The second link is allegedly a Model S that's actually floating in the garage, inside one of these bags...

rxlawdude | 22 septembre 2017

Cool. I guess my patentable idea got stolen. :-)

Thrillion | 21 septembre 2019

Wrong forum I know but my Model 3 was in flood waters.
Parked in the garage with water just high enough to get the carpet wet.
We have insurance and I would like to know if the adjuster should total the car or if Tesla will honor the warranty. If seems to function and move. Not driving it until someone tells me I can.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 21 septembre 2019


“...the Drive Unit is subject to the exclusions and limitations described in this New Vehicle Limited Warranty. Damage to the Battery resulting from the following activities is also not covered under this Battery and Drive Unit Limited Warranty:
• Damaging the Battery, or intentionally attempting, either by physical means, programming, or other methods, to extend (other than as specified in your owner manual and any documentation provided by Tesla) or reduce the life of the Battery;
• Exposing the Battery to direct flame (excluding from Battery fires as specified above); or
• Flooding the Battery” | 21 septembre 2019

@Thrillion - The short answer - no car company considers flooding a warranty item - you'll need to contact your insurance. In almost every case, a flooded car is totaled. If they attempt to repair it, you'll likely have endless electrical problems as connectors and PCBs continue to corrode over time. You'll also likely have mold problems.