What to expect when ordering a Tesla?

What to expect when ordering a Tesla?

I placed an order for a new Model X that was in inventory in the factory last Thursday. Other than a confirmation email from Tesla and a welcome to the family email from the local sales office I have gotten nothing official from Tesla. I filled in all the forms on the website when I placed the order. The sales team gave me a vague expectthe care in 2-5 weeks and after I asked a few times and several days sent an email with their offer for my trade.

That’s it. MyTesla has no status or outlook on delivery. Just a vague statement that the next step is that I will be contacted to arrange payment and delivery with no guidance as to when this might happen. The sales office told me that a delivery specialist was looking into an outlook and would get back to me it that was several days ago and.... you guessed it. Nothing.

Is this normal? I don’t want to be a pain or a pest but I would like some confirmation and status that indicates that something is happening. Perhaps amazon has spoiled me but that is what I have come to expect - even from MUCH lower value purchases.

lilbean | 11 octobre 2017

So what's the problem?

Rocky_H | 11 octobre 2017

Yes, this is totally normal. This time between order and delivery is the most vague lack-of-communication time you will experience. It's not fun, but yes, it's par for the course.

markcohen | 11 octobre 2017

OK... if what I am seeing is normal, I just need to chill and wait. I just wanted to do 2 things... First was to make sure that what I was seeing IS normal and that I wasn't somehow getting lost in the system, and two was to give my two cents. I do totally understand that it takes time and waiting while "tough" is expected. HOWEVER, a little more transparency into the process would be expected for something as expensive as this and would go a LONG way towards making people feel better about waiting.


jordanrichard | 11 octobre 2017

First, congrats on joining us here in the future. You are going to like it here.....:-)

Second, while I my intent is not to defend Tesla's seemingly broken communication chain, but if they don't know specifically when your X will be delivered, what do you want them to tell you?

markcohen | 11 octobre 2017

Honestly I would expect that they'd at least be able to show a progression of status and perhaps an outlook. For example, a car could progress through something like, "Order received", "Production scheduled", "In production", "Awaiting shipment", "in transit" - with the ability to track where it is. All I know is the sales guy telling me generally 2-5 weeks. There is literally NOTHING on status in MyTesla other than a VIN number. I am just looking for warm fuzzy feelings that something is happening and progress is being made.

BTW, if you wanted to get cool...the Tesla actually knows where it is and has cameras.... You could track it using those capabilities. I'm not asking for that... just saying that the potential is there to do cool things.... but no, all I am looking for is rudimentary stuff.

J.T. | 11 octobre 2017

There are no commissioned sales people at Tesl and therefore no sales person to hold your hand during the process. They will tell you what you need to know in time for you to make arrangements but know this: you will not know the day and time of your delivery until you are standing in front of your car with all papers signed.

It's not optimal, it's not comfortable, but we've all been through it and survived as will you.

markcohen | 11 octobre 2017

Thanks to all for the responses. At least I know that what I am seeing is normal and I just have to be patient. I just wish I was good at it. :-) Ohm...Ohm... Ohm...

lilbean | 11 octobre 2017

Waiting is the tough part. Congrats on your order, @markcohen! You'll feel like a teenager getting your first car.

markcohen | 11 octobre 2017

So in case it helps anyone else... I just got a call from the delivery specialist at the local sales office. He explained the process. Apparently with a custom build, there would be some status on the web. I ordered existing inventory. It was new and still at the factory but it was already built. I was told that in this case, the process is manual and not connected to the MyTesla portal. The way it was explained to me a manual move ticket is created. They then wait until enough cars are headed this way and get it on a truck. At that time I should get a call from the local person with an ETA.

Bluesday Afternoon | 11 octobre 2017


The process is to complain about poor Tesla communication on the General Forum and receive a call from Tesla later in the day.

Works every time... 8-)

lilbean | 11 octobre 2017

+1 Simply Red xo

Earl and Nagin ... | 11 octobre 2017

While waiting, I recommend going to and the Tesla Charging website and start planning your first trip, then your second trip, . . .

Rocky_H | 12 octobre 2017

@Earl and Nagin, That's a really good suggestion.
I don't know how helpful the Tesla charging website would be, but I would definitely say yes, plotting out some trips on evtripplanner is good, and I find it really interesting to browse around my area and places I might go on Plugshare to see what is available if it's somewhere that's a little bit away from Superchargers.

Grizzly18 | 12 octobre 2017

Just take deep breaths and forget about Tesla until they call and ask you to pick it up. I have a custom order that is built and had an estimated delivery Sept 23-30. I received a call on Sept 25 about home delivery. I turned it down so that if/when there is a problem with my Tesla at delivery it could be made right before I gave them $145K. That same day my estimated delivery changed to Oct 4-11. Those dates have now come and gone and still no Tesla and my delivery specialist is nowhere to be heard from. Moral of this story, the car will get there when it gets there and Tesla is only creating hard feelings by giving intermediate status and promising dates. They should do like other car companies and say nothing until they are ready to hand you the fob.

markcohen | 12 octobre 2017

@Grizzly18 & others, I really appreciate the advice. I do have opinions on what Tesla COULD and SHOULD do in this area, but my thoughts aren't going to change anything with regard to my delivery and getting wound up about it will neither make me feel better nor help the car get here any faster. Initially I was asking questions because it seemed at though the web site and also from their web site, things were supposed to work differently and there was supposed to be status that I didn't have. IF that was the case, then my concern was that somehow my order might be broken. Now that I know that that is not the case, I'll just chill.

I have looked at the charging website, at evtripplanner, and also at Plugshare to plot out trips and/or to see how they would go with my new (ah, future) Tesla. Are there any other apps or websites that you'd recommend?

Earl and Nagin ... | 12 octobre 2017


In my experience those 3 ( included) are sufficient. Others (like, google maps, yelp, and hotel websites) may be useful but not necessary.

ObieX | 12 octobre 2017

EV trip optimizer for Tesla is a great app plus it’s free. It’s the best I have seen.

RedPillSucks | 13 octobre 2017

One would think that a technology company like Tesla could implement something like a Tracking system ALA UPS or Amazon. For an inventory or CPO car, there are definitely steps that could be followed electronically and trigger emails/texts. For a custom built car, you could even send pictures of the car as it progresses through the factory.

However, given the state of the Forum software, I'm guessing that Tesla doesn't prioritize those things.
I'd love to get a job there as their IT person...

(oops, forgot to check the "I am not a Troll" box)

RedPillSucks | 13 octobre 2017

This feels like when we were young and driving with the family on a long trip...

OP: Is my car here yet (Are we there yet)?

Tesla: We'll get there when we get there!! Don't make me reach back there for you!

markcohen | 13 octobre 2017

:-) Agree on all points.

dbdrop | 13 octobre 2017

Every step in the purchase and delivery process has been plagued with problems. First I'm at the dealer ready to order my new Tesla Model X and I'm told that even though I'm buying that day because a new order takes 6 weeks they can't lock in an interest rate. I can't get the current rate of .99% and there is no default rate. There is a $2500 non-refundable deposit required, now that is due without knowing what the interest rate will be. Seriously?! So I compromise on some features and purchase a newly built vehicle from Tesla's stock located in Houston TX because they claim that they can deliver in time for the interest rate deal.

The car is supposed to arrive by the following Saturday for delivery before the cutoff for financing under the current promotion. I get a call Friday evening after Tesla had already confirmed the appointment earlier that day telling me the car carrier broke down and they weren't going to make the next morning. They have me drive an hour to the hub anyway and I have to accept delivery on a car thats not therer and am then provided a loaner which is fine, I understand that things happen. I tell them I'm only going to be in town for another 3 days before I leave for vacation, they say they'll deliver before my trip. I call the night before delivery to get an exact time and they tell me the car is still in TX, it never moved an inch and won't be delivered. They offer to deliver the car that night from TX to CO dirty in what was described as poor condition or I can wait and they would deliver first thing in the morning after I arrive from my trip. That morning no they pull a no show. When I call the hub in Littleton CO they say they don't know what time the vehicle will be delivered and give me the number for the 3rd party trucking company. So now I'm chasing their contractors down, the guy tells me that he's got 3 other cars to deliver and doesn't know what time he'll be here. So this day happens to be my birthday, instead of spending the day out with my family I'm sitting at home waiting for the truck to show up.

Fast forward to 6 PM that evening, Tesla calls and says the vehicle isn't actually in CO, its still sitting in TX 8 days after they missed the last scheduled delivery. At this point its pretty clear these guys have no idea what they're doing. I finally took delivery after waiting another week. I soon discovered that the front end is out of alignment and is pulling hard to the right. In addition the GPS is frozen in place and the mobile app isn't properly linked. Service set up for next week to fix something that should have never been delivered in that condition,

I'm tired of messing around with these people, They turned what should have been a positive experience into total crap. At this point I regret my decision to purchase a Tesla, this is not what I expect when purchasing a vehicle in this or any other price range.

markcohen | 13 octobre 2017

Wow! That and these recent power steering stories are making me wonder about my decision...

lilbean | 14 octobre 2017

Don't let these stories worry you. The thousands of happy customers are not on the forum sharing their experiences.

Rocky_H | 16 octobre 2017

@dbdrop, Yeah, it sucks, and I'm not defending Tesla's terrible communication in delivery estimates, but we can tell people how to not have it affect them so much.

DO NOT go rearranging your plans and making appointments when you're hearing:
"We think we'll have it..."
"We expect it will be..."
"It should be here by..."
"Probably next week..."

Just tell them to not bother you until they can tell you, "It's here right now and ready for you." Sure, it may take you another day or two until you can get there to pick it up, but it will save you from getting pissed off at them constantly missing their optimistic date estimates. They just shouldn't be giving estimates when they are relying on 3rd party delivery companies who have such variable schedules based on when they get enough cars to make a trip, etc.

markcohen | 16 octobre 2017

It is now 11 days after I ordered an inventory car. I still have no status on line nor have I gotten any word (which was promised) that the car is either on or scheduled to go on a truck. It is also 2 and 3 days since I sent a note to two people at the sales office with no response at all. I am "chilling" as promised... just sitting back and watching the spectacle. I do have to say that I am amazed at the lack of responsiveness, customer service, and information. I mean I've paid 2.5K and still owe more than 100K... You'd think that that would get better service. Oh well...

I've got lots of ideas and suggestions about how they could do better but I'll just present one because it is a technology thing that would be very cool... The car KNOWS where it is. Use that. It won't get you an outlook for delivery but it would be informative and pretty cool if they could allow a connection from the Tesla app (or another 3rd party app) to the car to display its location. The implementation would be pretty simple. Basically create a "pre-delivery" mode for the car which would permit the GPS query and probably nothing else (so that you couldn't do anything bad with it). At least then you'd be able to see that your car is alive and where it is.

markcohen | 18 octobre 2017

Got the call saying that it is on a truck and on its way across the country :-)