Parking brake jammed on

Parking brake jammed on

nutner | 15 octobre 2017

This happened after he last update to 2017.40.1. Eventually got it to release by disconnecting the negative lead for 10 mins. Calling Tesla tomorrow to see what they say. Note the car cannot move at all until this is reset! In. My case thankfully I was in my garage when it occurred.

nutner | 15 octobre 2017

Thanks for this! I will definitely be calling Tesla to figure this out as I thought it was just a software issue. My car is a 3 week old custom order built on 9/23 so maybe the issue still exists.

lilbean | 15 octobre 2017

You're welcome. I was supposed to get the recall service this month but haven't heard anything from my service center. :( I'm glad your car was in the garage.

bob | 15 octobre 2017

@nutner I don't think you are part of the recall lilbean linked. The recall if for vehicles manufactured between February and October 2016. Your issue sounds similar to mine with the loss of power steering. The last two firmware updates have disabled power steering in my MX that was delivered the middle of Sept. The fix is to the same. Disconnect the high voltage loop then disconnect the negative terminal on the 12v battery. Wait a few minutes, then reverse the sequence to power the vehicle back on. After the vehicle reboots the power steering works again. Sounds like that's exactly the same thing for your parking brake. I joked with the tech that I think that Tesla should send the flat bed towing bill to the software engineers. That way they'll be a little more cautious with what they push out as updates.

nutner | 17 octobre 2017

Well, apparently Tesla looks at these posts as they called me yesterday to say they saw the post and were following up to see if i still had the issue. I've never heard of this occurring with any other manufacturer - Kudos to Tesla! As it turns out, the reset appears to have resolved the issue for me, and the wife has not complained about anything else apart from Homelink which i will try to re-setup when she is home as the Service manager suggested, and that the podcast volume is too low compared to the radio - 'eyeroll'

patswin | 17 octobre 2017

I have a 2016 that was part of brake recall. They called me two weeks ago to set up ranger service to fix it so as not to inconvenience me and I am only 10 minutes away from service center! I guess we should never be surprised by what they will do to make sure we are happy.

lilbean | 17 octobre 2017

Awesome. Crickets for me. :( Email sent...crickets.

patswin | 17 octobre 2017

Lilbean. Yeah among other things I imagine that the rangers in LA cannot make as many service calls as they can in NC. My wife and daughter both have about an 8 mile commute. It takes my wife a maximum of 15 minutes here and my daughter a minimum of 45 in LA.

lilbean | 18 octobre 2017

hawkeyecustom, I live so close to the service center. :( | 18 octobre 2017

Any chance this was caused by backing up, no seat belt on, and lifting off the seat? It is a known safety system in the Tesla, but seems to confuse a few owners every so often. When this occurs the car goes into park and the parking brake is activated. It is easily avoided by either not lifting off the driver's seat or having your seat belt attached.

crockerl | 18 octobre 2017

Purchased 9/30/17, into Service Center 10/7. E brake jammed. Problem: software , solution: Unknown, Estimated time to find solution: unknown. Oh but have a great loner car.....

everardo25 | 5 août 2019

Just purchased a Used 2013 Model S Base model with 35,000 miles on it.
Was driving it and car stopped on its on and emergency break won't come off. It lets me change gears to R N D, but since emergency break is on it won't move. Has anyone experienced this. I tried doing a hard reset, and nothing, been over 12 hours. | 5 août 2019

@everardo25 - Very strange - I think you'll have to have service take a look at it. There have been cases when it rains, car is driven, then parked and let to dry, the brakes sort of clamp on the rotors (on all cars with disk brakes, not just Tesla). When you start to drive they make a clunk sound when they release.