Elon has not tweeted (or retweeted) in 9 days - Hopefully his next tweet signals a break-through

Elon has not tweeted (or retweeted) in 9 days - Hopefully his next tweet signals a break-through

Do not like this twitter-silence

KP in NPT | 7 novembre 2017

He's busy I guess. ;-)

LA-Fohlen | 7 novembre 2017

He's busy having S'mores with Whiskey.

andy.connor.e | 7 novembre 2017

He's busy burning down his factory. I MEANNNNN camping on the roof.

mntlvr23 | 7 novembre 2017

lol - now, an hour later, he tweets

JustSaying | 7 novembre 2017


WantMY | 7 novembre 2017

According to todays factory tour dude, Tesla is popping new model 3/per 3 sec or 1300/week on one line, the second lane was not moving during tour, so once it restarts it would be a least another 3/sec. No bad for a quiet ramp up.

mntlvr23 | 7 novembre 2017

@WantM3 - niiiiiiice

WantMY | 7 novembre 2017

Ops, sorry I meant to post: new model 3/ per 3 minutes or ~1300/week assuming 2 shifts and 5 working days. Still this is better than 1 model 3 / per 6 hours in 3rd quater.

WantMY | 7 novembre 2017

Here is the link, so you can avoid my typos ;-):

TabascoGuy | 7 novembre 2017

@WantM3, that's better. I was having trouble wrapping my head around 3 cars per second. Thanks for the correction.

mntlvr23 | 7 novembre 2017

@WantM3 -
I read your notes, and it seemed like only the elevator to the paint shop was clocked at that rate. So I probably would not extrapolate that this is their rate of producing the total car as there might be other places at a standstill.

WantMY | 7 novembre 2017

@mntlvr23 It is not like they can wonder around the factory. They saw what was allowed to see. This sounds good to me, as I was not expecting much of anything.

mntlvr23 | 7 novembre 2017

@WantM3 - were you on the tour, or were you just passing on someone else's reddit notes?

WantMY | 7 novembre 2017

I am in PA, not exactly within tour distance. It was someone's reddit notes I saw today. I would think it is not simple to time when those tour groups constantly moving around, so the only place he was able to time was paint area exit as it is probably high enough and visible from many places and distances.

kaffine | 7 novembre 2017

Maybe Mollom was blocking Elon from twitter. :)

goddesavatar | 8 novembre 2017

Elon Musk has been visiting my country to make some agreements about satellites and giving some advices to make EV cars there :))

hsadler | 9 novembre 2017

One location doing 3 per minute can not mean that it is the only place doing that. The entire line has to be at the same rate or things would stack up to a point where there is no more storage space.

TabascoGuy | 9 novembre 2017

@hsadler, it's reportedly one car every three minutes, see WantM3's correction above. Either way, you are correct, the entire line has to run at the same average rate. If they were making 3 a minute they'd be ahead of the curve.

carlk | 9 novembre 2017

Maybe he too is in China?

andy.connor.e | 9 novembre 2017

How often does Elon "go to mars"

goddesavatar | 9 novembre 2017

He’s still in Turkey and his last tweet was “ if one day, my words are against to science,choose science” Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

goddesavatar | 9 novembre 2017

I placed the flowers

Three broken ribs
A pierced lung
And still he fought
For peace at home
Peace in the world told by Elon Musk to Great Turkish Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

TabascoGuy | 9 novembre 2017

@andy, just the one time.

bp | 10 novembre 2017

With the semi truck announcement coming up next week, it's possible Tesla will make several other announcements at the same time (9.0 software?).

In the past, prior to major announcements, Musk has tended to go radio silent - hopefully there'll be more than just the semi truck making news next week.