'Grid Down' alert on app?

'Grid Down' alert on app?

I have a grid-tied system with Powerwall 2 and photovoltaics. Recently I experienced an extended power outage, but by the time I became aware that PW was powering my home the battery was depleted to about 13%, not enough to get me through the night. I had continued to go about my regular chores, running lights, clothes dryer, microwave oven, and many other energy intensive activities which I would not do if I was aware of the grid outage. This may have been addressed already in this forum, but I was unable to find information here or in My Tesla. I made a suggestion to Tesla but haven't heard back. I live in a rural area and power outages are a common thing during winter, and a simple alert would help me to shut down unnecessary home circuits to prolong battery life. BTW the solar panels do a nice job of recharging the Powerwall 2 during summer, but not so much during winter. If anyone has information on this please share. Thanks, Paul

leotil | 8 novembre 2017

Yes, in winter it would produce less energy during a day. Days are shorter and the sun is lower over the horizon. Also powerwall2 placed outdoor, the low temperatures slow the charging process slower as well.

harrye | 9 novembre 2017

There is no "grid down alert" as such but the App does indicate the grid is down with a circled red "X" on the grid icon. Using some manual/scripted programming it would not be difficult to roll your own monitoring using some of the accessible URI's of the Energy Gateway.


Harry E.

sashton | 9 novembre 2017

I agree Harry, does site.instant_average_voltage drop when the grid is down? I can't check without throwing the main breaker here. To do so would ensure I have hell to pay from her who must be obeyed.

PJDoty | 10 novembre 2017

Thanks harrye
The circled X on the grid icon in my app is how I realized that the grid was down, but normally I don't check the app very often. I checked it only after 18 hours, when a neighbor called and said, "hey, I saw your lights on last night. Do you have power?"
PW 2 is so efficient that it switches over seamlessly...guess their product is too good.

steve | 21 novembre 2017

I live in a rural area with flaky power supply as well. An alert via a popup or some other obvious means would be very helpful when the grid goes out. I'm not tech savvy enough to create my own script so I would very much appreciate this facility in a future upgrade of the app.

PJDoty | 1 décembre 2017

@steve I am in the same boat. Until then I guess I'll rely on my neighbors to knock on my door and tell me .