Need to finalize configuration by midnight tonight......

Need to finalize configuration by midnight tonight......

X75D vs X100D

Our situation: 90+% of usage will fall well below max range (30-50 miles daily). Long trips would be few and to SF, LV, and SD. Plenty of charging opportunities on the way. Possibly 6x a year. I have no problem with stops.....already have a S75. No issues with range for me as daily work commuter.

Owner opinions, please.....

Ohmster | 26 novembre 2017

If you are curious. Configuration:

X75D/X100D (?)
Exterior Red
Standard Wheels
Interior White
Premium No

I had my wife fall in love with the X by having her test drive a red X at an event day in Agoura. It's her favorite color (good lord, everything she has is red. You should have seen what she did to our first house!). And the white is stunning in her books. She wouldn't go near a black X that I had for a loaner although she is somewhat OK with the color of my black S.

Ohmster | 26 novembre 2017

And, I got a lot of great input over on the S board, but just checking with X owners here......

AstonZagato | 26 novembre 2017

Had sort of the same requirements and ended up with a 100D in Silver. Didn't need ludicrous but the occasional long journey meant I wanted the range (and I wanted to cruise at higher speeds). Premium interior and a seven seat monopost interior (my wife wanted seven seats even though we use seven seats once in a blue moon). EAP yes and no FSD (I think we are years away from that in the UK). We had a black interior.

sgadhia | 26 novembre 2017

Awaiting delivery of my X75D
Metallic silver
5 seater
Premium black interior
Carbon fiber upgrade
No premium
Standard wheels

Ohmster | 26 novembre 2017

And we chose the 7 seater (wife's requirement) and because both back rows lie flat (my requirement). Luckily we align nicely on that! :)

burdogg | 26 novembre 2017

That battery question is a fantastic question and age old - it is a tough one :) If it didn't cost so much more, than you would get it right? But with the cost, is it really worth it. You can only decide that. I have a 70D S and when we got our X last year, we got the 90D - but main reason was for long distance trips, we have two spots that are 220 miles between superchargers (we just got back from said trip for the first time - no WAY would we have ever made it in a X 75D, or I should say, no way without going extra below the speed limit).

So, as you know, the 100D will go further, but it is also my understanding, it will charge faster - ie get more miles in less time than the 75D. This because as you get nearer to full, it slows down. So if there are places on your trip that you need to get closer to full, the 100D will be ready way faster. Lets say a stretch puts your 75D needing to charge to 90%. Well that means that the 100D is only charging to 72% and will do so much quicker!

But again, is it worth more money - and that none of us can answer for you - but hopefully the above thought gives you added info to make a

I love the 6 seater without center console FYI - It feels so open and spacious.

Model - X | 26 novembre 2017

75D no FSD

carlk | 26 novembre 2017

Seems to me the trade off is a few more SC stops per year vs. the price difference, One factor to consider is there will be more SC in the California corridor in the coming years although can't say whether they will be less crowed.

Tropopause | 26 novembre 2017

My 100 kWh battery (Model S) Supercharges at:

- Max rate (115+/- kW) through low 50% SOC
- 100 kW to low 60%
- 90 kW to high 60%
- 80 kW to low 70%
- 70 kW to high 70%
- 60 kW to low 80%

The faster charging is great, however my P100D consumes energy faster than my old S85 so the faster charge is somewhat offset by higher consumption.

If Model X 75D and 100D have similar consumption rate (Wh/mi) than the advantage of faster Supercharging is a benefit. The 100D will be heavier but the non-P version might still be efficient enough to match the 75D. Just something to consider.

Wilber | 26 novembre 2017

Ohmster: I cant add much to what other have said. But a couple things: 1. An X75D will have a slightly shorter range than your S75, because the X is taller with more wind resistance. So, if you like to drive 75 - 85 mph on freeways this could becomes an even more significant reduction in range. If you drive more conservatively, like 65 mph, it is not too much of a range reduction.
The other thing is: how long will you keep the car? With all the advances in battery technology the 75 will seem obsolete in five years. But the 100D will likely be the miniumum that people are buying in five years. Just saying the resale value on the 100 could be much better than the 75.
With all that said, i am currently happy with my X75D.
While carlk says there will be less crows at SCs in the future, there will probably be more seagulls! :)

elvnga | 26 novembre 2017

I got the 75D in July. Only one road trip since. It does take longer to charge the last 20% of the battery and you will be doing that more with the smaller battery. A bigger battery will give you more options. But for the number of times I do road trips, I just could not justify the cost. I was having a hard enough time justifying the purchase of the 75D. No regrets. But I am glad I have plug share on the phone and did use it on that one trip (no SC's at the destination).

bob | 26 novembre 2017

Just an FYI re 7 seat configuration. We have the new 7 seater and it's been in to the SvC once for squeaks emanating from the back seat area. I'm not 100% sure it's the seats. I'm suspicious of the middle row of seats being the source. I'm not a really picky person and understand the deal with the EV being quieter than an ICE. These were obnoxious squeaks that were only silent on the smoothest of roads. I took the SvC tech on a drive so he could hear them. We didn't get 100 yards before he said I could turn around. His comment was that it was totally unacceptable and he'd hunt it down and eliminate it. They did pretty much quiet them down, but they are slowly coming back after about 3 weeks. Notes on the SvC report states they greased something, but not specific.

lilbean | 26 novembre 2017

I think you will be fine with the 75D. There are plenty of super chargers. Congrats!

Redmiata98 | 26 novembre 2017

Get the 100! In spite of what has been rumored you will not be able to upgrade the battery. I have a P90DL and had use of a 100D nonP X last week. The increase in mileage in my limited 300 mile use was just over 20% compared to mine. I wish I had the 100. If you plan ANY trips where you will need to use a Supercharger, you will NOT regret the purchase. The battery charges faster and you go further. On a model S it would be a bit different BUT the X uses significantly more energy than the S. My 90 X uses more energy and has less range than my P85S did.

Ohmster | 26 novembre 2017

Excellent points on both sides. Thanks everyone. Still mulling it over.

It was an easier decision for me re S75, S75D, and S100D.

For the S75 to S75D, It was .1 second, 10 miles more range, all wheel drive (I'm in California) for $5k. The value was not there (in my mind, obviously). For the S75 to S100D, it was more about what my driving profile was. At the time of purchase it was 130 miles per day on average and virtually no 200+ trips. Day after purchase it became 72 miles per day, so that only solidified the rationale. The P100D was out of the question. For grunt speed there is the GTR.

The X is for the wife. She does 30 miles a day. Max. We then take the occasional trip south to visit our boys. That can be easily done with the 6 or so SCs on that route (including one 12 miles away under construction and another 22 miles away that was just permitted).

Most friends in SoCal are within 60 miles radius except for one that is 95 miles. And we usually stay at a hotel on the way back anyway. She goes 70 on the freeway. If I drive, it will be 75.

The deltas here are .2 seconds, 58 miles more range, at a difference of $16.5k. Right now I figure that ~250/month extra payment makes a nice $1.5k annual gift to the wife instead!

And yes, the math isn't right. I get to keep some coin for myself....... :)

Model - X | 26 novembre 2017
Ohmster | 26 novembre 2017

@PDX. Yes, ‘my’ guys at Tesla have me at the top of their whiteboard. Searching. But the issue is the vehicle MUST be red, white premium seating, and 7 seats.

Apparently this Configuration not so easy to come by.

LTO2 | 26 novembre 2017

@Ohmster: Mid July of this year I took delivery of an X 75D, Premium upgrade including audio, Enhanced Autopilot, no FSD, 6 seats without second-row console, cold-weather package. To date 7,267 miles in 4 months; numerous multi-state road trips, on two occasions to my home town that is 60 miles from the nearest Supercharger, but with destination chargers at two hotels. No problems charging so far while making (and planning) road trips south, north, and east from my home (Nashville, TN).
I still would prefer an X 100D, but didn’t/don’t want to pay the current price difference. If money were not a consideration, I would, of course, go for it. The additional range and increased charging speed are very real pluses. (However, not sure what impact the added weight of the larger battery pack and beefed-up suspension has on the projected range of the 100D.) However, given the anticipated driving and traveling your wife, and you, will be doing in an X, and the already operating and forthcoming Supercharger stations within the radius of your home and travels, a 75D would be just fine...

Model - X | 27 novembre 2017


lilbean | 27 novembre 2017

There is a big price difference between the 75 and 100. Not everyone can just drop cash like that. :)

Ohmster | 27 novembre 2017





Thanks for the link. I will look into it this afternoon.

Model - X | 27 novembre 2017

75 is awesome, you will be fine!

T34Bravo | 27 novembre 2017

I'm sure the 75 will be fine. We went with the 100 just to be on the safe side, but if they had a similarly configured 75 I'm sure I would have been fine with it. We have a 75D Model S that perfectly fits our needs. Congrats! You're going to love it!

packpike | 27 novembre 2017

We have a 75D. My everyday driving uses 10-60 miles so the capacity is fine. We've taken 2 road trips with it so far that we managed fine with the 75 on the supercharger network. Would I have liked to have the 100 on those trips, absolutely. I just couldn’t make the price difference ($20K at the time) make sense since we won't be doing road trips more than a few times per year. So as most have said, if you can stomach the extra cost and not kick yourself daily go for it. If you don't need it most days then you can’t definitely do with the 75.

Ohmster | 27 novembre 2017

Thanks everyone so much for all the helpful input. I do have a tendency to over think things. I’m good now with our decision but still have a limited window (@$500) to change my mind if hit with a panic attack.

It certainly is primarily a function of financials more so than anything else but it’s not like the delta is out of reach. There’s just too many other factors at play to go into or try to lay out on a public forum.

Grin on! And in my lucky case, soon to be twice as much. :)

Redmiata98 | 28 novembre 2017

Is the 75 a software limited 100? If so the weight factor is mute. If it IS software limited you MIGHT be able to upgrade later. Have not read anything confirming or denying first sentence. Anybody?

Ohmster | 28 novembre 2017

@Redmiata98. No, it is currently not. The 75 batteries are now constrained delivery due to demand. If I had ordered a 100 by the 26th, would have made delivery this year. The 75 we ended up with is February........

hgpayne | 28 novembre 2017

I heard the hard date of the 26th for this year on 100D when we ordered on the 5th, but was concerned already about getting it. We missed the $1k discount by a week, but we have free supercharging -- so there's that. I did check today and noted if I built my car to order today, delivery would be February. As I understand it, January is for international orders?

Model - X | 28 novembre 2017

You can always ask about pre-production cars which are cars currently being built that are not claimed. There where a few 100's and 75's