Can you program the PW to power the house at a certain time of night?

Can you program the PW to power the house at a certain time of night?

In San Diego we have a very aggressive utility that does not like solar taking any of its profits (although the solar has stabilized their grid.) They have recently implemented a winter peak time of 5pm-9pm that will become a permanent peak time in 2022. That means that they are taking in PV generated power at a lower cost during the day and selling it back at a higher rate after the sun goes down. So so lame of them. Can the PW be programmed to fill during the day and discharge from 5-9pm? This would solve my problem, but I don't know if it is possible. Just an FYI, this is a beta test for other that sucks for anyone that does not have a battery. It helps to have a PW now, but if I could have it hold at 100% (charged by PV) at say 3pm, and wait so I am supplementing grid power until 5pm and use battery power at that point, I would be in much better shape. In the depth of winter my solar starts dropping off around 3pm so the battery kicks in and by 5pm it is at 70% or so and I only get to 7pm before the battery is done and I am back on grid power. I hope I am making sense. Any guidance or feedback would be greatly appreciated. I understand my install and I have all the specifics, I also have the details on the new "Time of Use" program being implemented by my utility if that helps in any way. Thank you for your time and attention in advance.

ZacLen | 27 novembre 2017

Okay, not getting much love from the forum world. Someone suggested waiting until the battery is at 100% charge from the PV and then switching it to "Backup Only" mode. It would stay at 100% until I want it to discharge and then I could switch it back to normal mode. That would be a lot of work and I would have to remember that twice daily, but it would solve.

sashton | 28 novembre 2017

The lack of response here is mainly due to the fact that this forum appears to be populated primarily by early users and those who are considering/waiting for the product. If there are Tesla reps here they do not show their colours. There have been many references here to potential software updates in the pipeline which would allow load shifting but it is difficult to judge whether this is going to be delivered shortly or is just wishful thinking.
Until then you only really have two options. The one you mention which would be very tedious or an even more crude approach of putting the battery behind a timer based switch.
My approach, which may or may not help you, is to move the import/export CT back from the meter and spur off the car charging before the clamp. This way I can set the car to charge overnight without this load being seen by the PW so it has a chance to service loads after the cheap rate ends but before the PV kicks in.
An option that I have not tried is to wire up a second CT to fool the import/export sensor into reading a reduced load.
Tesla do themselves no favours here by not overtly partaking in this forum (forgive the double negative) as without explanation their logistics department look incompetent; Solar city appear to be, at best, disorganised and their software/firmware program lacks sufficient pre-release testing.
Nobody expects commitment to hard release dates but some idea of what features are in the pipeline and potential timescales would go a long way to mitigate the complete absence of information here.

DidierAubin87 | 28 novembre 2017

I recommend you should wait until the battery is at 100% charge from the PV and then switching it to "Backup Only" mode, it is the best safe way.

Earl and Nagin ... | 28 novembre 2017

A lot of us are waiting to hear definitive answers from your interesting question just as you are. Unfortunately, its the dawn of the Powerwall and there isn't a lot of info on it yet. Even Tesla doesn't know much about it yet.
Welcome to the world of the "Visionaries". "Early Adopters" only come along after the technology is proven.

ZacLen | 28 novembre 2017

I am glad I didn't miss something easy. Thanks for the feedback. Looking forward to seeing what happens next.

MSanders | 5 janvier 2018

Thank you for the clarification

Ross1 | 8 janvier 2018

It doesnt seem like a good time to buy Powerwalls.
1: Tesla is being stupid in not providing ongoing answers and info
2: The price of batteries is presumably coming down. My rough is that we can save $1000 pa without buying anything (because the prices are coming down)
3: I am a TSLA shareholder nevertheless.
4: Surely the software can only improve.