Is Tesla a luxury car company?Bad Customer Service

Is Tesla a luxury car company?Bad Customer Service

During the delivery, we found a scratch on the front bumper so I was scheduled to have it fix today. I have no complaint with the car and its technology. What is really disappointing is Tesla's customer service.

On the way to the service center today, a small rock chip hit the car which left a tiny mark on the hood. I ask the technician if they can buff that area a little while repainting the front bumper. The answer is "No we don't do that". It is not a big deal so much but that is not really the answer you would expect for a luxury car company that you have just bought $100k car.

The car has to be there for 5 days so we was given a loaner. What was disconcerting is the loaner car is old and dirty. The car has about 32k miles on it and scratch everywhere. It was not even the same model that I have bought. All other car companies I have deal with even Toyota has better loaner than this one. The first thing come out of the mouth of my 7 year old when he opens the car door is "this car is dirty" I tried to change the loaner but they said there was no car left. What's the heck? the appointment was at 9am and there was plenty other Tesla car parking where the loaner car was.

It is one thing to attract customers to buy Tesla car with good technology and reliability but good customer service is what keeps customer to come back. I was considering to upgrade my other car to model X but after this experience I am reconsidering it.

Tesla is really behind other company in that department!!!

carlk | 21 décembre 2017

Other car companies may be giving you a better loaner for 5 days but rest of times you will be driving a lousy car.

Bighorn | 21 décembre 2017


Captain_Zap | 21 décembre 2017

Tesla is not a luxury car company.

Tropopause | 21 décembre 2017

Ask for an ICE rental next time. Tesla will be happy to accommodate you because all Tesla customers want Tesla loaners.

TranzNDance | 21 décembre 2017

The last time I got a loaner, the car did not have power windows. The other times, I just got a one way trip to work on a shuttle. I was surprised when people told me they got nice loaners. I used to own a Toyota and a Honda.

Tesla2018 | 21 décembre 2017

Stop complaining it could be worse. I had a recall on my Lotus that took 3 weeks since after taking the car apart, they realized that the recall kit didnt have parts they needed and they dont even offer loaner cars.

ollivierre.alfredo | 22 décembre 2017

Tesla is attempting to become a luxury car company and it will take a village (current owners) to help Tesla get there quickly.

Run4Waffles | 22 décembre 2017

@mmle1997 - Tesla is not a luxury car company as @Captain_Zap also stated.

Tesla is a rocket car company.

How “old” is the loaner that you have? Just how dirty is it? You didn’t ask them to clean it for you? Never mind. I just got a Blue 2017 S90D with 3,800 miles in it. Now, it’s not the same as the Red S100D that I just took delivery on, but it’s good. OK, FANTASTIC! If you want to swap loaners, meet me at the Leominster SC tonight. You pick the time. Just make sure you bring @trixiew, @KP, @lilbean and @PG with you. Oh, squeeze @Captain_Zap in too please. The ride will be an experience to remember. Hey, I’ll bet you can get at least one of them to clean the car for you.

“I was considering to upgrade my other car to model X but after this experience I am reconsidering it.”

I guess this puts you in the 2% club. You know, the 2% that wouldn’t buy another Tesla. If the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t wear it.

And you are well aware that when you’re running near zero on the battery, you do have to stop to charge it, right? And not just keep driving it so that you can get home quicker?

lilbean | 22 décembre 2017

Haha! I've actually cleaned a loaner before. My service advisor was like, "wow, seriously? Nobody has ever done that before."

lilbean | 22 décembre 2017

It was red and I bonded with it. Lol.

dmm1240 | 22 décembre 2017

Your experience sure differs from mine. I took delivery of a Model x on 9/8. Since then I've had two small problems. The first involved the driver's door window developing a "thunk" sound as you rolled it up and down. The service center near my house made an appointment for a day or two later, returned it the next day completely fixed and I had no complaints about the Model X loaner I had for that day. The second incident involved the scroll wheel controlling the stereo on the steering column breaking. Tesla sent a mobile truck to my house to repair it in 15 minutes.

No complaints from me.

You do know for the 2nd year in a row – the 2 years the company has been eligible – Tesla topped Consumer Reports' customer satisfaction survey? Seems like they're doing something right.

ColdShower | 22 décembre 2017

You are not alone regarding horrible customer service.
My recent experience at the Coral Gables FL store has been the worst car shopping experience ever.
To make a long story short: I signed a lease for a brand new car and got instead a demo car, with scratches on paint, super dirty interior exterior and even foot marks on the back of the passenger seat.

I was tricked into believing I was getting a brand new Model S. What I got delivered was a car with 400 miles and after all my attempts for them to remedy the situation they told me that my car was a "Marketing" car. Literally insulting my intelligence. Every complain of mine gets answered with an excuse of their wrong doing. They literally don't care after you sign in.

I am escalating my complain to a HQ level. Unacceptable.

FREE ENERGY | 22 décembre 2017

mmle, same experience...

FREE ENERGY | 22 décembre 2017

mmle, same experience...

jordanrichard | 24 décembre 2017

Cold shower, so they put a blindfold over your eyes so that you didn’t see the 400 miles on the odometer? Then put a gun to your head and said that either your signature or your brains were going to be on the delivery paperwork........?

So you are also saying that you didn’t do a walk around the car or sit in the car before signing the final acceptance paperwork?

rxlawdude | 25 décembre 2017

@ColdShower, I've never heard the term "marketing car."

Thus, I assign a TEA score of 95% to your post.

carlk | 25 décembre 2017

"Literally insulting my intelligence."

Not sure how they could find any from a person who could not even tell the difference between a new car and a demo car to insult.

mmle1997 | 27 décembre 2017

I have to say the customer service have rectified my disappointment after this post. They sent me an email after my complaint and swab my loaner for a brand new one better than my own one.

SO | 28 décembre 2017

Did Tesla see your complaint here on this forum or did you contact them directly with the complaint?

How long did it take from filing the complaint to getting it resolved?

mmle1997 | 29 décembre 2017

I sent them an email (escalating concern to manager option on the website). Someone sent me a reply the next day or so from Tesla and the manager of that service center email me about 2 days late. So their follow up are good for me.

SO | 29 décembre 2017

Thank you for the update.