Just ordered a M3!

Just ordered a M3!

Just pulled the trigger on a Model 3 reservation. This will be my first Tesla. I’ve been following the company before the Model S so this feels like a long time coming.

renutaz23 | 1 janvier 2018

Wow! Congratulations...Now the Wait...

MalibuRed | 1 janvier 2018

Congrats! Ok spill it... what options? Color? What part of CA? So first time user/ non employee?

kevcabrera | 1 janvier 2018

If this is your first Tesla, than you are a non-owner reservation holder. When were you invited to configure? Details please.

Kathy Applebaum | 1 janvier 2018


So to clarify, did you just now make the reservation, or does "pull the trigger" mean you had a reservation and now got to configure?

DoctorU | 1 janvier 2018

The first. I just made a reservation so I have till late 2018... I’m guessing that will move to early 2019. So sorry to make anyone think I had received configuration being a non-owner at the moment.

Kathy Applebaum | 1 janvier 2018

No worries -- happy waiting!

Haggy | 1 janvier 2018

"Now the Wait..."

That part never ends. I got the car. Now I have to wait for the missing software features. Then I have to wait for FSD. The good news is that if you get your car at the end of this year, you will have a lot more features in place from day one of ownership. It will also be easier to decide whether to get FSD, given that some parts of it should be released by then.

renutaz23 | 1 janvier 2018

Haggy- congrats on your arrival! Easier to wait for bits than the whole kit and kaboodle. I'm having an interim vehicle mini crisis myself.

minervo.florida | 2 janvier 2018

IMO it will be mid to late 2019 for your car.

DoctorU | 2 janvier 2018

@minervo.flordia That’s what I’m planning on.

PhillyGal | 2 janvier 2018

Congratulations! It'll be a long road for sure, but I'm thinking Tesla will surprise us by their production ramp up through 2018.

andy.connor.e | 2 janvier 2018

Same here, i've been watching Tesla since the early days of the roadster. Always thought it'd be cool. Now its slowly becoming a reality. Just 6 more months for me.

carlk | 2 janvier 2018

Congrats. It's only a car but if you're like many of us you will find it's a life changing experience.

Did you get an estimate on the Tesla account estimated time you will get the car?

Haggy | 2 janvier 2018

"Easier to wait for bits than the whole kit and kaboodle."

Don't be so sure. I showed up at this forum only to look up a few pieces of information. Then it was always about the next change. Or in the case of the Model 3, there was the part about waiting almost two years for the car itself, which was actually a lot less than I had anticipated.

DoctorU | 2 janvier 2018

Late 2018

WantMY | 2 janvier 2018

Actually, you did not ordered anything today. All you did is placed a reservation. Now, just a little wait until you get to order you car, Eh.

ajoshi84 | 2 janvier 2018

Congrats. I ordered one on 28th dec and picking it up Jan 6th. Can't wait.

Rthughes77 | 4 janvier 2018 should be cruising in your 2018 M3 in 2020