Jan - march 2018 Estimates

Jan - march 2018 Estimates

Hi my Tesla estimate shows Jan - March 2018 when can i expect email to configure??

andy.connor.e | 2 janvier 2018

Dude come on. Why would we know the answer to that. You'll get your email sometime between January 1st, and March 31st.

AJPHL | 2 janvier 2018

Some seem to be getting their vehicles barely a week after being invited to configure, so it could be late March (assuming the window doesn't slip).

DoctorU | 2 janvier 2018

I would guess sometime in February. Are you getting First Production or waiting for Standard battery.

ddeboy | 2 janvier 2018

That lot is emptying out that had all those cars. 200k this quarter and delivering as much as possible.

vikchordia | 2 janvier 2018

@andy.connor.e - That's why its called a "Forum" ;)

@DoctorU - First Production

DoctorU | 2 janvier 2018

@vikchordia I keep seeing people configuring their model 3's and saying it will take 4 weeks. So once you get the configuration option I would say you have 4-6 weeks before delivery.

Congrats! I'll be waiting until late 2018... or later for mine.

vikchordia | 2 janvier 2018

@DoctorU - Thanks & Good Luck to you as well!

Ebgatus | 2 janvier 2018

i got Dec to Feb 2018 estimated delivery and still no invite.. hopefully I get the invite this month especially where most estimates it takes at least 4 weeks to get delivery after configuration.

vikchordia | 2 janvier 2018

@Ebgatus are you in east cost or West coast?. Good luck!

PhillyGal | 2 janvier 2018

My estimate still shows Nov 2017 - Jan 2018 and I haven't been invited to configure yet. You've got plenty of time before being asked. (I'm a current owner with a 3/31 in store reservation, but located on the east coast.)

vikchordia | 2 janvier 2018

@PhillyGal - Thanks for the input. Did you call Tesla to get any updates and if they gave you an ETA?

SamGabbay | 2 janvier 2018

According to Tesla Sales Team, the "Delivery Estimates" are when you are expected to get your Configuration Email. Hang in there, you will see the light soon enough.

nikhilm_2000 | 2 janvier 2018

I reserved 4/1. Non owner, east coast. Original was Jan-March, now Feb-Apr. My cousin (current owner of both S and X) reserved same day, also east coast, estimate still shows Nov-Jan but he hasnt received an invite yet.

PhillyGal | 2 janvier 2018

@vikchordia - I haven't called Tesla. Most folks I'd reach are not authorized to give any info anyway.

Haggy | 2 janvier 2018

It's hard to say but I got my email with enough time to get my car within the delivery estimate. I think that almost by definition, it's a range because there will be a range of answers. Some might get it earlier in the range, but the hope is that Tesla will get to all customers in that group by the end of the range.

There's also the issue of whether you configure right away or wait a while. It also matters what others do. If many people in your batch hold off for the base model or the AWD, that could mean that your wait would be shorter. I have no clue what percentage of people who get an invite want the current configuration.

jnsritchie | 2 janvier 2018

Owner. 3/31. Cal.
Got invite mid-Dec, want standard, no extra.
The “wait” choice first said Jan, has now moved to Feb.
Don’t know if that means to configure or to receive.

eric.whang | 4 janvier 2018

Hurry the fck up Tesla.

mickeywdw1254 | 4 janvier 2018

Just adding my situation to this conversation -

Non-owner, east coast, 3/31 online reservation - currently says Jan 18 - Mar 18. Previously was Dec 17 - Feb 18 but also expect it to get shifted again given the 4th Qtr production press release.

vikchordia | 4 janvier 2018

@mickeywdw1254 - Same for myself - Non-owner, east coast, 3/31 online reservation - currently says Jan 18 - Mar 18.

Yes it's frustrating..but in Elon We TRUST!!!!

andy.connor.e | 4 janvier 2018

"It'll never happen!"
Thats why cars are being delivered?

"They cant make them fast enough!"
They delivered almost 8x more than last quarter.

"They're burning through too much cash!"
Investment in their own company is why they are where they are.

Blah, blah, blah..........

mickeywdw1254 | 4 janvier 2018

Yeah, I am not frustrated though. They know more about what they are doing than I do so I will defer to their guidance for delivery dates and the like. I mean, I hope the push back is maybe only by another month like it was last time but if it is more than I will still gladly wait it out. The Model 3, for me, is that intriguing and cutting edge that I am not going to miss the chance of owning one just bc of a few months delay. Heck, I have waited almost 2 years as it is now...what is another few months. :)

andy.connor.e | 4 janvier 2018

Maybe the delay will be alleviated from all the people who have no patience.