I'm expecting delivery in the next week or so and have been pricing insurance. Seems like the quotes i'm getting are a lot higher than I expected. Is anyone else experiencing this?

AJPHL | 3 janvier 2018

Do a google search of and you’ll find several threads on the topic. Of the threads I read, I’d guess more than half reported an increase compared to insurance for their current non-Tesla vehicle. Whether those were a “lot” higher is obviously subjective. Typically the Tesla has a higher sale price (and hence replacement cost) than the range of vehicles it is replacing, which will go some way to explain the increase.

teslu3 | 3 janvier 2018

Amica insures my three cars and house. Though I don't expect to configure before Feb, a few weeks ago I asked for a quote. The agent found a Model 3 VIN on the web and gave me a quote reasonably above my two 6 year old Prii, under $1200/year with a $1K deductible.

Coastal Cruiser. | 3 janvier 2018

It's best to use the website to search the forum. It's very accurate.

I've been watching the Model 3 rates people have been posting and they are ALL OVER THE MAP. It seems like its going to be smart to shop rates.