Whyyyyyyy? Whennnnnnn?

Whyyyyyyy? Whennnnnnn?

Has anyone been invited to configure in 2018? What’s with the slowdown? Why are things so quiet after seemingly being moving quickly before the new year? | 4 janvier 2018

Well... they did invite at least 15,000 to configure, so they are still building those cars for owners. Now some of those asked to configure are waiting for future options (smaller battery, etc.), but I'm sure it is more than the 2410 built in Q4-2017.

Tesla in the past has shut the factory down for a week at the start of the year. I don't know if they did it this year, but after the hard end-of-year push, it provides a bit of recovery time for the crew until the next onslaught of builds start!

Sever | 4 janvier 2018

Has anyone outside of California been invited to configure yet?

JuJo0 | 4 janvier 2018

It's only been 4 days in the new year. Calm down please.

KP in NPT | 4 janvier 2018

@Sever - no.

@TT, I sort of hope they did shut it down. Give them a break. I'm sure it's been very stressful. AFAIK we've heard of no new configuration invites so maybe a shut down is why....

andy.connor.e | 4 janvier 2018

It is moving quickly. Considering they only delivered 220 cars in the entirety of quarter 3, they're moving almost 8x faster. If we consider the vehicles en-route, its about 10x faster than the previous quarter. So if you take it quarter by quarter, you may consider that they improve 10-fold each quarter. So 220, then 2200, then 22000, then 220000. Take a look at what an exponential curve looks like. It starts out slow.

tom168 | 4 janvier 2018

Just received the invite email 9:45am. CA MS since 2015. ordered 4/1 4 weeks delivery

dsvick | 4 janvier 2018

There are now posts by owners outside of CA (on the East coast even) reporting they've gotten invites today.

Frank99 | 4 janvier 2018

Sever and KP -
I think the answer is now "Yes"

Frank99 | 4 janvier 2018

aaaannd, ninja'ed by dsvick again.

dsvick | 4 janvier 2018

Yes, but you at least posted a thread that is on this forum, I only just now saw that one and came back here to post the more relevant link.