U.S. Admin imposes 30% import tax on solar panels

U.S. Admin imposes 30% import tax on solar panels

That part I loved

Interestingly, even though Tesla would have benefited from this tax because of Buffalo, they lobbied against it.

Hope the Buffalo plant gets up and running fast.

carlgo2 | 23 janvier 2018

The table is set for Tesla, but do its solar products have a compelling advantage over the competition? TSLA wants to know.

rlwrw | 23 janvier 2018
SO | 24 janvier 2018

If Trump is going to do this to solar(which is ultimate goal is to slow down solar adoption rate), then Trump should also impose tariffs on imported oil and coal.

60% of our oil is imported.

Some coastal cities import coal from South America.

KP in NPT | 24 janvier 2018

BREAKING: Stable genius moving forward with plans to run country as he has his businesses - badly.

This is a good thread by a US solar company explaining how Trump is crushing the solar industry and costing American jobs. #MAGAeyeroll

carlgo2 | 24 janvier 2018

@rlwrw: Thanks for link. Tesla has those unique solar tiles coming, and they look great. What about the conventional panels? Are they particularly affordable, attractive, efficient, etc? Why would I buy them instead of a competing brand (I do have some TSLA and of course that would be the tie-breaker for sure!).

carlgo2 | 24 janvier 2018

Something had to be done about dumping. Perhaps this draconian tariff solution will lead to negotiations and agreements.

If indeed the installation business slows down it will be an incentive for domestic producers to make products that compel people to buy. There cannot be a reliance on boutique installations.

El Mirio | 24 janvier 2018

Dumping is not just a Chinese Phenomenon, U.S. and European countries do it with some agricultural products, here the problem is it hurts the very poor.

Tesla2018 | 24 janvier 2018

There is also going to be a tariff on washing machines made overseas. I wish we would put a tariff on foreign cars like most countries do with American cars. No one in Japan can afford a Mustang or Corvette but they sell millions of Toyotas over hete.

El Mirio | 24 janvier 2018

Cars have 2.5% duty, Trucks have 25% duty to import into U.S., that is why many foreign car company produce in the U.S.

The VAT in Europe is for ALL car sells not just imported ones, that is why cars are more expensive in Europe.

Mike83 | 24 janvier 2018

It gets more complicated when you check out monetary exchange rates. Sometimes gains create losses.

El Mirio | 24 janvier 2018

even more complicated when considering that USD is the global reserver currency and oil has to be traded in USD.

Dramsey | 25 janvier 2018
JayInJapan | 25 janvier 2018

@Tesla2018 “No one in Japan can afford a Mustang or Corvette but they sell millions of Toyotas over hete.”

Your information on Japan is just plain wrong.

nadurse | 26 janvier 2018

Idk I am kind of neutral on this. I feel like people should be buying american solar panels but at the same time if this tariff dissuade people from purchasing solar then thats not good. I guess we will see if this actually helps american companies ramp up their production.

The question to start with would be is 'why are foreign panels so much cheaper?' and go from there to get to the best answer as to how to make american companies more competitive.

Tesla2018 | 26 janvier 2018

JayinJapan What does a Corvette or even a basic Chevy cost in Japan? Are Toyotas a lot cheaper over there as compared to the United States. I know some countries have crazy import fees on American cars so I thought Japan probsbly had them too. When I said most people couldnt afford one i meant that it wasnt a good deal. People can afford a Nissan GTR at $110k but they arent as good a value as a 911 or Corvette ZR1 so not many people buy them here.

Based upon what I found in 2014, General Motors had 597 sales of Chevrolet vehicles from official dealers in Japan. Through October 2015, that figure is 428.

If the cars arent priced higher then why arent people buying them?