Golf clubs

Golf clubs

Does anyone know what the storage/trunk capacity might be. Need to carry my golf clubs.

b.tesla | 25 janvier 2018

Probably big enough for golf clubs. If you watch the video at the bottom of and specifically the time around 6:30 to 7:00, Elon doesn't directly address golf clubs, but he makes it sound as if it has plenty of space for luggage. No actual specs, though.

dornkol | 6 novembre 2019

Yes, you'll be able to fit your golf clubs into the trunk of your Tesla. My Mizuno clubs fit perfectly in there but I don't often use my Tesla to go to playing golf. I have a Range Rover for that, which is bigger, I could fit half of the golf course inside it. What golf clubs do you have? My absolute favorite is the Mizuno MP-18 MMC FLI-HI Iron. It's the best golf club that I ever tried. No opponent can stand me now.
Mizuno golf clubs review:

Jinnymobile | 14 novembre 2019

Based on the scale model, the trunk will be long and wide enough. But it is also a bit shallow. So a walking canvas golf bag for sure. But maybe not the large pro version.

katypery88 | 3 janvier 2020

I am not so sure about that, but you need a big truck for sure. When I was gone for golf with my friends we took the big truck to handle all the stuff.