Late January delivery - 2017 model

Late January delivery - 2017 model

I configured my M3 last week and will pick up my car 1/31. According to the VIN, it’s a 2017 model. Tesla specifically told me vehicle years are determined based upon delivery. Anyone else experiencing this issue?

ebmcs03 | 29 janvier 2018

Means You’re getting the suede headliner!

procarl | 29 janvier 2018

Where are you located?

Xerogas | 29 janvier 2018

Model year is encoded in the VIN. Can’t be changed at delivery. You’ve been matched up with one that was manufactured in December

giskard | 30 janvier 2018

If you don't want it I'll take it off your hands :)

Dsmtesla | 30 janvier 2018

alcantara FTW

jordanrichard | 30 janvier 2018

Ok, forget this whole "model year" bit. There is no difference in the cars. This is not GM, Ford, Toyota, etc.

Rutrow | 30 janvier 2018

"There is no difference in the cars."

Except (possibly) the headliner.

jordanrichard | 30 janvier 2018

Yes but that isn't tied to a model year. BTW, when people complain about the running changes Tesla makes, they clearly never owned a German car, particularly a Mercedes. There is a reason why one has to know/provide their car's VIN, when ordering parts. One can't simply say I need a water pump for a 1986 560 SEL. Certain parts are for certain VIN ranges.

stevenmaifert | 30 janvier 2018

It's going to make a difference in California because SB1 imposes a $100 per year additional registration fee on zero emission vehicles for model years 2020 and later. Earlier models years are exempt.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 31 janvier 2018

stevenmaifert: Easily solved. Were there any Model Year changes on the Volkswagen Beetle after 1965? 1953...? 1942...? From now on, every Model 3 can just be a 2018 MY vehicle, no matter when it is built. Sorted. ;-)

PhillyGal | 31 janvier 2018

@jordanrichard - It's small but my lender wants to know ahead of time what year the car is. I don't have a VIN yet so I could only guess 2018. (Of course they're operating based on how every other automaker does but I digress.)

djharrington | 31 janvier 2018

Mine will be delivered within a few days as a 2017 and ~1200 VIN. At first I was thinking I cared. Now, not at all. I'm just excited to get the car. It is in Littleton now and they are setting up transport, but I bought airline tickets to fly up Friday in case it means I can get it a couple days earlier (I should find out tomorrow). Plus, road trip with wifey! Impatience at its finest!

burdogg | 31 janvier 2018

Now I am really bummed - had I ordered when first got the invite, I could be sitting in Littleton with dj :(

napacab | 31 janvier 2018

I picked up my M3 on 12/30/17.

It is a model year 2018.

It clearly was not manufactured in 2018...

Frank99 | 31 janvier 2018

Hmm, that's interesting. As I remember, Dec 22 was when they switched over from MY 2017 to MY 2018. That would suggest that you got your car no more than 8 days after it was manufactured. That would be amazing. Was the paint still wet?

max | 31 janvier 2018

last 4 of my VIN are 4708. Configured 1/26. CA said on 1/29 car is already produced and on its way. Congrats on your delivery. very exciting.

nutts1 | 1 février 2018

I configured on 1/25 and immediately matched Vin#3813. The order sheet clearly shows it is a 2017 Model. However, when I called the bank to finalize the financing, it comes up as a 2018 Model on their database. It would appear that the encoding is in the Vin # and it may not match even the data Tesla sends out with the order.

djharrington | 1 février 2018

Nutts, it is in the VIN, the tenth character. H=2017, J=2018. The letter "i" is skipped, assuming so it is not confused with a 1.