2018 Loans, What Interest Rate did you get?

2018 Loans, What Interest Rate did you get?

What interest rate did you get on your own and what was your credit score? Did you finance through Tesla or someone else?

bbdzet | 30 janvier 2018

I believe Tesla was offering 1.9% as off Dec. 2017 when I purchased.
I just paid cash though, so I got 0.0 %

AmpUp | 30 janvier 2018

I took delivery earlier than I wanted to in June 2017 (I was out of ton until August) in order to get the special promotion of 1.49%. After a brief jump higher, the new promotion in August was 0.99%.

p.c.mcavoy | 30 janvier 2018

If you can believe the design studio, it currently shows estimated loan payments for 60-72 months at 1.49%.

btweathers | 2 février 2018

When I ordered my 75D on 01/04, it was quoted at 2.49%. I just checked again today at, and is the same interest rate displayed.

plugzin | 2 février 2018

If you pay cash, your "interest rate" is not 0.00%. It has to be the interest you would otherwise get by having the money in an interest bearing account, which these days is rather meager anyway. BTW - paid cash myself!

bbdzet | 2 février 2018

This is true, but as it was just stuffed in my mattress, it was making

PhillyGal | 2 février 2018

I just secured a loan from a local credit union yesterday for my Model 3 that's coming later this month, 2.49%.
Dunno my exact credit score but I crossed the 800 mark for sure.

Far cry from the 1.11% we scored in Dec 2014 for the MS but I'm still happy with it and happy to spend some of my bucks locally.

johnyi | 3 février 2018

yeah they've crept up recently. Tesla was offering 1% this past summer when I took a test drive, and my credit union had 1.99% for 6 years (good credit). Now my CU has 2.99% for 6 years, 2.29 if you can swing it in 3.

MotoNewscast | 5 février 2018

Like PhillyGal I managed to secure a P2P loan. Worked out much cheaper than the local bank / credit union. 2.25% so long as I can stick to my repayemnts (fingers crossed!). Suggest anyone going for finance read up a little first. Apparently my credit score was a little shoddy but I managed to fix it up a bit with some online advice. This is a good starting point for anyone else who stumbles in here: . It *does* make a difference. Not '2014's 1.11%' kind of difference, but hey, what can you do!

shaktipatel789 | 6 février 2018

I was given a 1.49% interest rate for 72 months on my model s 100D

inconel | 6 février 2018

bbdzet mind sharing your address with us? ;-)

newell.benjamin | 6 février 2018

I bought a used model s (2014 P85D) in Colorado. I got 3.29% x63 months through Wells Fargo. I was quoted 3.49% from Alliant CU in Chicago.

choterry | 6 février 2018

1.49% though Chase... x72 months
3.44% though TD Bank... x72 months

Obviously i went with Chase which works better for me because i have a few other accounts at Chase. :)

project880 | 6 février 2018

@choterry, did you call Chase or go to a branch to get the rate?

choterry | 6 février 2018

I used the financing form when ordering my car at the showroom.
Then i got an email from someone at Tesla Financing supplied with those 2 options.

mattykolej | 19 juillet 2018

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kerryglittle | 19 juillet 2018

I paid cash but seeing how my investments went up a year later I should have financed and left my investments alone. Plus the capital gains ( $7600.00 ) I had to pay. It wasn't the best decision. Think it was 1.9% back then.

Salvo | 20 juillet 2018

Those talking about paying cash don't understand Lost Opportunity Cost. @kerryglittle above hits the nail on the head. If you're going to keep your car for a long time, finance as much as you can for as long as you can.

DRFLGD | 20 juillet 2018

Has anyone gotten 0.99% since July/August of last year?

P100DL Dude | 20 juillet 2018

1.99% for 6 years, got that about a month ago.

HeinekenMS100D | 20 juillet 2018

I haven't taken delivery yet but was approved for a 1.49% 72 month for a 100D. Expect delivery late August.

pnajar | 20 juillet 2018

Closed and took delivery in late March of 100D at 1.49%

marinergreg | 21 juillet 2018

Any recent ones you would like to share, including the lender please. How did the closing go? Any difficulties with the paperwork?

kerryglittle | 21 juillet 2018

Thanks Salvo. I hoped my advice would save somebody some cash. I roughly figured I lost 50 K in a year by NOT financing. But again markets can be fickle and could have went the other way. As they say the only thing for certain is death and taxes. LOL.

dlake | 21 juillet 2018

Agree with kerryglittle and Salvo. I have 5 months left of repaying my MS loan at 1.49%. I am glad I financed because I kept the money invested which made between 7 and 10% over the past 4 years (including TSLA).
If the interest rate had been over 6%, I probably would have liquidated some investments and paid cash.

kerryglittle | 22 juillet 2018

I did the finance thing when I bought my new Harley CVO @.99%. You would think I would have known better when I bought my Tesla. My wife's chevy SUV was 0% finance with employee discount. There are definitely benefits from financing in certain cases.

richardls | 20 août 2018

Tower Federal Credit union is offering the following rates:
36 months - 1.74%
48 or 60 months - 2.24%
72 months - 2.49%
The rates are here:
You can qualify for membership by joining (making a donation of at least a $35) to Tower Cares

Please post here to let us know if this works (and if you couldn't get the published rates why - e.g., because they didn't like Teslas or credit rate wasn't high enough) or if you find a better rate elsewhere.

I hope this helps!

richardls | 24 août 2018

Also, TowerFCU said when I spoke to them on the phone if you setup auto-pay (doesn't have to draw from an account with them), the rates drop by .25%. They also confirmed they will lend on Teslas (and in Florida, where I am). This would make the rates as follows:
36 months - 1.49%
48 to 60 months - 1.99%
72 months - 2.24%

They also said approval is good for 60 days. I'm likely about that far out from delivery, so I'm waiting to see if I find a better rate before locking it in.

alexporubai39 | 10 décembre 2019

Can I have a loan for tesla, if I live in Ukraine?

Bighorn | 10 décembre 2019

I’d like you to do us a favor...

rxlawdude | 10 décembre 2019

@Big, you forgot the most operative word... "though."

jimglas | 10 décembre 2019

too funny

DRFLGD | 10 décembre 2019

alex: What, you don't have a famous politician father?