16 Model 3's in Charlotte, NC

16 Model 3's in Charlotte, NC

My persistence (or obsession) has finally paid off. Every day I drive past the Tesla store on Albemarle Road in Charlotte, NC. Simply with the hopes that one day I will see a Model 3 sitting out on the lot. Well today it paid off in spades. Driving by this morning, I had to question myself if I saw a red one sitting on the lot. Took me a few minutes to decide a U-Turn was the best course of action. Sure enough once I arrived at the lot there were 8 of them sitting there unknown to… well, everyone.

As such I needed to keep moving as I had an 8 am meeting but decided I was going back after work. To my surprise when I arrived after work, there were 16 of them. I could not believe what I was seeing. Happy for sure and curious because I have not seen 16 Model S's or X's driving around the Carolinas. I'll be curious where they end up.

This is my first post, but I read post on the forum every day. Looking forward to the Model 3's driving around town.

I took some pics while there, but for some reason, I cannot post with the link correctly. If you remove the space between the 'o' and the 'm' in com the link should work. If someone knows how to fix let me know and I will make the adjustment

As you see, there is 5008 Vin number in the mix. Curious though the lowest I saw was 684. m/share/AF1QipOBC_LK_46aX-MVMSIcq2naUoAshW-y6nQhfONHR03PibftZmUtoNXP7dV4reQC4Q?key=RHdoRmNpT0VGeDFPWnhFTHVqQlVaYVJiMVR2Vm9B

cornellio | 30 janvier 2018

What a great sighting! People think there are a lot in silicon valley but I haven't seen anywhere near 16 in one place here.

demetriusjackson3 | 30 janvier 2018

You'll notice 14 in one pic. The red one is number 15, then the one with vin 684 was sitting in the middle of some Model S's. It was a white one.

IflyI95 | 30 janvier 2018

I've seen three model 3's on the road in Melbourne, Fl over the past 10 days.

PhillyGal | 30 janvier 2018

Woo hoo! Every day getting closer for each of us reservation holders getting behind the wheel.

mntlvr23 | 30 janvier 2018

That is great, I would love to see all of the colors side by side in person.

I second PG's "woo hoo" (but not the Cleveland "waa hoo")

FELIZF | 30 janvier 2018

I went by yesterday. There were 6 sitting on the lot and I was lucky enough to look at the inside as the employees were checking stuff since they had just unloaded them. Very impressed and def looks like they used quality material. Screen is so responsive and just looks awesome

demetriusjackson3 | 30 janvier 2018

@PG. closer and closer.

@Felizf. Did you stop by the Charlotte location?i was surprised to see so many.

Finoguy | 30 janvier 2018

Great discovery, @demetrius! You’re encouraging to the rest of us—I drive by a SC in my area every day, too (twice today)—nothing yet, but after reading about your experience today, I’m reinvigorated! Any day now!

FELIZF | 31 janvier 2018

Drove by today seems like they delivered more m3's had over 20 of them facing 74... Dauyyym to think I still gotta wait a least a year... :(

CaptDavid | 31 janvier 2018

More on the way. I was told yesterday that mine would arrive in charlotte this weekend.

Furry Mark | 1 février 2018

Hmmm.. that Blue shows the dirt up a lot. Might have to reconsider my colour choice.

Rutrow | 1 février 2018

Oh there's got to be some cosmic sign aimed at me in this post. Charlotte NC is where I took my first ride in a Tesla (P100D at that!) AND I'll be in Melbourne FL next week for the Falcon heavy Launch!!! At this rate of good fortune I figure Elon will be delivering my Model 3 to my house on Feb 30th!!!

BTW, I bet the SpaceX Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy launches are why there are so many 3s in Melbourne.

jamespompi | 1 février 2018

@Rutrow I think its more the employees that work at the Cape. The Orlando showroom has delivered a lot of M3's for SpaceX employees.