Any M3 owners without a garage?

Any M3 owners without a garage?

I know this was brought up before, but that was before deliveries.
Are there any owners out there that have to charge their car outside? Is there any problem with the cable being in the weather?

hokiegir1 | 31 janvier 2018

We live in a townhouse with no garage. We installed a charger specifically rated for exterior use instead of the Tesla-branded charger that only listed interior use. We do not yet have the car, though.

SamO | 31 janvier 2018

The Tesla branded charger is exterior rated.


Customizable power levels, allowing installations with almost any electrical system
Install up to 4 Wall Connectors on a single circuit breaker for power sharing
Designed for indoor or OUTDOOR installation (emphasis added)

This is also true of the Mobile Connector

PhillyGal | 31 janvier 2018

@KP will chime in. She's an S owner without a garage, and a future M3 owner. I can't recall if she uses her UMC or has a HPWC but I think UMC this whole time and HPWC on the way from a referral.

Another long time Model S forum poster @AnthonyP has had a Model S outside for years, with a Tesla HPWC.

Carl Thompson | 31 janvier 2018

I have a garage but don't put cars in it. I've had 4 electric cars over the years and am renting a Model 3 this week. I've never had any issue with running the cable from the EVSE under the garage door and I keep the cable outside by my driveway. I don't even have a covered enclosure for the cable (but I would strongly recommend it). Even if covered, I'd make sure your outdoor cable is stored with the handle facing down to avoid rain or moisture collecting in it.

eeb9 | 31 janvier 2018

I'm in an apartment complex - no garage, no assigned parking...

We do have 5 (outdoor, shared) EV chargers that will be my "home" chargers

So yes - outdoor charging is doable and necessary!

hokiegir1 | 31 janvier 2018

@SamO -- awesome. Hubby did all the hunting for chargers, so I'm not sure what the decision makers were, except that we knew it had to be outdoor rated, so I'm sure he had other considerations.I *think* this is the one we have, but there are 2 listed that are very similar, so I'm not sure which one we actually got.

12Brent | 31 janvier 2018

I don't think they should let you take delivery if you can't prove that you have a good home for your model 3. My dog breeder does house visits to make sure her babies will be well taken care of. Should be the same for the model 3. haha. ;)

andy.connor.e | 31 janvier 2018

I dont have the ability to install my own charger. I am going to call Tesla soon and ask them about their destination charger installation program. Thats pretty much the only way im going to be able to charge without slightly going out of my way.

Yodrak. | 31 janvier 2018

"Are there any owners out there that have to charge their car outside? Is there any problem with the cable being in the weather?"

I've been charging outdoors at work, 5 days a week, for 3 years. Haven't been electrocuted yet nor has the chargeport been affected by many rainy days, but the chargeport cover has frozen shut on occasion.

gar1116 | 31 janvier 2018

My apologies. I was thinking of the 'mobile connector' that the M3 comes with. The owners manual online says not to use it in heavy weather.
@Carl Thompson - That is the closest I was thinking of doing. Having a 240V plug near the garage door, and running it under the door to the car.
From the owners manual "Warning:
Do not use the Mobile Connector when either you, the vehicle or the Mobile
Connector is exposed to severe rain, snow, electrical storm or other inclement weather."
I'm hoping that doesn't mean I can't charge in bad weather... I'll give you thunderstorms. But bad weather?

gar1116 | 31 janvier 2018

@12Brent - You sound like my wife. 'Your commute is 80+ miles round trip, it's outside (she has the garage for her car), you shouldn't get such a nice car.'
After 28 years, I'm starting to not pay attention.

12Brent | 31 janvier 2018

@gar1116 to me it sounds like it's your turn for the garage. :)

gar1116 | 31 janvier 2018

Haha! It's HER garage to give up! According to her.

PhillyGal | 31 janvier 2018

We'll be taking turns in the garage. Haven't yet figured out how that's going to work. I leave first every day. Husband gets home first some days, I get home first other days.

The problem is, he doesn't want the non-garaged car on the street, which means the driveway that (gasp!) blocks the garage. Sooo... who drives which car every day? Do i just take whichever car is outside and in the way?

KP in NPT | 31 janvier 2018

Yep, PG got my charging situation right - we don't have a garage, we have a NEMA 14-50 mounted in a weatherproof box on the side of our shed. Have been charging our MS that way for 2.5 years, no thought given to weather. I am getting a HPWC as a referral prize, which will take the plug's place but will still be outside.

You can see my current setup here:

gar1116 | 31 janvier 2018

KP in NPT - Pretty cool setup. Do you keep the mobile connector outside the box all the time? Does it fit in the box?
This may all be possible....

KP in NPT | 31 janvier 2018

Nah we keep it in the car when it's not in use. The entire cord would not fit in the box but I suppose you could look for a bigger box - maybe something more oblong/rectangular, if you wanted it keep it in there. Personally I wouldn't feel comfortable doing that unless it could be locked, but around here people mess with stuff.