XM Radio Options

XM Radio Options

I wrote up this short article on alternatives when no factory XM radio is available. Quite a few are passionate about having XM, and this may help.

Currently it is unknown if Tesla will ever provide a factory XM radio option in the 3, but it is always possible. Tesla likely has statistics on how many Model X/S owners purchase the XM subscription. If few owners subscribe, it might be the reason it was dropped on the 3. I'm not sure we will ever know the reasoning.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 6 février 2018

In case there are those that missed it, bump.

gwolnik | 6 février 2018

I have the Onyx receiver right now in the car that I'm going to replace, so I'll just transfer it, wires and all!

eeb9 | 6 février 2018

Thanks, TT! Nicely done.

I’ve already purchased the add-in (through gritted teeth, but purchased nevertheless)

It’s really the only option for reception out of cell coverage

It would be nice if we had an aux jack to plug it into, but i’ll make use of the FM transmitter and hope.

(Yeah, I’m more than a bit irritated that Tesla omitted both XM *and* the aux jack... but i’ll survive)

Resrch03 | 6 février 2018

"Repeat every time the price is jacked up." Heheheh. Sounds like my dance with the cable company. Believe it or not, what I really want is AM (plus FM, but oh, yeah, the aux jack for my MP3 player too). I listen to a lot of local sports and sports talk on AM. Could I maybe find those stations on XM? Possibly, I really don't know, but I'm also not inclined to pay subscriptions.