Windshield Pitting

Windshield Pitting

Just completed our first road trip in my mum’s Model X100D. Man, what a ride. Over 800 swift, smooth, hushed and unperturbed miles of interstate and state route driving. There’s no better car for road tripping than any Tesla. The best part was after returning home from three days of driving, none of us six occupants felt like we’d been pulverized.

Here’s the thing. I was startled and dismayed at the amount of pitting our windshield suffered. I could understand this happening if driving through the desert dust of Arizona or southern New Mexico, or through the soul deadening landscape that’s west Texas. But we were driving through the relatively innocuous environment of California’s central coast. We encountered no dust devils, dust storms, or water spouts along the coast.

The Model X mega-windshield seems to be fashioned from a very soft, easily marred glass. If it can be this easily scarred after just one road trip, I wince to think about how it will look after several more. I’m seriously thinking that a few years into ownership, I’ll want to have the entire windshield replaced.

Has anyone else noticed how soft and easily pitted their Model X windshield is, and does anyone have any idea how much it would cost to replace it?


Tropopause | 8 février 2018

Is it really softer than other windshields? Every car I’ve owned (in Ca) seems to show lots of pits if viewed in proper lighting.

Congrats on your trip! I have an 1,100 mile round trip planned this month. In ICE cars I’d be dreading it but with my Tesla I’m excited.

lilbean | 8 février 2018

My Ford windshield has taken harder hits with no damage but a little something off a gravel hauler chipped my X windshield.

avesraggiana | 9 février 2018

@Tropopause. It seems to be the case. I had a 2016 Honda Odyssey Elite for a little over a year. 15000 miles of driving including three roundtrips to Las Vegas and inumerable roundtrips between San Diego and Los Angeles. Not a mark in all that time. Believe me, I was looking.

My previous Honda Odyssey was a 2002, whose windshield I had to replace after seven years of ownership. Gravel hit on the driver’s side, naturally. Only then did I notice how much clearer and blemish free the new windshield was, and made a mental note to myself at the time to watch how quickly the new windshield would get as pitted as the old one. I didn’t replace the windshield again for the rest of the time I owned that minivan.

I’ve learned to expect windshields to take multiple hits as the miles accumulate, to become pitted and scarred by all flying objects small and large - but not after three months and 3000 miles of ownership.

betty_yee | 9 février 2018

I don't have that problem. | 10 février 2018

It only takes getting behind one truck for a few minutes that is kicking up fine sand. You may not even notice it when it occurs, but it can occur in a very short amount of time. I've had many cars and some go for long periods without any tiny pits, and others can happen in a very short period, but then don't get any worse for a while. I don't think the glass Tesla uses is any different than any other cars including luxury cars (ignoring double pane glass on a few very high-end cars).

I wonder how the new Semi ballistic glass holds up to pitting. I guess we'll know a while after it is released.

lilbean | 10 février 2018

I was told that clearplex needs to be replaced every year, making it cost prohibitive. The amount of money you would spend on that would be more than just replacing the windshield.

avesraggiana | 11 février 2018

@betty_yee. Thanks for the tip. We do have an installer in town that I may look up if I decide to go this route. Do you know if they’ll repair the pitting first before they apply the Clearplex?

avesraggiana | 11 février 2018

@lilbean. Oh. Hadn’t thought of that. If that’s the case, I might just wait a few more years and then have it replaced.

avesraggiana | 11 février 2018 Googling semi ballistic glass right now.

Triggerplz | 11 février 2018

I have $100 deductible so I'm gonna let Liberty Mutual worry about the windshield

betty_yee | 12 février 2018

@lilbean ClearPlex suggest every two years depending on condition of film. I had mine on for a year and it is showing no signs of wear and tear. If it looks like this the second year I will see if I can go three years. Basically it depends on what type of roads you are driving on.

betty_yee | 12 février 2018

@avesraggiana My car was new when I put my clearpex on but he did advertise that he preps the glass prior to applying the film. He gets rid of any tree sap and minor dings with a special razor to reduce air bubbles under the film.

Boonedocks | 12 février 2018

+1 lilbean. I had clearplex (twice) in my 2015 S85D. Didn’t even consider it when I traded in on my S100D. Would never use it again. Discolors and gets a bazillion pits on it making it a terrible alternative. Never so unhappy with anything bought to protect my car than I was with clearplex

lilbean | 12 février 2018

Good to know, @Boonedocks. Thanks for sharing your experience. I found it interesting that my installer didn’t want the money I was throwing at him. I love an honest person.

avesraggiana | 13 février 2018

@Boonedocks. Oh...with that decidedly tepid assessment, I’m now leaning towards saving $800 for a windshield replacement every few years. Thanks for your input.

avesraggiana | 13 février 2018

@betty_yee. Thank you for your additional information. Still mulling over what I’m going to do. Quite intently.

tjhappel | 15 février 2018

I drove the a terrible wind/sand storm through Mojave on my way home from mammoth. Oddly enough it was right by the new solar farms so everything felt positive and good! Until I tried to clean my windshield.. it’s completely toast, on a bright morning it’s just barely driveable, really stupid of me to keep driving through it when I could have easily slowed down for 45 seconds.

Good luck to everyone with same situation, I’ll let you know what I find in regards to new window price.

lilbean | 15 février 2018

Bummer, @tjhappel. :(

avesraggiana | 16 février 2018

@tjhappel. Yes, please do.

Boonedocks | 16 février 2018

avesraggiana | February 13, 2018
@Boonedocks. Oh...with that decidedly tepid assessment, I’m now leaning towards saving $800 for a windshield replacement every few years.

EXACTLY what I plan on doing.